Price of Cosmetics

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  1. Phaze

    Just my opinion...

    I think they are way too high. I say this as someone that has probably plunked down over $150 on boosts... weapons.. and membership...

    I'd like to dress my characters up - but I feel like for $10, or so... I should get a whole bunch of options... not A helmet and A camo.

    Also - the whole single use camo vs. the unlocked camo.... leaves a bad taste in my mouth. It feels cheap... like a restaurant that charges for water (and yes, I know this is perfectly normal in Europe).
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  2. Nocturnal7x

    Yea, the cost being high is relative. For me the price is high, so I got 3x SC. Having bought SC during the sale made the prices reasonable to me based on my income (student) and how much enjoyment I get out of the game.

    SO IMO, if the prices are high, just wait for a SC sale to lessen the sting.

    oh also check the sale item every day, some great deals :D
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  3. siiix

    this is the cheapest free2play game i know of
    especially with the 2x and 3x sales... in other games maybe you get 25% if your lucky 50% extra on sale days

    i know a guy in battlefield heroes who spent $6000... this here is small potatoes

    i have still 4000sc sitting in my account for over a month now and have no idea what i could possibly spend it on i really need or want
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  4. Marked4Death

    Cosmetics are supposed to be the high price items. If they were cheap, guns would cost more and make the game more pay2win
  5. St0mpy

    I hate it, SOE lipstick is so expensive!