Pro's Guide To The TR MAX

Discussion in 'MAX' started by MaxDamage, Oct 10, 2013.

  1. MaxDamage


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  2. toxs

    Should I get kinetic or autorepair?
  3. Nakar

    It's funny because it's true.

    p.s. Auto-Repair, unless you have lots of Engineer support. Then I like Flak as the only threat is Decimators and C4. Kinetic makes MAX vs. MAX fights an auto-win, but Fractures basically already do that.
  4. Lucidius134

    I didn't think flak helped vs. deci considering deci's bonus damage is direct, so the only threat then is c4 and anti-vehicle grenades.
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  5. Nakar

    I didn't mean to suggest it helps against direct hits, just that those are the major threats (and AV Grenades as you pointed out). It helps everything but eating a Decimator to the face and incidental damage is usually less of an issue than big burst from explosives.

    None of the options are worthless, but I'd only use KA in a fight I'm certain is going to be almost exclusively small arms, and even then I'd probably prefer Auto-Repair since allied Engineers are never around when you need one.

    Flak is good when you have support to avoid getting instagibbed, Kinetic is decent when you know you'll face no vehicles or explosions and have someone nearby to heal you, Auto-Repair is good for lone wolfing and topping off between fights, giving you better position to win successive ones over time.
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  6. MavCooL

    Its the best TR guide so far
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  7. MaxDamage

    Yeah given that C4 drops a MAX (and causes ultimate rage in this MAX user, now MAXes cost over 3 times their original resource cost).. Flak is a good first investment.

    Auto Repair is extremely good since it was upgraded.
    I use this a lot but I switch armour several times a day, as needed.

    Kinetic was MASSIVELY useful to begin with, but now pretty much everyone is specced with explosives and specialised launchers.
    It's a fine thing to equip, you will still be shot at more often with bullets; but it excels in specific situations as implied above - giving you a couple extra miliseconds against NC SplatterMAXes and those weird sons o' beeswaxes that fly reavers with shotguns.
  8. SwedishLlama

    This is the single best advice I can give to any TR max player. I was about to buy a couple of chain guns, but instead got dual fractures. Aww yiss. Metal as f***
  9. Bulltahr

    I run fracures alot, but am wondering if we have something available that is as quick to kill as a Scat max, in CQB situations, Biolabs and the like, Onslaughts????
  10. MaxDamage

    Yup. Not nearly as effective against enemy MAX units, but against squishies, they are devastating.