Pro-Tip: look the **** behind you, coordinate, and communicate

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  1. Gammit

    For the fifth time in two days, I've watched my empire (mostly NC on Emerald) roll a 15+ vehicle column (today, it was well over 25 on Easimir) up the road towards the next base. Five minutes later, it's obliterated because one to three enemy tanks work their way behind the column, sit IN THE OPEN, and just pick off the blue berries' vehicles one by one. No amount of yelling in chat or proximity about this seems to get more than a lightning and harasser valiantly moving against the enemy tanks.

    The attack is destroyed before it even began, people whine about the other team being OP or hacking, and about half the population goes to another hex. Just to do the same ******* thing again.

    In this game, you will lose if you don't coordinate. Start by reading chat, listening to voice, or just paying attention.

    And somebody else pull a ******* repair bus or medic for once.

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  2. Gundem

    Pro-TIP: Certing a rep bus will get you free certs, friends and *hookers for life.

    *Free hookers is subject to quantity of available hookers. Not applicable in all states. See your local stip-club for further details. Not valid in Maine, Utah or US Territories. Pro-TIP(TM) takes no responsibilities for contracted diseases, physical injury or emotional damages resulted from hookers. Please remember to use hookers responsibly.
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  3. Greiztoph

    On Connery TR seem to just want to farm and not actually do anything else so I just lone wolf and get **** done that needs to get done while yell and region chat fills with people raging at how dumb everyone is XD
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  4. PlanetBound

    Coordinating means squad play. "Hurry up and redeploy to (unintelligible). Come on get to (garbled) with Delta ! Everyone pull a max! Hurry you idiots. They are ghostcapping us at the BioLab. I need everyone in Charlie to pull a armor and the rest to jump in a galaxy, Go Go Go Go Go!!!!! Too late. You guys are all over the place."
  5. DCTH

    Blame those rail/tube-shooter damaged players who only know games with two uncapturable mainbases from where all the tanks come.
    A lot of people in PS2 do not grasp the importance and effectivness of flanking. Same goes for infantry combat ... especially in tower-fights: Almost no-one expects a LA jumping up the tower.
  6. SarahM

    Talking about awareness and especially lack of the same:

    I sometimes come across friendlies ignoring hacked terminals. If a terminal does not have your factions color, just destroy it. Prevents enemy infils from resupplying and enemy sunderers from popping up in your back.

    Even more silly was that one guy who repaired a terminal when an enemy infil called for repairs.