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  1. SkyStryder

    - Andy[/quote]
    I find Planetside 2 must come on XONE. But Sony make it exclusive for PS4! So SOE please make it to come out for the XONE.
    I like Planetside 2 very much but I don't play it often because I have not a good PC but a XONE. So I am often playing on the XONE.
    When you bring it out for XONE I am sure that I will buy it!
    It's one of the best online shooter I ever saw!

    So I hope every day that it comes out for XBOX ONE..... !
  2. Opiummafia

    Keep up the good work!! Love your game :)
  3. swiftkillsdoa

    I would like to know when the ps4 is getting outfits
  4. Acceleratio

    Man... that thread was like 5 months old -.-
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.