Problems that were problems and then turned out not to be problems and vice versa

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  1. Teegeeack

    When empire specific MAX abilities were about to be rolled out, I remember watching a video of a guy testing them in VR.
    He said, and I agreed, of all the abilities, the TR lockdown was the most deadly. He wasn't impressed with ZOE, but I watched lockdown shred ESFs in seconds, and I could only imagine the rage threads we'd get here.
    But it didn't work out that way, did it?

    Similarly, people were delighted when the harasser was released. But judging by this forum, I'd say the novelty has worn off at this point.

    Going further back, I remember the uproar when some guys were given free certs as a refund for buying items or something twice. Can't remember exactly what it was for, but boy did some people take umbrage at it.

    I predict that in a few months, the anger over the 150 metre limit for snipers will be all but forgotten.

    What else has happened that seemed like it would be more significant than it ultimately turned out to be? Or what things did we have great hopes for that turned out to be awful? I think it's worthwhile to reflect on the past year, because people here have such short memories - the rage never ceases, yet it seems rarely are things as bad as they first appear to be.
  2. Cirevam

    Well, the Fury nerf made the Marauder that much more appealing. I also had great hopes for the Ranger as a sort of mini-Skyguard but it turned out to be a single Burster in terms of power. On the upside, the Walker is really good now.

    The flak armor buff from near the beginning of the game seemed really significant, but little did we know that SOE ended up balancing explosions around everyone having nanoweave, so the flak armor buff was actually less significant overall.

    How about Flash rumble seats? I don't know... please fix the Flash :(
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