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  1. Spotlore

    Why do people get so pissed off at hearing a voice in the game?

    I'm not yelling. I'm not being offensive. I'm not on to loud. I just like to talk to people. I was talking to a guy today about zombies wile I was healing a group of NC taking a base from the TR.

    I was doing my job, doing it well. Then some guy literally yells about how he's been trying to get away from me and complains. I'm in an outfit last 2 or 3 days and in their Teamspeak channel they talk about how the game is better with ingame chat turned off.

    First off, How is a random (Mostly lone wolf type) going to tell the tank next to him that theres a Sunderer behind the building at point B so that he can go over there, kill it, and get pretty much free XP? Not to mention turn the battle in our favor.

    If that guy had his proxy chat off we could have lost that base.

    My question here is, what is the psychology behind people getting pissed off at other people talking to one another in the game? I thought people joined MMOs to play in a community. What is the deal here?

    Granted, I have run into some players that are to loud, obnoxious, or just down right trolling. In those cases I find it acceptable to mute them, but someone yelling at me for talking about how the TR tanks seem easier to hit from the air with a lib cuz they are fat tanks, to a buddy... Whats your problem?

    Is it that PC people are to used to games where non-voice chat is the only way to communicate, and they are not used to it? Really I am just guessing here.
  2. HadesR


    As for prox chat :

    A) I don't want to listen to some random person talk about random stuff like Zombies , or what music they like or what they had for lunch .. If I cared about the minuscule aspects of a strangers life I would be on Twitter.

    B) Hearing is a valuable sense in FPS .. Being able to hear the tell-tale noises of an Infi cloak for example .. Is much more important than prox chat ..
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  3. Spotlore

    That is your preference, but I'm not going to stand out in a firefight and type. Also, if you can hear a cloak behind the sounds of explosions, gunfire, vehicles, and people using the V key emotes, I'm sure you can hear it behind me talking about how getting the fully leveled medic gun is a good idea.
  4. Hoki

    I have all voice disabled cause its like skype, when someone talks it lowers the volume of everything else so that I can hear your extremely important conversation about buttes and donges.

    Disabled voice coms = no skype volume lowering.
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  5. Kwyjibo

    When I'm in the game, I don't particularly want to hear about something that doesn't have to do with the game. I don't care if people want to talk or play music at the warpgate or in an uncontested base, but when people are in a battle leave the proxy chat to those that have something important to say. I use it all the time to let everyone know that we are being camped by an LA, or that there is some impending danger coming. If people are forced to ignore the proxy chat because others want to use it for a casual conversation, then the message doesn't get to them.

    Bottom line, there are other people that don't want to hear a conversation between you and someone else. Surely you must have a grasp on that concept?
  6. Chivalry

    If you were talking for a while about zombies or other irrelevant chatter I'd mute you, or move away from you.

    I rely on hearing more than I do on the minimap, and it has saved me countless times to be able to hear cloaking, jetpacks, and other signs of life where I know my team isn't.

    Not only would your conversation be distracting on its own, but the fact that voice comms are active lowers the game audio for all other game sounds makes it worse than, say, explosions.

    You could always form a squad with that person and talk to your heart's content in private.
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  7. sustainedfire

    Hoki has your answer.
    When someone talks in proximity chat, every other game sound is muted in volume. It detracts from your situational awareness.

    And further, often people talking do not have clear voices and seem to mumble. How dare you try and make me strain to hear what youre saying in the middle of a battle?!!!!!

    Only on occasion, have I had players use proximity chat to good effect. I recall a few polite requests for ammo or repair, which I obliged- I may have not noticed them if they did not use Prox chat. And they were very clear and at a reasonable volume.
  8. NedNedley

    I like having in game VOIP on. The outfit I'm with always uses teamspeak but its handy to be able to talk to randoms. Engineers seem to drop ammo more often if I ask for them by name, proxy chat for the gunner in my tanks ect...

    Once or twice I've been annoyed by people playing music on prox but that's only because I didn't like the song/in the middle of a fight.

    Talking about zombies yes, playing Justin Bieber no.
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  9. MFP_TK_01

    prox chat lowers all in game sound so no, it is in fact harder to hear a cloaker.

    In any case, if somebody is doing something in VOIP that doesn't pertain to whats going on in the game, they just simply get a mute from me. So in your example, while you werre talking about zombies I would probably mute you. Later on if you come up to tell me about that Sunderer and I don't respond and we lose the base, then I guess it's a lesson learned to leave chit chat to 3rd party services or in Sundy trips to the next base.
  10. Spotlore

    Does anyone like Justin Bieber? Did anyone Ever like this guy?

    Also, thanks for the polite responses. They were not wasted.
  11. ShadowViper

    Mute the guy then?

    2 second fix
  12. HadesR

    Better fix is just not to have it on at all .. Don't have to worry about muting anyone then :)
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  13. ShadowViper

    I like they way you think, Cowboy. We can be friends.
  14. WyrdHarper

    You can lower ducking in your voice options. Personally, I like having it on, since you can do things like "frag out," "watch your back," "to your right" when you're working with a group. It's saved my life (and that of those around me) many times, and for me it doesn't really lower game sounds anymore.

    Have to agree with f0d below, though. Fortunately the radial menu has a mute option for the annoying people.
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  15. f0d

    i want to hear my surroundings not some person talking about silly stuff
    i want to hear the footsteps of my enemys, the direction where the people are shooting from, the max footsteps, the infil cloak and decloak noises
    its the same reason i dont play music while playing and i cant understand why people would want to override ingame sounds

    i want to hear only the game basically and not anything else unless its ABSOLUTELY necessary
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  16. Luighseach

    Next time they tell you to shut it or shut up tell them to press the minus key on the number pad when you start talking. It mutes the person talking. Plus key turns their volume up.

    As a infamous person on Jaeger once said, "This is my game and I will play it how I want too." - Holycommander
  17. HLM

    Also it very much depends on how high pitched your voice is. No one wants to hear a squeeker, no matter how important they think whatever they have to say is.

    But if that's not the case, other posters above have already summed it up well enough.

    Pretty sure us PC People have been using voice comms in games long before consoles even had the capability.. Mic support has pretty much been a standard for a long time.
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  18. Admiralty

    Theres a setting ingame which changes the amount that proxy chat lowers your ingame sounds, all the way from zero change to full a full mute of ingame sounds while someone is talking.
  19. f0d

    dont get me wrong - i use mumble with my outfit, so i have nothing against VOIP communications
    but the in game voip is just to chaotic and takes too much effort and time muting the useless chatterers

    if people used ingame voip correctly (by not talking about zombies and stuff) i would probably leave it on and even use it myself

    but because 50% of all chat in ingame voip is useless to me and i find myself muting just about everyone then having to remute them when they go out of range and back in again then remuting them again when they again go out of range and back in range again constantly its just not worth the effort of having it on overriding the ingame sounds (even with ducking completely off ingame voip interrupts ingame sounds)

    it is the people like the OP that has made me turn off ingame voip because i dont want to hear that type of stuff

    actually "pc people" have been using voice communication far longer than the consoles, we were using voip before consoles could even connect to the net
    maybe thats why we can show a modicum of restraint when using it
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  20. Roland2TowerCame

    I usually enjoy proximity chat, if I don't it's usually because someone's voice is terrible.