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  1. SpaceTimeSpace

    All right, NEW suggestion! Please post it right here
    ^ that is the Unscheduled Class Update for Engineer
    I would like to advise everyone on forums, to catch up on the updates such as upcoming end of July and onward to August! And if you can provide an tips or good ideas, POST in on the Reddit or Forums!

    P.S. Welcome to an Awesome jobs, looking forward to PS2's Resources Revamp :D
    and another P.S.2 XP please post on both forums or Reddit, bugs Needs to be reported, and if you didn't get "d_carey" 's words. They "HELP" tremendously.
    I love to read forums that doesn't have cans of spam on them, just doing on spares time.
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  2. Toshiro Ichikaze

    A couple of things.

    1) All information regarding the game should be on the forums. Requiring players to go to some outside media for anything - is a mistake. That is not to say that you can't use outside media as an additional resource. During the recent SOE outage when the forums were down too - it was nice to be able to go over to Twitter and get some info. However, anything a player might need or want to know should be available via the forums. At a minimum there should at least be links on the forums to these other media sources providing some indication of what is being posted there on an ongoing basis.

    2) Part of the job of being a game software developer - is having a thick skin. Telling someone who is mightily pissed off at having just been victimized by the game itself - to be constructive - is silly. Profanity is not a limitation to one's vocabulary - but and extension of it. Nothing expresses the true depth of feeling and frustration experienced by a player at being screwed by the game itself than to be very explicit about just how they feel. If you're people can't look at it that way - they should be in another line of work. Also - better to have your player base venting their anger by cussing you out - than quitting.

    That said - Good Luck.
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  3. DarkVoidBoy

    Thank you for the update and laying out the plan for communication across media.

    While I'm not a fan of Twitter for meaningful dialogue, it does have the benefit of being quick. So, I'll give your feed a try. If all of the names you mentioned would limit themselves to non-grass-mowing comments I would probably subscribe to them as well. I recognize that as both a personal preference and a limitation of Twitter that I can't subscribe to only PS2 content and "uncheck boxes" for other games or for other content.

    Reddit's voting provides a filter for the most inane posts, and provides at least basic sub-thread tracking which the official forums lack. Those are two of the reasons it's so much more popular for discussion, and the signal-to-noise ratio is noticeably better--or at least, "less bad." However, as others have said, it can also mask purely unpopular points of view. A bigger issue, though, is the limited timeframe for many of those conversations.

    The official forums' lack good conversation features and seem to suffer issues at the same time the game and login servers do, which makes them less than ideal for getting word of those issues out. However, they have active moderation and the benefit of being official.

    I'd personally prefer that the official forums were improved. But given the hand you've been dealt, I think your approach is reasonable as long as the conversations are coordinated and cross-linked between the media. The SOE Post tracker is simply not adequate as it stands now, which is why things like PS2 Tracker exist. If you can personally change one thing, please push internally for the SOE Post Tracker to take what PS2 Tracker is doing but organized around conversations/topics/threads rather than purely by timestamp.

    Thank you, and keep up the good work.
  4. BoomBoom4You

    Thank you for the update, David. I'm definitely skeptical and overall have been disappointed with the direction and pace of changes, but am willing to give you the benefit of the doubt. Good luck!
  5. Leondre

    I have no intention of using twitter, though I do hope to see a continuation of SOE's presence on /r/planetside.
  6. Strakar

    Truly a sign of desperation (and proof of the poor management at SOE) to throw this babe to the wolves. I laugh every time I see another game by SOE flop because of decisions like this. I'd go into some longer rant about this Enjoy the succulent teet of your corporate job young babe, because it won't matter how many skin flutes you played to get there when you fail just as badly as your predecessor.
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  7. Tiedemann

    I'd love to hear it cause I don't get it.
  8. AdmiralArcher

    im really impressed with how much time you are putting into this thread, i dont want to sound like a bandwagoner or a fanboy, but it really shows that you care about this. on the other hand, i dont expect every thread to be this way, but it is very nice that you are taking the time to respond to the official threads which has been done in the past, but not to these lengths

    1 more suggestion that i have, is have a once every other month or so stream, where you take some outstanding ideas/threads and briefly respond to them and tell us what you think, it could be done in writing as well.

    just an idea :) im sure you will find the best way
  9. Krokozor

    Hello mister producer d_carey. Please can you prove that you fully know and understand game you care?

