Preset Loadouts: Light Assault

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  1. Sock

    I'm glad I finally got a reasonable response here, I'm blown away that so many people think drifters are good.
  2. cruczi

    Obviously, you don't want to do it if you know enemies are going to see you :rolleyes:. It still contradicts what was said: "You have to jump off of a higher point than your destination for them to be useful.". If you can climb onto a rooftop with them, then no, you don't.

    Still contradicts what was said...

    Still contradicts...

    Hip firing in the air can is fine if the enemy is at very close range.

    I've already won several gun fights this way and only played a few times as drifter LA. Yes, I'm not an experienced drifter jet user, but I pick it up fast ;)
  3. TheBlindFreak

    You're complaining that you get a rank of drifters for free and get a free loadout slot with it already equipped to test it out at the beginning of the game?

    I guess people will complain about anything. And drifters aren't bad by any means. Just situational. Using them with grav lifts, jump pads or bailing from aircrafts can get you a nice tactical advantage. But for you to make the most out of them for general purpose, you'll need to learn how to "climb" various structures and terrain without jumpjets. With grav lifts, holding spacebar will accelerate you upward while in the lift and can launch you significantly higher than the lift actually goes. That can be very helpful when using drifters.

    You know what, I'll actually start using my drifters more since people seem intent on knocking it.
  4. jak

    I'm going off the assumption you read his post, which is dangerous...but... he's saying it's a horrible choice to start newer players off with. Why would you give them something that most experienced players (that I know) don't use because they're, as you said, "just situational"?
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  5. Sock

    Everything you just listed could be done with standard jets. The primary use for drifters is C4ing oblivious vehicles, and I'm pretty sure most BR1s don't have two ranks of C4 unlocked.
  6. Puupertti Ruma

    The premise of this thread is totally false.

    Noobs will actually get two loadouts, not just the one that we the older players got for free. First one is the standard old one with the jump jets and carbine. Now they get one more loadout for free, instead of waiting to the BR 5 IIRC, AND they get stuff for free. The fact that one of the free stuff is hard to use, will not make it bad, because they still have the jump jets.
  7. Sock

    And any new player is going to look at the loadout and assume it's a viable way to play, give it a shot, and get frustrated because its absolutely awful. This thread is about player retention and the new player experience, I couldn't care less about them getting things for free.
  8. Corporate Thug

    Hedgehog hater.
  9. Ender

    World's best dad can't hack it IMO. You will never know the true power of drifters!

    Wait, actually... a new player won't have C4. ****. Well.... they're still useful for placing beacons @ Snake Ravine by using Allatum's jump pad...err, they probably won't have a beacon either huh. REGARDLESS OF THESE TRIVIAL FACTS, I full endorse giving drifters to new players, and you should too. Why? Because you'll get to shoot them in the head for free while they spend days trying to figure why they were given these awesome powers of.... gliding supremacy!
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  10. Sock

    DasAnfall fully supports Ledgehogs

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  11. LibertyRevolution

    Drifters are only good for 2 things, jumping out of aircraft, and to drift to a far off sunderer to take it out.
    Both of these are a style of long range engagement, so why they pair it with a shotgun under a CQC loudout is beyond me.
  12. Luighseach

    For new players I would say that yes having drifters wasn't the best move.

    However Drifters do have a good use. You can still get into high areas and use them to rock climb once you learn how to use them. They are good for bailing purposes.

    They are best used with jump pads. You can use drifters(unless they changed this) to slingshot around bases like amp stations and even use the drifters to fly from amp station to its satellites.

    Drifters usually make it easier to C4 tanks if you come from an altitude since you can take a bit longer time to make sure you hit the tank. I've even seen good Drifter usage in Towers to C4 maxes and with use of elevators I've seen Drifter Light assaults wreck infantry in those towers.

    It is all about how you use them.
  13. jak

    You can do most of this this regular jumpjets. I guess most people haven't figured out that you can stop moving on most cliff faces and you won't fall, giving you time to recharge your jets.

    Your last point is kind of a counter to really stupid vehicle drivers and unaware infantry players. Any driver worth a damn won't be in an area where you have easy access to his vehicle, so you have to float through the sky to get to him. While floating (slowly) towards him, you present an impressively easy target for troops and vehicles to shoot at. Drifters are cert pinatas, in my view.

    The problem with using drifters in a tower is you're essentially restricted to two levels - the elevator level and the top level. You have to navigate through two very harsh chokepoints to get to those levels when attacking. When defending, it's a bit more valid of a point, but refer to my last point about you being a slowly moving cert pinata.

    Drifters aren't useless, but they aren't something that would do anything but frustrate a new player, especially with it being billed as a CQC deal and combined with a shotgun. Now, if Hossin were ever to come out with all the trees, we might have some really, REALLY cool uses for drifters...but...
  14. TheBlindFreak

    A full tank of standard jump jets won't get you nearly as far as drifters will. And you don't move all that fast in the horozontal direction. Yes, you can still use grav lifts and jump pads in conjunction with jump jets, but not in the same way, or as effectively as drifters. With grav lifts, you can get a little higher but you are limited in horozontal distance from the lift. With jump pads, you are pretty limited in the arc that you can slingshot (not sure what the term is). Drifter jets offer more distance per fuel consumption. So no. Jump jets don't do everything that drifters can do.

    That said, I wouldn't consider drifters for general use. But it has it's uses and it's pretty amusing to use sometimes.

    Back to the point I was making that you so expertly ignored: Why the hell are you complaining about a free loadout slot and a free rank in something? Don't like it? Don't use it and do what you like with the loadout slot.

    A more valid complaint would be that you had your existing loadouts nice and organized and this messed it all up.
  15. TheBlindFreak

    Am I missing something? They didn't remove jumpjets as a default unlock, did they? I could understand the complaint if newbies were suddenly kitted with drifter jets from the start. But from what I saw, you start with both, jumps on the first loadout and drifters on the second.
  16. Posse

    Especially when the situation where default jumpjets shine the most is precisely in a tower attack
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  17. jak

    I think the major issue is the devs are giving new players a loadout that most experienced LAs find extremely situational. It's going to be frustrating for them. When you put default loadouts as suggestions, there's the assertion that they're actually really viable.
  18. Sock

    I'm complaining about it because a new player is going to assume shotgun + drifters is a viable loadout since the devs gave it to them as a preset. Reasonable assumption yes? The reality though, is that it's a terrible setup, and it'll just put new players further behind in a game that already has a very steep learning curve.
  19. Unclematos7

    You guys also forget to mention this: LA is also the default class.:eek:
  20. Luighseach

    The reasons you stated are why I don't prefer them and don't use them. Honestly I used them more for bailing then anything but I usually fly with Engineer since I prefer stealth over autorepair(I fly low and try to avoid being noticed).

    I just wanted to share that they are not useless. The other jump jets are better but Drifters have
    their niche here and there like slingshotting with jump pads.