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Discussion in 'Player Support' started by jollybadger, Aug 14, 2014.

  1. jollybadger

    No, I'm not just saying "fix it faster".
    I know a little something about coding and I really like this game. In my opinion, this is the best multiplayer fps since something... That' has been released quite a while ago.
    The thing is, I came home today, in pleasant anticipation of kicking some spandex dude in the butt.
    But when I managed to log in after 15 minutes of waiting and retrying, the ping was about 200% higher than before the merge (Cobalt).
    After a while, it went down a bit, but even still - Either I'm the last legit player on Ceres and everybody else has movement hacks and flying tanks or the connection is pretty pretty bad.
    Spawning inside a gal, got me stuck. Inside. Literally inside, as an infantry player, inside the vehicle entity. After a few seconds the physic engine noticed me and ejected me to the flight ceiling.
    When leaving said gal in the middle of a techplant, my squad was teleported to the roof.
    The hit detection is so far off, it's like fighting an army of Barry Allen clones.
    Grenades are sometimes invisible.
    Vehicle mounted weapons can sometimes not be used.
    Or the vehicle is simply invisible (is there a wraith galaxy now?).
    Instead of loading screens, I get game freezes (which are of about the same duration, it is just annoying).
    And you guys at SOE just keep kicking the players every couple of days without notification on the forums whatsoever, sometimes followed by a down time.

    Now I get that you have to fix those things. But sadly, my free time is limited, even though I would like to be able to just say "Well, maybe i'll work later, let's do something else for now". I have to plan, when I have time to play.
    So please, help me plan.
    Power the server down for a day, lock it, do your maintenance things and turn it on again, as soon as it works. Don't keep it in this state.
    When I look into the forums and it says the server is up, it should be. And it should be working properly.
    Right now, the game is sometimes playable. Most of the time not. And I doubt that you'll be able to fix it, while a couple hundred people are fighting the lagg and each other on it. Rather loose a few days, instead of a few weeks.
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