Prices went gone up

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  1. DreamlessLiberty

    I know gas and everything has gone up and there's inflation but 100 credits for a flash!? There should at least be public transportation. All this running half a mile to shoot 3 people isn't all that fun. 25 certs for a flash with no attachments. That sounds fair to me. I go spawn a sunderer and it gets rocket podded because there are greedy pilots everywhere now. How am I supposed to go kill people if I can't get anywhere! Hitting redeploy 5 times to get somewhere near somewhere so I can get eventually get somewhere and own three people then did and go allllllllllllllllll the way back to where I was again what! I`m not even going to bother putting decent English in this post that's how cheap this is getting. What`s the point of a game with one kilometer between spawns and no ways to get anywhere unless you milk 10 kills out of your vehicle. -5 dkp for lousy transportation grid.
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  2. Mambakiller

    Yes man we have crysis in game now also, not only irl.
    I am good player, not best but above normal non the less, kil a lot, i get bases etc, but i dont use boost
    I have a hard time purchasing my c4 now, and my healing things, tanks etc.
    I used flash just to get from a to b , but now i just camp at vehicle pad and jump in others vehicles.
    I dont like this politics they are doing
  3. DreamlessLiberty

    Seriously though there isn`t going to be any game left because there is no way to get anywhere at a cost that is fair and just. How is one main battle tank worth 4 atvs. Why is there a kilometer in between bases. I can`t kill people right now cause I can`t get where I need to go. And why does instant action either deploy me two hexes inside my territory or two hexes inside the enemy territory.