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  1. Halo572

    These posts are getting off topic, but I have a 2010 i7 Alienware that I put a GTX 970 in today. Benchmarked it in 3DMark and got 89% for the system.

    Stuck it in Can I Run It and Batman Origins (play that) and B4 (don't play that) is fine, GTA 5 (don't have it) warns on the processor as does this (don't play it).

    This title has always been a resource hog and is the only title I used to play where my machine is considered 'not up to it'. Really?

    Spending £1750 ($2600) to get a new PC that gets a tick to play this when my current machine struggles with nothing else?

    £1750 to play TDM in tiny maps in a big map, you kidding me? I can't be bothered to buy a new PC per se for at least another 18 months, let alone to play something with a gaming concept from 2002 if the graphics were taken out.

    My PC gets benchmarked at 83% for the CPU and 97% for memory and graphics, that means 80%+ of people have a machine less powerful than mine and I can't run this properly.
  2. Goretzu

    What resolution and setting are you trying to run PS2 on? That machine should (in theory) be more than capable of PS2 at reasonable settings, of course that is no guarentee it will.
  3. sjtw_w_stot

    Same here, spent over $1300.00 CDN troubleshooting this game. Had no intention of building a custom gaming PC, but here I am... AND the game still doesn't play as it should...

    I dunno, think the name change form SEO to Daybreak was only meant to get out of contracts with staff at SEO so they could fire them, then the 2nd order of business for daybreak(SEO) was to reduce costs by reducing servers or something because latency has skyrocketed ever since daybreak took over.

    This game is on its way out. Yesterdays news as it were. Move along people, PS2's time has come and gone.
  4. TheVeteran627

    Some of you guys need to ease up and think for minute. we aren't playing a NORMAL or AVERAGE FPS here. Planetside as a whole is in a class all on its own between both games. PS2 had a rocky start, what game with this kinda of edge doesn't? Think about it: as of right now, Planetside 1 and 2 are UNIQUE games. Their in a genre all their own, NOT ONE other game out there does what SOE is doing with PS2.

    My point in all of this is folks, alot of us have been here around Planetside a very long time, since the betas for the first planetside. Those of us that are still here, are still holding the faith that this will be just as big as PS1 was. Personally, i think it already is, and probably only half of the player base is giving them kudos for having done as well as they have to keep it running. So that being said, I think we all need to show them a little more faith and trust them to make the game better than it already is.
  5. ScrapyardBob

    All they had to do was take PS1 mechanics and balance, make technological improvements, smooth off some rough edges and release it. They would have done very well. Instead, Higby and company attempted to create a clone of BF3/CoD - and failed. Not to mention releasing it in a very buggy / rough state instead of keeping it in beta for another 6-9 months.

    They've spent the last 2 years moving back towards their PS1 roots. So much wasted time and effort and lost market share, just because they tried to chase the e-sports / CoD / BF3 crowd.
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  6. Valaska

    Does this mean you guys are gonna start hand balancing instead of going off RNG and random stats that mean virtually nothing? o.o
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  7. NoVemBer1978

    Fix the LAg in game, some poeple are teleporting everywhere. Problem during since 3-4 months.

  8. qwan72

    Its funny but I said this when PS2 was first release as a F2P game. PS2 is going to be that game that you find somewhere on steam, in the middle of the night, lost in the list of other free to play games. You know the ones you download and play for like maybe an hour then delete from your system. Lets face it the PC version has been forgotten and now its a money grab to get the PS4 version out so they can make as much money as they can before this game goes on a single server and its maintained periodically. I wish they never would have put the name Planetside on this game, this is not Planetside, and just because they put a 2 on the side doesn't make it better then its predecessor.

    In the beginning I said the free to play format is a scam guys, people don't realize the point of free to play is to put out a crap game, make as much money as you can, then move on to the next scam. I think Higbeys and T-rays mistake was (as well as ours) they believed it was actually going to work, in the end we all got burnt. Now Ive spent money, time and a lot of hope for a game which will never be better then is predecessor, it may look real nice, but it will never grow to the size that Planetside was. I guess in the end I put entirely to much expectation into a game which was just a scam.

