Producer's Note - Auraximas Reactivation

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    Hi there Planetmans,

    During our maintenance this afternoon, we reactivated the Auraximas III Directive to run to through January 18th. We have never reactivated a holiday directive in such a way in the past, and in doing so, all previous progress towards the directive has been lost. We looked into the possibility of restoring this progress from backups, but that process could potentially take days and cause other types of progress to be lost. Given these drawbacks, we have decided not to attempt to restore progress on the directive and apologize to those who thought they would have a lot more time to complete the holiday directive this year.

    We apologize for the missteps in communication and the progress that has disappeared with the reactivation of the Auraximas event. We may bring The Little Helper shotgun back in another way so that players will have another opportunity to unlock it in the future.

    In the meantime, we'd also like to mention that the PS2 team's priorities have shifted completely to client and server performance. We are aiming to deploy some amazing improvements in the coming months!

    Thanks a lot, and we'll be seeing you on the battlefield!

    - Nick Silva
    Producer, PlanetSide 2
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