Premium Membership Devaluation

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  1. Adept

    Agreed. There should be a member only area in the Forums for voting from a SOE selected bunch in advance.
    It almost looks like they want you more to log on daily to check the item for sale then actually spend SC - and thus have them the SC pool refilled.
  2. HooWoo

    Only reason for heroic and auraxium sub is to see 200xp per kill. It's gloorious!!
  3. f0d

    the excitement doesnt last long
    besides thats nothing compared to hyper boost + membership + double xp weekend
  4. siddar

    Never buy anything for SC if its not on sale are in a bundle with at least close to a 50% discount.

    Never buy SC unless its on sale.

    Everything purchasable in game does seem to eventually come up for sale on about a two month cycle. You just have to wait. If you must have the newest latest item that just went into shop then you just need to live with the fact that you will pay more for the adavantage of having it now instead of later.
  5. Kaale

    I'm on Paypal renewal, the only the Pro7 can get right over SOE.
    I have 3 days then I will cancel and switch to 1 month to hold Araxium until Hossin Launches and see what the queue is like (or I get bored and can cancel with 1 months notice).
  6. Irathi

    Hell, I've made a char on each faction and log on to claim those certs.

    It is just a nuisance, but I do it cos otherwise the cert would be lost.

    Totally agree with OP on just about everything. Especially resource/timer in spawn.

    So many times have I figured I'd wait those 20 seconds so I could pull a new mag, but darn it I happened to stand in the spawn.
  7. =ADK= CanNerZ

    Very well put.
  8. St NickelStew

    If they are, indeed, planning to revamp the resource system in another month or so, and bonus resource gain ("Starts at 25% and increases by 5% per month up to a total bonus of 50% at 6+ months of sustained membership") is currently one of the better benefits of a membership, what are they going to do to make a membership worthwhile (and to prevent those who have purchased a membership from feeling deceived)?
  9. biterwylie

    The passive cert gain is pathetic. As a grown man I hate having to pop over to my moms house every morning as my place is being renovated. Utterly stupid and about as far away from passive as you can imagine.

    Calling it passive is straight up Bollocks!
  10. Blazini

    I agree and when I saw the premium access items were 1000SC i def told myself im done lol wtf is the point were are the real benefits ... there are no ques anymore with the game pop being so low ...what am I saving really 500 SC a month come on man ...
  11. Comet

    I wonder why the population is so low...

    When a "Free to play" game becomes more expensive than a $60 purchase + a $15/month subscription by a LONG shot, I lose interest in the company and take my business elsewhere.

    Sad part of all this is, you can tell a company several times you're unhappy and then they sit there scratching tei heads trying to figure out how they could bring back players or retain current, paying ones. The answer is so obvious yet they seem to miss the mark completely.

    As more time goes on, the less people there are to play with in the game and the population drop with just plummet until all you're left with is very dedicated outfits.
  12. Roll Fizzlebeef


    The one reason why I considered getting a membership was for the free 500 SC. I was excited to get a monthly 500 SC after I read up on the Loyal Soldier bundle.

    But when I talked to the other memebers, I immediately decided to just go on as F2P.
  13. Kitakami

    I cancelled my subscription recently.

    I'm a European player, i.e., 2nd Class Citizen of Auraxis. My account is managed by ProSiebanSat, not SOE.

    I have Auraxium membership, but often I can't even log in to the EU servers during peak time without a 4-9 min wait, so queue jumping is redudant. ProSieban always have an excuse, but I'm literally not buying it.

    If there's one thing a game must do, it's allow you to play it.

    Regarding the benefits that membership does give you.

    Certs are nigh on redundant. Cert into something useful, it'll be nerfed or changed completely anyway. And this translates to the 500 SC. Not only may you not get it anyway, depending on how you paid, but buying anything is equally redudant for the same reason given above. Member's sale. Same.

    Cosmetics? OK. Well multiple camos are redundant because it takes too long to select them. Decals are redundant because you often can't actually see them if you have armour. Some vehicle accessories are even redudant because you can't select them all at the same time. And finally, it might be said that most cosmetics are redundant simple because they look terrible. Genuinely amateurish.

    The resource gain is redundant because now you're either accumulating resources or you're not, and a percentage boost to 0 is still 0.

    There's a reoccuring theme here. REDUNDANT.

    I still log in daily (if able) to get the 48 certs on each of my characters, but that's stubborness. I won't feel the need after my membership's expired and good riddance, I say.

    This game is only worth playing as free to play, I'm certain of that.
  14. Nariquo

    how would it be if you invite random players to friday ops and let them ask what they want.
    THEN YOU WOULD have to answer IMPORTANT QUESTIONS. and well you are TOO AFRAID OF THAT because then ps2 wouldnt be so BALANCED anymore.
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  15. biterwylie

    That sums things up pretty well.

    Add in VR area, also redundant. Since your testing to find the superior weapon to buy, is just testing which weapon they will nerf next.
  16. Kaale

    Cancelled, F2P unless they make it worth Subscribing again.
  17. BoBlackson34

    I've been a member since beta, and I only get 500SC every 3 months when I re-subscribe. So this 500SC a month isn't a fact unless you go a full year which is BS.
  18. AssaultPig

    I have never seen the appeal of the subscriber program. Even assuming you actually get your 500sc/mo. (apparently not a certainty, which is nutso to me), you're still paying the equivalent of $10/mo. for bonuses that aren't really incredibly worthwhile. My two characters aren't particularly high level (BR64 and BR48), but they've both pretty much unlocked the stuff that's important for 2-3 classes and for driving the vehicles I want to drive. So now I just enjoy the game and use my slowly-accumulating certs to dabble in things that seem interesting.

    I've spent in the area of fifty dollars on PS2, mostly during double or triple SC sales. I haven't done all the math on it, but I definitely feel like I've gotten more value than if I'd just used that fifty bucks to buy a subscription. Plus you get whatever you're unlocking right up front, rather than having to grind for it (even if it's an easier grind.)
  19. Samutus

    This needs to be fixed.
  20. Jakey

    Just cancelled my year sub (due to renewal tomorrow).

    I had hoped that they would integrate some changes since this thread was opened back in July and make it worth the monies.

    Unfortunately all the points valid in July are still valid now.

    Good luck SOE, you won't get a penny more from me until you listen to your paying subscribers ;)