    Half of "balance" updates looks like game developers are not actually play their game.
    Harasser nerf that was so hard that it's not worth using right now.
    Liberator update was just ridiculous. "let's buff liberators and give some new weapons!!!" and new weapons was so crappy. I could not use them with serious face. Right now Duster is downgrade from Zepher, Spur have less use than Vector (which use like 5% of pilots cause they bum) and even Hyena cant do anything to anyone better than noob. And then developers realize that new liberator resist are TO STRONG and return to old resists and nerf all belly weapons to hell. Right now tail gunner with Bulldog farm infantry better than Zepher cause ammo wasnt nerfen on it. And developers are not bother to tweak model of liberator after tail angle of rotation change so it still looks funny.
    ESF updates was funny too. "want some AT rockest? here your hornets!" "oh thank you SOE but where is damage?" "there is no damage. damage is not allowed. but you can have 60 of them and pew pew aaall day long!" oh my. and after that SOE desided to steal from my mossy rotary 5 bullets so even Daddy dont use it right now. But afterburner change was good yeah. After that whine on forum about AB nerf.
    I actually scary of updates right now.
  10. miraculousmouse

    Reddit is the bastion of political correctness, the exceptions being r/redpill amongst others.
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  11. GerryAtric

    That alone tells me you are a good person.
  12. Tiedemann

    I actually liked the meetings they had in those videos they made while they did the optimization patch (would like another big patch, thanks!). Most of it was just "being worked on" responses but it still made me feel that they did work on X issue, if you know what I mean. Something like that but with all types of issues would be great.
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  13. algefacient

    I agree with this.

    Planetside 2 suffers like all games though, where the vocal minority spend more time on the forums than in game, and the consequence is that the majority stop playing the game because the forum warriors got their way (And I do see the irony right now).

    Don't kid yourselves, SOE is (are?) not listening to the community, SOE is listening to the 'radical left wing' of their comminity while the rest play the game.

    This game doesn't need nor really want a valkyrie... it certainly doesn't need more hand guns... it didn't need a duster or hornets, it didn't need a vulcan nerf or saron change, it didn't need tracked vehicles hill climbing to be made worse, it needed a ZOE tweak not the ***** slap it was given (not that ZOE should have existed in the first place mind you). It also really needs to stand on its own two feet also, and be less of a battlefield of duty clone.

    I'd have prefered changes to things like MANA turrets costing resources and/or having a cooldown/being limited per life, C4 being effective against armour or softies but not both, probably armour, because claymores exist. Faction specific upgrades on all the NS vehicles including co-axial Mustang/Needler/Saron for Lightnings, or M18 Rotary/ Vortek Rotary/ Hailstorm for Galaxies and Liberators, chose between troop transport and heavy guns on Galaxy, removal of classes in favour of an inventory, (yes the very same inventory Planetside used), addition of equipment lockers, a shift-delete and remake of biolabs/techplants/amp stations, and a plethora more.

    I do think the game requires more disparity between the factions, and less balance in role vs role but obviously not in faction vs faction.

    But the game also suffers like all free to play games though. Its not so easy to justify adding/changing something that won't make money, I realise that. The curse of free to play is that silly often pointless items/addition appear in the games because you know... people will buy them.
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  14. Tacom

    It's interesting that you talk about this. Until now I'm still to know what this vision is (and I've asked).

  15. jollybadger

    Serious question: Do you sometimes log into a live server and just play for a while? What's your honest opinion on the balancing between different factions (especially regarding MBTs and the HA special weapons.

    Welcome to Planetside 2!
  16. Mianera

    Why, what's wrong with using the forums for that? I don't have twitter, it reminds me of those people on Facebook that update their timeline once every hour.

    Again, why! What the heck do you have these forums for then? Social player off-game interaction? Come on. Get off twitter, reddit, 4chan, tubegalore and whatnot and get on the forums and start communicating with your players and informing them accordingly on the Planetside 2 official forums. Not on several irrelevant webpages.

    Then get on the official Planetside 2 forums. No more unexpected random "Scheduled Maintenance" or leaving players in the dark.
    ... or wait, I'm sorry, should I go and register accounts on 10 different webpages in order to stay in the loop? Honestly? Ridiculous.

    Yeah, we're not off to a good start here.

    Okay , are you being payed to advertise for these sites? Or whats going on here. I play PS2 and the official PS2 forums is where I and any rational player goes if interested more about the game, development, downtime, roadmap, upcoming content, updates and whatnot. I WILL NOT MAKE A FRIKKEN TWITTER ACCOUNT and listen to people spam me with their irrelevant stuff about what a nice day it is or try and sell me more stuff or spam advertisement! Seriiously, what the hell.

    You and everyone else.
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  17. Halcyon

    Maybe you can encourage Smedley to post more in the forums.
    For the entire first year after PS2 opened it's doors, he didn't make a single forum post but posted plenty on 3rd party media websites.

    For a guy that advocated more community communication during beta, he sure didn't show any of it in PS2's infancy, which was a critical time for the development of the game.
  18. M4gn1

    Why does ps2 have a forum when they don't care about it? They use reddit to communicate. Why bother? Just make the announcements on the homepage and done.
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    It is extremely frustrating that so many important announcements and discussions about Planetside 2 are made in 3rd party environments. You've expressed here that you lack confidence in your own forum's usefullness. The big factor in this inertia--for some reason your predecessors have chosen to use 3rd party mediums for discussions and announcements. This has reinforced the value of those brands, and diminished the value of yours. I am shocked that a business would make these decisions. As a customer, it is extremely frustrating to have to deal with 3rd parties to communicate with a vendor. Did I mention that this is extremely frustrating?

    Oh, and please, get the stupid one liners out of the patch notes. Are you a business or a grad school project (with a failing grad student?)
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  20. gehzilla

    Thats real life. Nobody cares about anybody else!