Proof There is No 4th Faction

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  1. Fink_NC

    So, I'm posting this, and walking away. You guys can flame war all you want, I'm not going to read it.

    Ok, on Connery we had a bio lab alert tonight, and VS got a dominating victory.
    Now, being NC it would be easy for me to say "Oh, the 4th factioners lost it for us"

    Well, here are the numbers from the alert guys:

    Start of Alert:
    VS - 441 Players
    NC - 397 Players
    TR - 356 Players

    End of Alert:
    VS - 460 Players (+19)
    NS - 223 Players (-174)
    TR - 119 Players (-237)


    If by 4th faction you mean "We got frustrated and went to bed"
    Then yes, there is a load of "4th factioners" in this game
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  2. kadney

    Try to measure the numbers during a prime-time alert. In the middle of the night, it's much likely that there are some people that say "Stay awake for another two hours just to get my alert exp? I rather go and sleep.".

    Would be interesting to see what happens during a prime-time alert.
  3. MasonSTL

    9:40 is the middle of the night??
  4. Kanil

    How do you explain the Vanu pop being steady (or rather, rising slightly)? Are we just assuming the winning faction's players don't have to sleep/leave/whatever?
  5. vsae

    Dude, I've been telling this for ages. People here dont have simple math education.
  6. Pyrode

    If you aren't going to read the replies, why even bother, ego?

    Well here's my reply to the body of your post.

    Blah blah bloo blee blah bla blo

    And i'm not going bother reading any non-existant replies you make.

    Mods i reckon you should lock this, his opening line is, i don't want feedback but feel free to flame anyway....
  7. Klypto

    "I'll stay on till the end of the alert"


    "fk this, x sucks"

    I get this a lot in our TS, so I can imagine what everyone else is thinking.
  8. AFK1

    I think what you meant was:

    "proof there was no large scale 4th faction during this singular alert at a singular time, on a singular server"
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  9. AzureKnight

    I will say, on that day, it was a Sunday. Most people hit the sack early on Sundays for the start of the next week. A lot of the population loss was due to that

    I was on Connery during a dominated alert tonight, and that was an Esamir Land Grab. which looked more like this:

    Actually, never mind about this message, didn't realize someone bumped this from 10 days ago...

    there are a lot of players who, you know, have to work in the early hours :p

    After about midnight (mountain time), on Connery, people start going to sleep. the TR and NC factions start drop like flies while the Japanese log on to their VS accounts keeping VS pops relatively the same. However, since they're mostly VS and few are TR or NC, they just roflstomp the entire continent.

    Seeing those numbers drop, like in the OP, tells me that the US players are going to sleep while the Asian players are just getting on.

    Fourth functioning does occur, but during this time frame, it's more of a matter of one side just gets a massive over population. However, seeing two sets of number drop, especially one drastically while the third stays flat if not increases, it does imply that there are fourth factioners.
  10. pascalli

    Connery takes their 4th faction talk seriously. Watterson we are all like yea I went VS because you guys fought at the Crown all during a Tech Alert, **** off my business. [/Jersey accent]
  11. PlatoonLeaderG

    Going to go ahead and lock this down now. It's run its course and is attracting more non-constructive comments than useful ones. All constructive feedback is duly noted, however. As always, for future reference, please keep in mind our Forum Guidelines before posting.

    Thank you.
  12. pascalli

    You've been a self-appointed moderator for how long now?
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  13. NCDaniel

    Hell, I stay up to fight to get my bonus points/certs.
  14. LT_Latency

    Forth faction just means, People want to play on the team they think is going to win. It doesn't matter how it happens but population does swing towards the side with the most population backwards.

    Game meachincs should make people want to swing to the side with less population

  15. PlatoonLeaderG

    I got fired thanks to you.....happy?
  16. LT_Latency

    Fail proof is fail.

    How do you know the VS didn't lose 100 people that were replaced from people switching for TR/NC to VS
    How do you know new people logging in didn't pick VS instead of TR/NC because the saw a huge advatange in numbers.

    These numbers prove nothing. Unless you know how the changes occurred and why
  17. Van Dax

    alert fourth factioning is essentially non existent, though long term fotm is certainly real.
  18. Jube

    There are a lot of folks ( myself included ) that play on Connery but live in the Central US. 9:40 pm to you is 11:40pm to us. And yes I would go to bed around that time. Hey I have to work in the am. "Alert" not withstanding.

    But back to the main topic. You have given no "Proof" one way or the other regarding the existence or non-existence of a "Fourth Faction"
  19. kadney

    Let me assume something:
    Right now, it's 18:40 GMT +1, here where I live.
    That website tells me, that the last update was around 18:41:36 , so it shows me my current time, right?
    Now that page tells me, that the stated alert endured from 09:46:42 to 11:35:29 . Since the current time is localised, this seem to be GMT +1 times.
    But since it's an US-Server, you have to calculate the timeshift. In San Diego, it's 9:45 a.m. now, that's -9 hours. Assuming the servers are somewhere around there, the real timeshift may vary due to the exact location and the timezones within the US, the alert endured from 00:46:42 a.m. to 02:35:29 a.m. PT. And that's, at least for me, in the middle of the night. ;) Tell me if I am wrong. :p
  20. Phyr

    That's not proof it doesn't exist, but it does illustrate one of the reasons a population may change.