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  1. Atomise

    thank you for this! this could not have come at a more crucial time and finally some feedback. im sure MANY are now relieved just from a simple post. the news of an updated Roadmap is even better feedback and response then i expected. my confidence is restored.
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  2. Caddy

    please fix the network stability and latency (game its playable only on off peak hours)
    i payed 1 year in full membership but i'm unable to play for more then 4 months because the latency issues
    thank you
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  3. Divinorium

    As a player that quitted 6 months ago i welcome you, i guess...

    A friend told me about the good news and i logged to celebrate, game still the same ship of 6 months ago, so good luck. Since IMO it's impossible to make the game worse.

    Question: you will use your forums to communicate with players or will keep the reddit and twitter bullship?
  4. JohnWindRunner

    :) this makes me really happy! i love planetside 2 and cant wait to try it on ps4 seeing my poor pc has trubble running it :p
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  5. HelpingHank

    Dear Andi,

    as a new member of this community, I don't know much about 'old times of PS2' nor much about technical issues, but I do understand the situation you are in. So much success with the work ahead of you, keep fighting!

    To the ones who move on: thank you & All The Best!

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  6. Freeloaderusa

    truth is I dont give a rats arss anymore if youre back into work or not, weve lost dozens of good players because of your ignorance
    and you havent fixed **** for almost a year now that higby is also gone and game is sold I only see the great depression ahead of ps2
    nothing more. Thanks for not fixing priority number 1 BUG also ROADMAP priority number 1 bug THE DARN 32 bit client crash fix!

    Ohh and tell your dev team to visit the forums more often rather than posting on redit, thats how we used to operate with our software
    we keep it in the family!

    In your real life I wish you the best but with planetside have to think about that "your best is my worst"
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  7. Christonejazz

    Thank you for being responsible enough to put away the cloak and dagger and speak about the festering wound that's been in hiding for the past several. It's apparent and clear this "Dev Team" has no intention what-so-ever of making a fun, balanced game, as it has never really been such in the first place. I look forward to seeing you guys put more strain and lengthy effort into the new-comer player-base, and will regret the day those patches hit.

    That being said, most of the old team being around is both comforting, and perturbing. I've no quarrel with them, it just means things won't change. I'll be expecting MORE in-game materials to shortly have a price-tag on them.

    Speaking of price-tags, Let's see what this Nova Columbus organization has in mind for a business model. Can't be any sloppier and uninviting as the current one.

    Good luck guys, I'll be looking for that "road-map."
    Though I know what I'll see, and a truly regrettable day that will be.

    Power to the Gamer, not the Corporation!
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  8. XGutterX

    I really appreciate the efforts to dig deep and fix the bugs first.

    It has jaded me as an FPS gamer. It's now really hard for me to play a game of less mass...
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  9. Bingabong

    To hell with the bugs: I rarely see any that do much to effect the game. Most of those moaning about bugs are most likely those cheapskates trying to play the game on 5+ years old computers or with rock bottom cheap internet connections, i.e. people you are never going to make any money from. Keep catering to them and you might aswell just cancel the game. Fix the balance between the sides. The Vanu have all the toys. They need to be reviewed and rebuilt from scratch so they do not have inherent advantages. You know like being all but invisible at night, like more accurate weapons etc. A few less bullets in a magazine means nothing. Their whole set up smacks of bias on the part of the devs. Also you need to add features to the game, new vehicles for example, new classes. This is one of the few games formerly owned by SOE that has not had any expansions after the game has been out for years.

    If all you can promise is fixing bugs then just cancel the game because that just tells me you haven't the staff to do anything else.
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  10. Stonemaster

    After years of CS with very little improvement or new content I think I can stick with Planetside 2 as long as there is new blood and items to reward my play. I hope that the roadmap gives me some hope for PvE fun with risk of PvP. That would make us all feel like heroes and make the starting player feel rewarded. Good luck, Andy.
  11. ZerpyDerpDerp

    Believe it when I see it.

    Tell you what, make the game work and I'll come back with a cookie.
  12. Lude86

    Mhm, interesting letter. But why don't we cut the BS?
    So far, everything that was to be expected after the take over did happen. Mainly the big lay-offs. There are some discussion amongst different outfit boards about what the management change will bring. From "quick squeeze for money" over "optimizing the management structure" to "long-term commitment and investments". Most people hope of course for the latter, but are afraid that the first one will happen.
    The Lay-offs confirm most people's suspicions and fears and so it is actually discouraging people. Now what would a smart investment firm do now in order to squeeze some extra dollars from the still existing player base? Right, pretend that everything will improve or at least remain the same. A strategical way would be to use an old or familiar voice of the game to communicate it to the player base. You are not very familiar, but at least an old voice.

    So my serious question is: Who are you trying to fool? How do you actually plan to improve the situation when your staff got smaller, when you had trouble managing it even before with the old staff?
    For example in August you introduced a new spawning mechanism when you leave the vehicles. This new mechanism was causing bugs and has so far rendered the Galaxy as unreliable. You still didn't manage to revert to the old, reliable way or fix the issue in over six months. This is a teamplay-gamebreaking (haha, daybreak game company... maybe it is intended) issue and the main cause for me to abandon the game and stop investing money into it (I was a premium member or what ever you call it here 'til the end of the year).

