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  1. BiggAzza

    Sweet! Look forward to it guys! Keep up the good work!
  2. Talthos

    That's utter bull, and you should know that. Before the March update last year, I had consistent ping levels of 60-80ms, and sometimes up to 100ms during peak hours. Now, it never drops below 100ms, on average. This is the same system I've had for the past 2-3 years, and it's NOT a "cheapskate potato", nor is my broadband cable connection a "rock bottom cheap connection" (I actually upgraded my GPU and power supply a while back, in fact).

    System Specs:

    Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2400 CPU @ 3.10GHz, 8GB of system RAM, AMD Radeon HD 7750 Double Diamond Overclocked 1GB DDR5, Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit Service Pack 1.

    Connection Details:

    ISP: Shaw Communications
    Internet Plan: "Internet 5"
    Download Speed: "Up to 5 Mbps"
    Upload Speed: "Up to 512 Kbps"
    Data Transfer Limit: 60GB monthly transfer limit.

    I'll say it again; before the 2014 March update, I had ideal, healthy latency levels in-game. My connection plan has not changed, nor have my system specs (I even did a factory reset about a month ago; in-game latency is still less than ideal).

    Explain how my current setup suddenly becomes "severely inadequate" after just ONE update?? I can lower in-game graphics to get better frames, and that's tolerable. But NOTHING on my end will fix the persistent latency issues.
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  3. sorimatsu

    "*Cracks knuckles* Ok, now with Higby gone we may actually be able to do something with this game"
    That being said, Welcome and may you not follow in his footsteps.

    As one of the many players that have been crazy enough to stay around since beta or before, I have a few simple requests on behalf of many of the people I know that play this game.

    1. Optimization: This has been said before and will continue to get said, please for the love of god optimize this game.
    2. Balance: Now before anyone jumps the gun and flames me for saying this I am not saying, "nerf VS and TR and buff NC" or, "buff NC". No, I am not like that, but having had over two years now to get a good feel for this game (and having a decent amount of time on all factions) I am simply saying that a sweeping balance needs to occur to all factions. It has been needed since the "content boom" of the first year of the game and its still needed now.
    3. Content: The game has been mostly static for awhile now, and it needs some new stuff. That being said, please focus on points one and two first, but we would like to see some new things here and there and maybe those other continents that were supposed to be out a year and a half ago.
    4. Draw Distance Improvements: (This ties in with points one and two) As many vehicle operators like myself already know, the draw distance currently needs to be fixed so we can, at the very least, see the infantry shooting at us from extreme distance (not to mention invisible rockets as a result of said draw distance).
    5. Focus on the game and your fans: Please don't repeat the mistakes of all the major devs before you.

    I guess what I'm trying to say is just fix the game. We have lost too much as it is (player wise).
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  4. Bingabong

    I'm sorry to tell you but your computer is starting to look a bit past it. You definitely should be thinking about replacing your graphics card (which possibly will mean another new PSU). Your computer is going to struggle with the new games being developed with the capabilities of the Xbox One and PS4 in mind. Planetside 2 is at that level. So yes you do own a "cheapskate potato". It's only an I5 too... tut tut.

    That internet connenction is poor. Any internet connection with a monthly limit is rock bottom cheap. A decent download speed should be "up to 30 Mbps" or greater. You really don't have a good connection and you don't even seem to realise it. It might not be your fault, some areas can't get fibre broadband.

    You appear to have proven my point. You should be playing PS2 on more up to date equipment because they are catering for the most up to date consoles. Consoles have held back gaming software in the past. They aren't anymore with the new ones that have arrived. If you are suffering problems with PS2 your outdated equipment is at least partly to blame. You are now below recommended spec.
  5. Talthos

    You literally MISSED point I was making.

    I would have understood if my performance got progressive worse over time, which would have been reasonable enough.

    But like I said, that latency spike came right AFTER the big update in March 2014. Average frames per second were about the same, but latency just shot UP. A single update should NOT create such a massive disturbance in average latency levels. It never went back to the pre-update levels, ever since.

