[Suggestion] Pretty cool idea i saw on reddit

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by miraculousmouse, Aug 18, 2014.

  1. miraculousmouse

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  2. AdmiralArcher

    as long as this means we get real JUMP jets, and the jump jets we have now get renamed to tactical jet pack or something
  3. Lection

  4. Celenor

    I don't know about switching them on the fly, but how about giving Light Assault a meaningful amount of fuel and acceleration that would let them perform their role? I would say at least 35% more fuel, and 15% more acceleration and/or top speed.
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  5. SeanFree

    On top of this, they should revert the numerous nerfs to jetpacks and gunplay while flying, especially since they were all uncalled for.
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  6. Archiadus

    Instead of being able to switch between both of them I'd rather have the ability to switch between normal and "Turbo mode".

    "Turbo mode" would increase the speed by 110% , increase the fuel drain rate by 60% and the engine will be a lot louder, it'd be useful for making quick escapes / getting up on high places faster.

    You'd go up nearly as fast as the player in the trailer :D
  7. Celenor

    Speaking of the trailer, it showed light assaults getting on galaxies. Light Assault is so weak, that even a galaxy flying very near to the ground can't be reached. It takes extreme overconfidence or stupidity for a galaxy to fly to where a light assault could reach it. Heck, you can't even climb trees in hossin very well due to low fuel.

    So buff jump jets, and also, make it so if you plop 2 C4 on a galaxy (or even more difficult, liberator)'s windshield, the pilot can be killed.
  8. andy_m


    I know, let's charge you 450 Nanites for the privilege :D
  9. Iridar51

    This old idea again =\ No switching modes please. Using the jet pack should be fast, natural and intuitive, not having sex with excel spreadsheet.
    Jet packs need to be faster and more responsive overall, though.
  10. KnightCole

    Yes, if a LA can change his jet pack anytime, let tanks switch guns at any time..or aircraft their loadout at anytime.

    Or an HA his shield on the fly.
  11. Demigan

    You don't know how to play LA if you say that. You can climb just about anything with current maxed jumpjets. It was the first thing I maxed in the game, back when the jumpjets still had problems with adding extra fuel at each level, even then they were incredibly good.
  12. Irathi

    My opinion is that the jump jets are just fine.
  13. MonnyMoony

    Wow - that Planetside 2 trailer from the first link is awesome...........ly misleading :D
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  14. Makora

    As someone who has a rather... acute dislike for LA's. I don't see this as fair. An engineer can't switch between their turrets on the whim(Though "Ammo to the face!" is a bit funny, if not annoying). A heavy can't cycle his shield types to match the fight. Why should the LA be able to do this?

    Also, there was a Jump Jet. Basically used all your fuel and launched you to the top of a tower. Icarus I think it was called and it had hit-reg issues. Plus I don't think it's versatile enough to really be considered as a valid alternative to the standard or hover.

    But, alternatives. Instead of allowing the LA to switch between the two main versions. How about a "blast" ability? The common line is that both the hover and standard have this. But it becomes active at rank 2. it needs 100% fuel to activate. At max rank it needs 50% fuel to activate. So you have utility. The effect will also be noticeable but not massive. Since the jet fuel regens fast enough at MAX rank for repeated use. Possible alternative to nerfed effect is an added pause timer to fuel regeneration start on use.

    Standard: Jump. On activation launches the player into the air. The player will be unable to fire weapons (included utility items) during the path up.
    Hover: Slam. On activation, the player's jets let out a massive blast. Dealing AoE damage to all soft targets in close proximity to the player. Two additional points that need to be addressed: Is this a "drop attack" Meaning you hover over a target, press button and you launch for the ground. Or it can be activated on the ground and as a way to instantly break falls. So if activated on a proper moment, you can break your fall AND deal damage to enemy soft targets. Yield wise I wouldn't go much over a hand grenade.

    This is simply something that can be activated and requires you to have all or half of your fuel to do so.
  15. KAHR-Alpha

    Make LAs valuable to a squad, give them rumble seats!
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  16. Murx

    Bah, give them a pair of powerskips or a Trampoline. That good enough for Le´s o_O