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  1. Alarox

    This is the original post from the thread:

    Kevmo elaborates more on these changes later on in:

    To make this easier for you guys, here are the velocities according to his post:

    HEAT (old/new)
    Magrider: 200 / 200
    Prowler: 225 / 215
    Vanguard: 250 / 230
    Anchored Prowler: 293 / 280

    AP (new/old)
    Magrider: 225 / 215
    Prowler: 250 / 230
    Vanguard: 275 / 245
    Anchored Prowler: 325 / 299

    Keep in mind there's also the gravity increase from 4 to 5. I'm not sure how exactly this will affect the projectiles, but it is fair to assume this will be a 25% increase in drop.
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  2. Klypto

    Is drop in meters per second? That's a 25% increase.
  3. lNeBl

    I really fail to see how lowering the velocity and increasing drop does anything but make it look like we are lobbing grenades out of our tanks.

    I'm convinced this is actually a plan to get tanks closer to infantry so infantry can deal with them better.
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  4. Alarox

    My opinion:

    Velocity Changes: the current ranges that tanks can fight up to ARE fun and exciting and don't need to be reduced. I enjoy long-distance fights and I already engage targets at close range when it is smart to do so. Keep in mind that these velocity changes will only have significant impact on AV combat and the AI capacity of AP/FPC. Killing infantry with splash damage won't be noticeably more difficult.

    If anything, the velocities of tanks should be increased. Long-range combat will become more difficult as all tanks will be able to shoot on the move, and strafing will become prevalent because all tanks will have their reverse speeds more than doubled. Reducing the velocities is the opposite of what should be done in order to keep tank warfare fun.

    Reverse Changes: I'm not personally a fan of tanks being able to reverse at full speed. One of the major aspects to tanking in this game is positioning. Allowing tanks to reverse out of almost any situation reduces its importance. I can agree to reverse speed increases, but the idea of there being no tradeoff between forward and reverse movement seems like a step in the wrong direction.

    Stability: I love the addition of stability, and I'm sure most people do as well. However, this lets the Vanguard and Prowler shoot on the move and constantly strafe in battle, negating two of the most significant advantages of the Magrider. Bringing the Magrider's velocity in line is a good start, but this should be done by making the Magrider's velocity higher. Not by making the other tanks' velocities worse. The Magrider will need looked at in order to keep it viable.
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  5. MajiinBuu

    I was expecting a rant, or a complete overhaul proposal, but it's nothing but factual information! How DARE you use the PSA tag to give accurate information to the public!
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  6. lothbrook

    lol at the Rival comment, "IF" it happens? Its already happening with any good tanker, and now you're going to take away its reverse speed increase and leave just slightly better turning.....

    Racer: Faster acceleration, higher top speed, better hill climbing, and reverse speed
    Rival: Better turning

    lol, i wonder which is better.
  7. Silus

    IMO, they should, for tanks, merge the turning speed of Rival with the standard Surger chassis.
  8. Klypto

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  9. Silus

    Hill climbing and super traction.
  10. lothbrook

    Well tanks don't currently have an option for surger.
  11. Silus

    I am aware. I'm saying combine the Surger chassis that the Flash, Sunderer and Harasser have into the tank's Rival chassis since reverse speed ain't gonna be a thing for it any more.
  12. Littleman

    Does anyone actually use this cert? Inb4 YOU claim to use this cert, because you actually know what it is.

    That's not it, it really is to get tanks to get into a scrap, instead of these games of chicken where they stick out of cover, lob a few rounds, duck back and repair any scratches to their paint real quick. The problem is this won't change the whole infantry farming thing, they'll just have to re-train their arcs.

    Ideally tanks would be strafing each other in the open fields. The problem is MOST areas in Planetside are built like alleyways. Tank scraps worked in PS1 because there just wasn't absurd quantities of random debris capable of stopping a tank dead in its tracks all over the place. For that you can blame infantry.
  13. Arkenbrien


    So just the HEAT got nerfed, while the AP got buffed in terms of velocity?

    Hmmm, interesting.
  14. EliteEskimo

    Alarox likes to fly off the handle and do crazy stunts at times, the other fourmside tankers try to calm him down, but since it's
    Alarox his shenanigans are inevitable regardless of what we do.:D

    For the velocity changes I would agree, currently the velocities allow for fun tank engagements and lowering velocities will just make aiming the shells more of a hassle. Furthermore since infantry have long range AV weapons which have ranges between 300 and 600 meters hitting them from their Max render range, which they exploit constantly whether they know it or not, already makes them a huge threat in the open field and can often cause tank fights to be ruined. Lowering velocities will only give infantry and easier time man handling tanks out in the open, and I hardly think that's fun or fair since tanks are being completely cut out of base fights. They need to at least remain powerful against infantry in the open field if they aren't going to get to participate inside bases as much.

    Reverse Changes
    I can see it now, stock tanks lit ablaze and switching into full reverse gear to send the instagib debris flying backwards into other tanks. Haha joy oh joy. I'm not sure how they are going to make rival useful again unless they give tanks back their traction status which was nerfed into butter treads.

    Magriders will have to be watched to ensure they don't fall out of place, however I'll be interested to see how they make use of the increased reverse speed to circle strafe which no other tank will be able to do.

  15. Alarox

    That is a mistype. Can't do a damn thing about it now, sadly.
  16. Alarox

  17. Astraka

    I'm assuming this all applies to Lightnings too, right?
  18. Alarox

    Their velocities will probably be identical to the Magrider's still. Everything else still does apply to the Lightning.

  20. DFDelta

    Reverse changes:
    They should have made that a feature of the rival 3 and slightly buffed racer to compensate.
    I don't like the idea that this perk is included in every stock tank.
    Disengaging from other groundbound enemies is already too easy most of the times (if you're not stuck in a completely hopeless situation), and this makes it even easier.

    Velocity/drop changes:
    Unneeded and IMHO unwarranted. Will not change anything for infantry farmers and only annoy people playing their tanks to hunt enemy tanks. Will also somewhat hinder G2A self defense capabilities (the drop more so then the velocity).

    Way overdue, but very welcome. Lessens one of the bigger C4 problems (tank needs to stand still (or be driven by a very high skill player) to reliably hit anything outside of short range) and is also very welcome for skyguards (even with flak your dps was somewhat reduced during evasive actions).
    Will be an indirect nerf to Magriders, but how severe needs to be tested.