    So until I see some action, I can only consider this letter as a means to squeeze some more money out of the community. It actually doesn't reassure me. Quite the opposite so far. Actions speak louder than words.

    a disappointed and former fan of your game
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  13. Bingabong

    See Daybreak? He's complaining about a 32 bit client crash fix. 32 bit. You will not make money from people still using 32 bit operating systems. If the 32 bit client is buggy, abandon it. These are bugs you should not be doing anything about, unless you literally have nothing else to do, and we all know that's not the case. I don't see any bugs I would describe as serious. There possibly will be some from time to time, but they actually are relatively rare. Concentrate on new stuff.
  14. Qefucan

    Need moar bugfixes and graphical glitch fixes.
  15. Auzor


    i5-3570k ; nvidia 670 GTX, 128GB SSD, 8 Gig Ram user here.
    Bug free eh? Suuure.

    How about exiting a vehicle and ending up airborne? Why does my lightning get an ejection seat, and not the ESF?
    Yes, happened to me.
    How about the moving corpses? You see a corpse.. suddenly it shoots you?
    Bonus points if it is an infiltrator or a max.. infiltrator: suddenly, sniped. Also, much harder to spot, and I think for them the camera is still at their normal height, so they can effectively shoot/snipe over obstacles where you cannot see them. Regardless, all classes become harder to hit
    Max: lol, suddenly chainguns open up as you run past, care-free.
    how about people teleporting short distances, lag effects, lag spikes,..

    Last week I think I wanted to C4 an enemy prowler that was driving up a hill I was on.
    I waited over the top, trying to position;
    prowler comes over the top and.. flies. -> running around, where do I go?
    Prowler does a backward salto and lands.. on top of me.
    Prowler proceeds to destroy sundy.
    Lag related: aircraft teleporting and spazzing out -> impossible to lock-on to.
    Likewise, I've dumbfired what I thought were sure-hits into both tanks and aircraft, only to see the target teleport at the last moment.. then teleport back, after missile passed through. Aaaargh
    How about C4 sometimes deciding not to go off
    How about spawning with glow-shield, and not being able to put it out? (change class etc)
    How about spawning as infiltrator, running.. and then finding out cloak doesn't work?
    How about firing Phoenix, and you shoot a glowball 10m forward, never gaining control?
    How about lag increasing & increasing & increasing during playing?
    How about the quickspawn showing completely incorrect information? Respawn at sundy within 50m? Great! -> Spawn some 1000m away, into a completely different fight vs the other faction. uh.. wot?

    Also, LOL at the Vanu ********. NC main player here
    Name one LMG besides Orion, SVA-88, or Betelgeuse that matches the other factions selection. (i.e. "is up to par" The Flare is a poor Gaus Saw S, I suppose Polaris > EM1, unfortunately 652 rpm weaponry-wise.. Bull for fast reload and high muzzle velocity, NS-15 LMG for the 0.75 for losing 27 rpm.. so yeah. Besides, 577 rpm & 167 bullets > 652 rpm 143dmg for general use.
    Enjoy the horizontal recoil.
    (and I like the Orion quite a bit.. )

    Assault rifles: pretty typical line-up, oh, how about ranged fighting?
    Corvus & CME I suppose? Well.. compared to Reaper DMR...
    And I like the Corvus.
    H-V45 is nice, Terminus too, Pulsar is a good default.

    Carbines: .. "eh". Serpent is basically a GD-7-F.
    Nothing like the AC-X11 though.

    SMG's: oh dear.
    Cyclone eats the Eridani for lunch,
    and the Sirius is a Blitz clone/ wannabe. Doesn't really matter except for variety, because the Cyclone beats those too.

    Side-arms. Pick any revolver of your choice. Exaggerated, but still..

    I've left vehicle and max stuff, but I'll just add:
    ZoE: from overpowered, to .. nothing. That's quite a feat.
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  16. Stopper

    By the way, beside the Twitter problem, where only those that have a Twitter account were able to answer the Higby's polls, when are you going to update the Twitter accounts showing on your forums ? We still see thoses of Higby and even TRay...

    The ones appearing now should only be the ones of the remaining Devs.

    Also, if you plan to still use Twitter, two things to have in mind :

    - if you ask something (i.e. "What do you think of .... ?"), post it on the official forums and then (then only) post a link on Twitter (and Reddit if you want), so everybody can answer, even without a Twitter account.

    - Use only the official PS2 Twitter account, not your personal or semi-personal account, where you speak of PS2, of your holidays, of your dog... Unless your personal account is for professional stuff only.

    In fact, if you use Twitter, use it now in a smart and professional way...
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  17. Onchas

    Would you maybe make an effort to finally fix input devices. Your code broke several joysticks and controllers when you merged with the PS4 code.

    The game launched with horrifically under-delivered controller support (TrackIR what?), and has only managed to get worse over the years.
  18. Maxence822

    Well it seems like SOE (or DGS) may be back to something good, hopefully :)
  19. Bingabong

    You do know that all of those are just minor bugs that only happen very intermittantly to the point that the vast majority of players just shrug when they see them, Mr Drama Queen. I never said the game was bug free. I just said it should not be their priority to fix them. Especially those only really effecting people with ancient computers/connections. Vanu are supposed to be religious about their technology, they shouldn't get access to things like shotguns or NS weapons because they would refuse to use them. Vanu are overpowered. Vanu are more difficult to see at night than the other factions. Vanu do have the most versatile weapons and vehicles. I mean, a tank that can climb mountains? Yeah go on devs just give it to them, you gave them everything else. The NC and the TR are well balanced the vanu are not.
  20. Badlevi

    finally a words!.... iam so afraid that this game will gonna end soon... coz sony just sell it in a other company... but this words changes it all.. im looking forward to see what will happen in the near future.. i wish DAYBREAK Co. will do some new changes in the game.. new maps/ bug fixes / new weapons/ and new rides.... i really love this game. the community specially.. :)
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