Proposed MBT Changes:

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  1. Qaz

    Good write-up, Alarox.

    I don't think the velocity reduction is a big deal, really. It's certainly going to reduce the ranges at which people prefer to fight, but 300m+ engagements should still be viable and I personally think that the super-long range stuff (450+) isn't all that fun. The increase in drop is of course making it impossible how severe the nerf here will be and i'm rather apprehensive of having an artillery gun instead of a tank cannon.

    This, I think, will have the most significant and lasting impact because this is such a fundamental change on a mechanical level. I'm not sure it's good move per se, but i'm willing to see how it plays out on live before passing judgement.

    Good move!

    The elephant in the room's the mag, of course. Both the speed and stabilisation changes are relative nerfs for mags. If anything, i'd like more magburner fuel to make up for this :)
  2. Arkenbrien

    Velocity is slow as is. The mag is hit the less, but still, not a huuuuuuge deal. What's the kicker though is the stupid gravity increase. That in conjunction will not even make it an artillery gun, but a motar. Honestly, I'm tired of main cannon velocities slower than a beamer. This game is great, but it is quickly getting stupider every time I look at it.
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  3. FourTwoFour


    Please stop messing with the drop/velocity. Buff ALL velocity, especially on the Magrider. I'm really bored of this game as it is. If you force me to play the Prowler at close, I'll have to either:

    A) Quit the game.
    B) Switch to NC and enjoy the Vanguard which will be the king on the field now with a stabilized turret.

    You can't force us to play close without redesigning the Prowler and buffing the Magrider. You expect us to fight Vanguards at close?

    Do you even play tanks SOE? Slow velocity only waters down the game - nothing else. BUFF the velocity, watch people enjoy your game. High velocity doesn't bother anyone except YOU it seems and I'm sorry, but neither of you play tanks (or even play your game at all) so balancing things around stats or just because you feel like it is just.... bad.
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  4. DFDelta

    Magburn needs to propel the magrider in the direction it is already heading.
    The current one-direction boost has its uses, but a multi-direction boost would make it much, much better.
  5. Qaz

    I completely disagree. I think omni-burn would make things significantly worse, and not improve them at all. Hence me asking for more fuel instead of gimmicks.
  6. ronjahn

    Here's how I feel about these changes.

    Turret stabilization: Amazing. Needed since release. Might be hurtful for the Maggie, but strafe will still be useful. What worries me about buffing the Magriders main cannon to compensate, is that the Saron is already extremely effective and combining that with an even more effective main cannon might be a bit OP and will eventually lead to more nerfs. I think a better corse of action would be to buff it's top speed and acceleration.

    Reverse speed: This will be helpful particularly for vanguards. IMO making reverse and forward speed equal will be a bit over the top. Maybe make reverse speed 75% of forward or so?

    Velocity and gravity: I am 100% opposed to this change. Why do we constantly have to relearn how to compensate for drop and lead? What is the desired impact of this change. This change along with the reverse speed changes will make longer range tank fights pointless and frustrating. I think SOE is doing this for the sake of nerfing something to keep infantry happy and that's simply wrong.

    Here you go SOE the tankers of PS2 are providing you with plenty of feedback, will you be making any adjustments or simply implementing these changes as is? If they are going in as is, wth was the point of sharing then ahead if time?
  7. ronjahn

    Smedbucks: How to buff the Magrider?
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  8. ohknoh

    Nerf everything else...then give them all of the magrider's perks, that'll buff the magrider right guys?
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  9. Frozen-K

    If anything they could increase the magrider strafe speed again. Though it'd be an indirect nerf to the VS faction as a whole since increased strafe speed = more pancaked friendlies.
  10. eatcow0

    Logged in just to thumbs this up.

    To SOE:
    Listen to this guy he knows what he's talking about. I can only add don't do several nerfs at the same time as the harasser and ZOE are still meh :( I will be super sad if magriders end up neglected or the other tanks nerfed to be on par. VS ES stuff is getting pretty bad. I have already betrayed the mag by putting a halberd on it :eek:
  11. Takoita

    While promises of turret stabilization caused a rolling cheer to go through the players' ranks and better reverse speed could save many bacons out of the fire, I feel reduction of projectile speed is questionable.

