[Vehicle] Prowler double Vulcans

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Zica96, Nov 13, 2014.

  1. Zica96

    What if the Prowler had a double barrel Vulcan turret, the Harasser of course having the old single barrel Vulcan?
    It would take some tweaking but still nothing "huge" right? And it would make the gameplay, and effectiveness of the Vulcan a lot better. I don't know about the nerfs or buffs that would be involved in this new Vulcan, but i reckon it would still have relatively the same stats/performance?
  2. Mezramort

    Uh.. think that might a little overboard on the buffing.

    It could use a tightened CoF and a bit better spin up maybe.

    The main problem isn't the Vulcan really, it's that the Prowler isn't a Vanguard and thus getting up close and personal with 1 of the other 2 factions is near suicide for it.
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  3. Tuco

    Well you know, 2 guns are better than one. *cough*
  4. Desann

    Sure! if I can haz double sarons on my mag :D

    Or I will settle for the old saron, before the river of tears flowed from forumside
  5. Morti

    not really supporting OP's idea but vulcan does badly need tweaking. I had no issue with the super vulcan when it was on prowlers. When it was attached to Harassers it became a huge pain in the butt.
  6. Zica96

    Well no sane man goes up close and personal against a Vanguard, that's just suicide :). A tighter COF would be GREATLY appreciated, the double barrel can in mind because of the PS1 double minigun turret.
  7. Zica96

    Well you know, bigger mags and faster ROF is a TR thing, and so is doubling every weapon we have :). SEXTUPLE PROWLER TURRET!
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  8. SpartanPsycho

    Harasser would faceroll everything?
  9. NoctD

    Double Vulcans? Meh.

    Give me dual Fractures instead.
  10. Zica96

    It came in mind because of PS1.
  11. Zica96

    What do you mean? I said ONLY the Prowler would get double Vulcans?
  12. Zica96

    Yeah, it needs a tighter COF, less spin up time, actually no spin up time to reach full ROF. The double barrel Vulcan came to mind after PS1.
  13. Ronin Oni

    Still OP as all hell

    Highest damage main canon with highest damage secondary on fastest tank platform.

    Yeaaaaaah I'm just gonna have to go ahead and say no way in effing hell.

    It needs tweaking... doubling it's CQB damage is NOT what it needs though.
  14. Zica96

    Well, everyone uses Prowler in anchored mode when alone, and when in groups, you see can see them going about imitating Vanguards and such (effective, most of the time) but you sure as hell ain't gonna see a single Prowler going against two tanks, while not in anchored mode. And i said it would need some nerfs for it to work anyway.
  15. Diilicious

    if they gave you 2 vulcans, you know that they would just make it so each one is half as strong as a single cannon. lol
  16. ajma

    What if it had huge double gatling guns as a primary weapon?
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  17. Desann

    And accuracy and mobility are VS things, yet our super pinpoint accurate laser turned into a WTF COF laser....how the hell does a laser have COF...

    anyway...all we can do is dream, the DEVs will code this game as they please
  18. Champagon

    The vulcan doesn't need a buff please be joking, those things TEAR UP at close range. Hell a freaking harasser crushes my mag instantly with stealth. By the time i boost away i am dead
  19. Desann

    Shredder as main weapon!

    That would be cool to have an AA vehicle with a shredder for AA. Besides the skyguard....
  20. Zica96

    That's partially true, the Vulcan doesent "tear up" anything past close quarters, and still the spin up time and COF bloom affect it's effectiveness A LOT!

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