[Vehicle] Prowler is the weakest tank

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by karlooo, Jul 23, 2019.

  1. AbsinthSvK

    Player experience is something cant be balanced because first and last factor is players count of continent how many play together and how good they are. You think prowler is weakest tank but it isnt. This and every other items in game are +- balanced (maybe harasser is too fast and too armored). So, try it 1v1 with similar experienced player and exploit specific faction MBT functions. How players feel in real battle in specific situation is only only feeling making something "weak". And again, please stop making something OP or weak with no real numbers. In few months there are OP NC MAX, OP Vangaurd, OP VS laser shots,... your own experience proof nothing.
  2. Exileant

    :eek: It shoots twice and has access to the most powerful Top guns of all time. The prowler is a Sniper Ambush tank, and it fulfills its roll beyond well. From a distance it locks down and can be used to shoot enemies at a distance with ease (even AIRCRAFT), It has the speed to run and never be caught, and even has a DAMAGE MOD. I know 2 people who can (and have) cleared the field with of Sunderers and other MBT's in 1 Tiny Prowler. o_O Impressive when there are more than 5 enemy Tanks out there slugging it out, and even more so when no less than 2 at a time are breathing down your neck. However Prowlers are fast and very agile when it comes to serpentine movements. It will not matter if it is 1 V.S. 4, the Prowler will turn it into a 1 V.S.0 for each opponent. With the Secondary Turret manned, they simply ram themself down your throat. Good luck contending with that if they get under you in a Magrider, and they are almost as small and fast as a lightning so, Stealth means you have been had if they do so. :( Even more so now that it seems impacts can all but ROLL a Magrider.... ;) Take time and LEARN the best tank in the game before you call it Garbage. :D It is looking at you and saying: "What do you know? You are not using me right!" The Prowler is your friend. Be good to it, and it will be good to you. If you are having any issues with it, you may not have your weapons or it's abilities Maxed.
  3. Atorum

    Prowler cant beat Vanguard 1on1 since Vanguard outdamages Prowler without even using the shield (both have best AP options loadout).
    Magrider is tricky to test since it has insane mobility and can easily come and hit Prowler from the rear, another great buff by Wrel.
    So you are wrong, Prowler is the weakest as can be seen on the battlefield.
  4. snu

    Gatekeeper. A single ap/gatekeeper volley will set a lightning on fire, and throw a van down to 60%. Are you sure you are using the Redman tenk properly?
  5. AbsinthSvK

    cant read? still compare raw data? you know there are even other statistic ? vangaurd is so op everyone use it and winning all the time? no, you are wrong and you see problem where is not.
  6. Atorum

    What raw data do you need, go to vr and see how much time does it take to kill prowler with vanguard and vice versa, Prowler loses.Unless there was some stealth nerf I dont know of.
    Also, Im always right and I played both MBTs.
  7. Demigan

    Hehe, anyone else notice what this guy is doing?

    Comparing Vanguard and Prowler when they are stationary and slugging it out with 100% accuracy.

    Compring a Magrider and Prowler: suddenly its tricky because the Magrider can move (and would be worse off if he used the comparison from above which doesnt prove his point so he ignores it).

    If you want a fair comparison you need to look at how these MBT's are used in-game on live servers, not in a 1v1. You need to know if the average player can use it better. How do we get that number? We look at what everyone, from the best player to the worst and anyone inbetween, scores with their tank. That way we see how a 1v1's but also skewed battles like 3v1's or with support of Sunderers etc go. Considering there's more vehicles pulled of other kinds (just the Lightning is pulled more than MBT's) it would be unfair to look at MBT combat in a 1v1 void with both players stationary with their noses pressed against each other.
  8. Deviance

    Prowlers are weak.....And mosquitoes are the strongest ESF, so it all evens out.
  9. Johannes Kaiser

    Prowler might not be the weakest, but I'd say it's the most difficult to make work at full performance.

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