    I'm not saying we all should be playing with hitscan cannons, but the drop on the vast majority of things that shoot is goddrat ridiculous and should be made better, not worse. We just don't have reliable enough reticules in this game for that kind of thing and are forced to eyeball it far too much outside of point-blank distance.
  12. Flag

    And what do you think massively buffing the velocities would do?
    As it is I think you got it the wrong way around: Higher velocities will make evasive movement less important, and as such you plainly remove one of the parts of tank combat that I personally find to be the most interesting.
    You can't dodge through reacting (not really) to what you see, but you can make aiming for you harder for your attacker. I know this is of no consequence for an anchored prowler, but it is the current lifeline of the Mag.

    While shooting on the move will be easier for TR and NC come the patch, overall combat movement will still be slightly in favour of the magrider.
    And if I, with my lowest damage output of all the MBTs (both relative to health and actual output) can deal with vanguards and prowlers, so should you.

    That said, I really don't like the increased gravity modifiers.

    That's a problem with drop, not velocity. Sure, lower velocities make them drop more, but out of the two the drop is the most annoying one to deal with.
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  13. ZenitHMaster

    Magriders could use a velocity buff, so that other tanks couldn't escape. The other 2 tanks need to have higher tank vs tank damage output to compensate for this, but the magrider still needs to be able to take evasive action
  14. Alarox


    Klypto and I were testing drop of the current weapons last night. We discovered that the "gravity" value is actually measured in m/s. So the current value of 4 means the projectile drops at 4m/s. We tested this by using the Vanguard. The Vanguard's barrel is almost exactly 4m off the ground. If you fire at an angle parallel to the ground, after one second of travel the shot should hit the ground. For HE, this was at about 175m (HE is 175m/s). For HEAT, this was 250m (HEAT is 250m/s). There is a margin of error as it was difficult to be precise.

    This means that an increase in gravity from 4 to 5 is exactly 25% more drop.
    If you take into account the velocity changes, the proposed changes will increase drop by 25-35% depending on the weapon.

    To understand what this means, here are a few comparisons:
    Vanguard HEAT to any HE cannon: 30% more drop
    Anchored AP Prowler to standard HEAT Prowler: 31% more drop
    Vanguard AP to Magrider HEAT/Lighting HEAT: 27% more drop

    As you can see, the proposed increases in drop are significant.
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  15. Flag

    HE guns currently have the value 5, not 4. Or they should at any rate.
  16. Alarox

    It didn't seem that way, although we could have made a mistake.
  17. Flag

    It was one of the ways, besides the 200 -> 175 m/s and reload change that was supposed to make HE spam harder.
  18. Phrygen

    stabilization changes are bad.
    Maybe if its a very minor improvement but they make it sound like magrider level stabalizating. That is an enormous buff and takes a huge chunk of skill out of using a prowler/vanguard.

    Reverse changes are bad.
    Lets take skill out of driving a tank even more. You ended up in a bad position? Learn to position yourself better. Rather they remove rear damage than this sillyness (and i wouldn't want that either).

    Velocity changes are bad.
    Why are you even doing this? Just give a slight buff to magrider primary velocity and be done with it.
  19. Alarox

    Letting me shoot on the move allows me to use my skill. I already shoot in third person with the Vanguard more than any other person I've ever heard of, but that isn't comparable to being able to properly shoot on the move.
  20. Sebastien

    He's kind of right though. One of the reasons tanks have a tech level reminiscence of something from ~1944, is because it requires thinking and practice to use.
    Tanks today, you just set the sights on the target for a second, and a ballistics computer does all the calculations required to hit the target. No compensation for drop or lead or the ammo type done by the gunner, just point and click.

    I dislike the stabilized turret idea, not because it's a trait of the Magrider, but because it straight up lowers the skill ceiling of using a turreted tank.