    And my system costed a bit over $900 at the time of purchase, so what does "cheapskate" mean to you? Am I a cheapskate for trying to get performance without forcing a loan out of my bank? No other game that I play suffers the latency issues that Planetside 2 has been giving me since the March 2014 update, and I don't think I should require a $1400 rig to play Planetside 2 with nearly every quality setting at their lowest value (except Texture Quality).

    Oh, and my i5 is a perfectly capable quad-core, thank you. It's not "omfg super-computer" level, but it's a decent workhorse. Same with my GPU, which I got less than a year ago.
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  6. Goretzu

    The EU servers are basically not fit for purpose, they've been broken for about 1 month now, giving in-game latencies of 2000ms to 150,000ms.

    Switch to another MMO and lo and behold you're latency will be 60-80ms, most if the time it is actually better now to connect to a US server from the EU than an EU server.
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  7. Bush82

    They have been alright for me the last week or two, average of 80ms on wifi going to 110ms in larger battles.
  8. WarmasterRaptor

    I'll wait and see.

    Next patch will show.
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  9. TitanEllse117

    Is there any news on an xbox one port. I know wrel has hinted it a couple times in a few of his recent videos, but nothing substantial. just a question.
  10. Talthos

    Funny you mention this, because right after today's maintenance, I logged on, and I checked Connery's ping.

    It was somewhere around 50ms on the login screen.

    I just about flipped myself, freaking out. I was all like "No. WAY. It's too good to be true. It couldn't have possibly been fixed so quickly!"

    ...Then I logged in. In-game latency is show an average between 78-85ms.


    I am going to utterly capitalize on this. CAPITALIZE.
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  11. Crator

    Any news on when we will see updated Road Map info?
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  12. Bingabong

    I didn't miss a thing. The game is being developed for computers with the capabilities of the new PS4. Yours is below that by some margin. The latency issue is something that is seriously exaggerated by drama queens. It happens in every MMO and is no big deal. It might be your own service that's a particular problem for you. I get it though. You can't afford to upgrade your computer (or buy a new one) capable of running the game well so you come on here and moan about it. The really sad thing is you seem to think $900 is a lot of money....
  13. Talthos

    Oh, $900 isn't a lot for you? Please, do tell us about that wonderful system rig you undoubtedly have, running Planetside 2 without a hint of latency, or frame rate loss. Enlighten us, oh great computer spec wizard!

    And do tell us about that wonderful source of cash you have, and how it allows you to upgrade your system whenever you want, while still being able to pay your personal living expenses without a worry or second thought.

    Because everyone is obviously wealthy, and not middle class. :rolleyes:
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  14. Malorn0

    I'm sorry, did I just read what I think I read? Did I just see a gamer shaming someone over money, acting as if money should or does determine value as a gamer? It seems that new money, if you can even claim to be that, lacks the refinement that once was expected of the wealthy. Worse still, we are gamers, we are people who are supposed to care about skill and ability, not the price of our computers.

    I can't find your in-game profile Bingabong, I'm hardly surprised you might wish an alias. Since you don't wish to be judged by your skill, I'll judge you by the words that you choose. You are attempting to shame others about money, money that you claim to possess but have no means of proving. Even should you prove it, you are an embarrassment to gaming. Your wealth, imaginary or not, cannot make you skilled, persistent, or even capable. Judging by your tone, I would suspect you lack the ability to master the rudiments of teamwork as well. Teamwork, you see, generally requires the ability to work with and cooperate with others.

    As to your actual argument, I know people with an octocore and bridged video cards that can't get more than 30 fps. Perhaps they should consider upgrading? As to playing only $900 for a computer . . . surely you aren't buying pre-built computers? $900 can put together a solid gaming rig, and is generally a good price point since it means that you can afford to replace damaged components in future. Moreover, you seem rather enamored with the Xbone and the PS4 . . . surely that can only mean you haven't researched their actual specs, right? I'm no console snob, but there is a reason consoles are priced as they are, and they are generally far inferior to modern PCs.