    Good Luck guys qwan72 signing out for good.
  9. qwan72

    Totally agree with you Scrapy, my thoughts exactly, and now that its coming to an end people are wondering what happened.
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  10. Ice_

    I think the game is already in a good state, sure there are crashes here and there but I don't see them very often and the performance is OK even on my old i5 750 cpu and GTX 560 TI. Network performance? I don't think I've ever seen any sort of lags, not any I can recall anyway.

    The news looks good but on a personal note, I'd rather see more content as the game becomes tiresome with the same stuff over, over and over again. The recently added spitfire turret was a nice touch but I'd like to see more gadgets and other weapon types - that'll make things more fresh and interesting.
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  11. Malorn0

    I hate to say this, but . . . where is the roadmap? It's the 20th, that is way past 'later this week'. Not feeling like resubbing when promises are rather late in arriving. Just on the off-chance that I'm misjudging everything, does anyone actually see the roadmap?
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  12. Crator

    Access from the main forums section:

    Still nothing on it though :(
  13. Rockit

    If I recall correctly in the stream yesterday they said within the next few days so it may not be this week afterall but I hope it is.
  14. BlackDove

    They took down the off topic section of the forum. Further evidence that the guys who took over are clueless.

    Theyll never get the PS4 version to work well. It will be as good as playing on a mediocre laptop since thats how undrpowered the hardware is.

    If they werent clueless looters who thought they were gonna make a quick ROI on a junk car SOE decided to unload on them then theyd realize its going to cost significantly more money to fix PS2 and make it profitable than theyre capable of leveraging. Bad investment that theyll have to shut down pretty fast given all the people who have no incentive to waste a cent on the bland new content in a game that got worse in the two years its been out.

    MMOs are comnunity based. Taking away a place on a forum that was literally more fun than the game was a stupid move.

    Ill use their electricity and waste their bandwidth but i havent paid since last year and i NEVER will again now. I encourage everyone to do the same given this lateat development and evidence for incompetence.
  15. BlackDove

    Do you really think a venture capital group that names themself something that sounds like a shell company understands what they bought or how a computer works? My guess is they have secretaries to handle technical tasks like that thing called "email".

    I wonder if they know they bought a first person shooter based on the Freerealms engine lol.

    I no longer have permission to view that even though it was more help to more people than the prewritten and clueless responses from the people who work there which was basically "your $2000 awesome computer that can run everything on ultra but our broken game is insufficient, we wont tell you how to fix it".
  16. ZZYZX

    There never WAS a PS2.

    The number '2' in 'Planetside 2' suggests a sequel. In most sequels (games or movies or books), you will see changes in characters, vehicles, location and scenery, story line, etc. In PS2, you had essentially none of that. It feels more like PS1 got a re-skin in 2012, 1 new vehicle in the last 2 years, and I've been playing the same game since Planetside was originally released back in 2003.

    It's stale.

    I'm not sure why they can't seem to provide any new content, and it's a shame. In this fast-paced world of streaming and downloadable content, it's a miracle that people are still even interested in this game since it hasn't received any new content at all (unless you count a Valkyrie).

    FPS/console players will get bored quickly - this tactic of completely ignoring the problem won't work for very long. I really only log in now hoping to see a patch with new game content. It probably won't ever come, and even if it does, it will surely be "too little, too late." But still, I have a morbid curiosity and I wonder how many years it will take to introduce new elements to the game.

    As it is, the game is still missing crucial elements it USED to have in PS1. The fact it was released WITHOUT those elements says only one of two things: (1) you don't care, or (2) you planned from the beginning to release old features and call them "new" in an attempt to avoid having to develop anything that was actually new.

    It's scary that there are so many issues/problems/bugs that 100% of the team's time, effort and energy is devoted to bug chasing - and 0% is devoted to new content.
  17. TheInfoMofo

    Why is he so vague?
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  18. Carnage

    You really need to make sanctuaries, battle islands and warpgates be a primary. Not having these are greatly affecting the nature of the game and making it an extreme 3 way simulator. please consider that 90% of your players are getting burnt out on 3 ways and need the variation!
  19. Mr.Jiggs

    Is the game still closed for everyone else because I cant play right now?
  20. Mr.Jiggs

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