problems with server or just my connection?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Eternaloptimist, Aug 29, 2022.

  1. Eternaloptimist

    On Miller - disconnection and then hits not registering. Anyone else?
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  2. TWRGxXFr4nzXx

    Cobad too
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  3. FLHuk

    It died then rebooted into some dystopian hell where most of it is bust.

    I like it!
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  4. aaaarrrr

    SolTech as well. I get disconnected on loading.:mad:
  5. GreyGun

    Same here on Cobalt - and quite regularily. After a couple of minutes of playtime the following could happen:

    - Exiting a vehicle not working (via Keyboard button)
    - Interacting with a console not working (via Keyboard button)
    - Redeploy not working (via Keyboard button)
    - Hits not registering

    Restarting the client fwill fix the problems until they resurface again.
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  6. MonnyMoony

    I haven't been able to play for most of the day on Cobalt. Had a bit of time on Hossin earlier - but then got stuck in cloak, couldn't depeloy nothing - eventually got a "server disconnected" error.

    I can launch the game and log in - however I can't do anything. Cant access terminals, redeploy, message nothing. Others who are in seem to be moving around and firing and I can fire weapons - but nothing else.

    Its been the same on Oshur and Amerish. I think the game is goosed.
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  7. Yaesu

    Emerald. Got to character select screen then dissed shortly after selection.
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  8. Novgdea

    Same for me, 5 min of playtime, kick off, start again, 5 min, kick,....
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  9. Langejongen

    I have this exact problem but on another server. Game launches, but after selecting character the client disconnects and closes. Very frustrating..
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  10. MaxxPaul

    Today I can't evens start the game - after the character selection screen (on Miller) I get disconnected with a funny dialog
    (button # # UI. OK)
    Yesterday on Miller I exited a sundy directly into hell (that is, underground and falling). I was on a road not on some crazy geometry rocks.
  11. GreyGun

    UPDATE Cobalt: Played just now for about 40 min - no problems anymore.