Pro's Guide To The NC MAX

Discussion in 'MAX' started by Leonidas423, Aug 22, 2013.

  1. nubery

    This thread needs a bullet to the head. It's just become nothing but insecure manchilds **** posting each other.
  2. toxs

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  3. kris220b

    just one thing
    kinetic armor only gives a +7,5% against bullets for 2250 certs
    while flak armor gives 50% against explosions for only 900, and what most people use for killing max's is rocket and grenade launchers

    and why go with extended magazines, that's what your engineers are for
    i would prefer the shield as a damage sponge while i reload
  4. MrForz

    The shield is having a nasty bug at the moment and I believe it affects most of toggle based abilities that prevents your from shooting. Sometimes when you remove your shield the game will not acknowledge it, preventing you from shooting at all until you've enabled and disabled your shield again. Also had that with the Infiltrator, may be the current server's latency problems.
  5. MAXArmar

    Necro'd thread!

    While I always wear flak and personally agree with it being the best choice, the benefits of kinetic are far greater than you suggest. Afaik the max rank of kinetic gives you 16.000 effective health against small arms fire, whereas you have 10.000 without. Also, flak is quite useless against anything that mainly does direct damage, such as rockets and AP shells.
  6. _itg

    I find kinetic armor to be the better choice more AI MAX often than not, at least for an aggressive MAX. c4 is pretty much the only reason to run flak armor (and AV grenades, but very few people use them these days), but in most fights, you can avoid c4 by staying indoors or staying mobile, and running EOD HUD to spot c4 traps. On the other hand, the 60% effective HP boost from Kinetic armor lets you be much bolder, barging into (and clearing) rooms where you'd be shredded to bits otherwise, or venturing much further from your engi support.
  7. MAXArmar

    I fully agree with. Kinetic is objectively a better choice. The main use of Flak in infantry fights is to prevent rare C4-insta deaths.
  8. Cyrax Servius

    Just adding my two cents worth as I am playing NC max on PS4 closed beta. Right now running grinders with slug rounds and it absolutely wrecks face. Going to experiment with some of the other stuff in this thread, good info all around though, thks guys.
  9. DashRendar

    You didn't mention if you use slugs on your Hacksaws in the OP, and I don't feel like perusing through 4 pages of casual argumentation to see if you responded. Do you use HackSlugs? SlugSaws? #YoloSlugs? Or do you prefer HackShot?