    Obviously I'm rather angry with you. Were you slightly less offensive I would take the time to restrain that anger, in hopes that you might benefit from reason or kindness. Sadly, I suspect such would not reach you, as you are either trolling or . . . sadly deluded. Should I somehow be mistaken about the sort of person you are, then please consider that your attitude is unsportsmanlike, unkind, and generally unworthy of gamers in general.
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  15. Talthos

    I bought it pre-built, but the GPU and power supply are post-purchase upgrades. Here, a link to what my hardware would have been at the time of purchase:

    And this is the GPU I now use (which warranted upgrading the power supply):

    Considering that it's practically overkill for most applications at medium or high settings, $900 was actually a pretty decent mid-range price. Especially considering that it's at least 2-3 years old now.
  16. Goretzu

    Yeah there's a couple of issues going on, you might be one of the lucky ones.

    Currently I can connect better to the US servers than the EU ones, and I can connect to any other game or MMO at as similar speed to the best I can connect to PS2. However in PS2 latency variance over the last few weeks as been appalling, some of it seems to be how they servers are sited (although why this suddenly changed in the last few weeks seems to be unknown) and the rest seems to be whatever has been afflicting Miller and the EU servers almost since Live now, probably compounded by the former.

    Strangely for the last 7 days (it has really been like this for weeks now, but there are better days) it has been totally unplayable with latency (in-game latency metre - which isn't pure latency apparently, but also includes server issues) ranging from 60ms to 150,000ms, but mostly in the 2000ms to 7000ms range..... yet for one night right in the middle of that it was performing fine at 50-200ms even in huge battles.
  17. Goretzu

    Hmm.... any i5 system with a remotely "gaming" GPU since 2010 is easily the equal of PS4 hardware. :confused:

    PS4 hardware (it is basically just a PC itself) is low spec compared to most gaming PCs (even a decent 2010 one), just like all consoles are in fact, the difference being that software can be specifically tuned to that one hardware setup.

    You could probably build a PC that would more than equal a PS4 hardware-wise for about the same price as a PS4 and something much better for a little more.

    The only advantage the PS4 has (and all consoles really) is all software is made specifically for that specific hardware and through that ease of use/functionality.

    I have sympathy for PC games devs though, because there is such a multitude of different PC setups to come to terms with from software/drivers to hardware...... but equally they have taken their eye off the ball PC performance-wise whilst they have seemed to devote 99% of their resources to the PS4 version (an understandable business decision, perhaps, but not one that is really going to go down well with PC players).

    Your take on the current server issues though is just plain bogus, the latency issue is very real and currently crucifiying EU servers.

    Which is probably why there is:

    This offical thread.

    This thread.

    & this thread.

    & this thread.

    & this thread.



    All clearly "imaginary" and everything is "fine" with EU servers (although why the Devs themselves are saying there's something seriously wrong with the EU setup when clearly there "isn't" I have no idea! :rolleyes: ).
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  18. Magma52

    That's a myth, mate. It really isn't that difficult for a professional developer to get it right. Developers like Ubisoft just set a bad example on PC games.

    Look at Konami and Kojima Productions. They have come along with Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes and got it right on their first attempt. The game runs beautifully. It is so well optimised on every type of PC hardware combination.

    Ubisoft use the old excuse "oh there's too many hardware combinations so it's not our fault :(".
    Bull ****. You're just a ******* awful developer.
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  19. HolyMohli

    Welcome Sites,

    fix balancing issues, server performance and this game will be fun for the next years... ;)
  20. Goretzu

    Yeah I'm not saying it is not possible, but rather that with SOE they seemingly had enough resources to do one or the other, but not both (and for understandable reasons given SOEs financial state chose to go with the PS4 version being pushed).

    They had PS2 running pretty well after the performance patch, so definately were capable of it in the right context, but seemingly shifted their focus almost entirely to the PS4 version.

    SOE deserve the flack for the situation (at the end of the day it is down to them), but equally it has to be understood they may well have had no real other path to take from a business point of view, so I personally wouldn't judge them too harshly in that context.

    Could they have done better with the resources they had? Yeah quite possibly, but then that is I guess why they end up as DBG.
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