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  1. applepienation

    Speaking as someone who has played beta but hasn't yet gotten a membership, I know I would buy at least a 6 month, if not 1 year subscription if it was more appealing and worth the money.
  2. f0d

    finally cancelled my membership today
    its just not worth it anymore

    Cancel Membership?

    Are you sure you want to cancel your Membership?

    If you select "Yes", your Membership will be cancelled at the end of your current Membership cycle (when you would normally be charged next).
    You will also immediately forfeit any remaining monthly Station Cash amounts you would normally receive between now and the end of your current Membership cycle
    they can keep the SC

    imo ps2 has devolved since release and its becoming less and less fun after each patch
    sure they add fancy new camos and more guns but the core of the game is becoming less fun

    the membership is becoming more worthless as time goes on (never use queue priority anymore, upcoming resource changes etc etc)

    they really should have made planetside next (like they were going to originally- a remake of ps1) instead of trying to reinvent the wheel with ps2
  3. FrontTowardEnemy

  4. FrontTowardEnemy

    The worst of it is that the people that they should really be focused on retaining: the BR100 guys (my highest character is around BR 58 btw) have little to no incentive to subscribe. They already have tons of certs, all their stuff maxed out etc. SOE needs to understand that market and cater to the long term development and retention of higher level players if they want to see their subscription base grow over the long term.
  5. Nariquo

    i will chancle my one year membership in 9 days two, because then my alpha boost is ending.
    and really why should i pay SOE for not handling the wors problems like POP ISSUE.
    dear SOE if you start fixing your game you maybe get money again
  6. teks

    Thought it was a whine post, but theres a lot of solid points.

    I'm paying a lot for membership, and the only real thing I care about is 500 SC a month, and double resources.

    I wondered about my XP bonus, since alerts gave me a paltry 5-20%. I feel pretty ripped off now that I know this...
  7. Pat Cleburne

    My 6 month sub expires 9/23. Something serious better change with this game before my renewal comes around.
  8. Nariquo

    well on my sever woodman nc you dont need membership
    just fight on the alerts on esmir or amerish. everytime we get 50 % or 70 % more xp because of underpopulated.
    so why should we pay for it. we get it for free.
    and after the recource remap recource boost is sencless.
    why should i care about the 500 sc per month? the prices in the store are redicolous. 1000 Sc FOR A CAMO??? a helmet??? really no.
    i m level 100 i have quite all what i want certed.
    soe isnt listening to the real important problems so why should we, we the people who really tried to support them with montly payment.
  9. Neckaru

    Thumbs up for City of Heroes mention. May the great pantheons rest its soul.

    Anyway. We're getting all this from the subscriber perspective. As somebody who hasn't subscribed for a day, I don't see the big deal. I don't have one of those perks that anybody here currently gets.

    That being said, I have not ever subscribed because of the lackluster bonuses OP described. SC purchases, on the other hand....
  10. Comet

    I actually wrote a complaint to SOE customer service about the poor value a membership offers.

    IMO, if I am paying $15/month, once I also spend $60 that I would have spent on a game that wasn't free to play, I should be getting as much content as I would had I purchased the game.

    This just isn't the case and I'll be cancelling my subscription shortly as well. Items are WAY over priced, early access is a joke. Why would anyone spend over $30 worth of SC to purchase the new black scale camo that is out for their armor, gun and vehicles? What a rip-off.

    At the start, Smedly said they would be focusing on more transactions of a smaller dollar value revolving primarily around cosmetic items. That is completely false. One example is how cert unlocks only stay on your character but if you spend cash on something universal, you'll get it if you swap factions.

    Another thing that irks the crap out of me is how I have to recert every universal weapon/class/vehicle if I play on a different faction. As a subscriber, I expect to have access to those universal certs/weapons at the very least. I spent several months certing out my Liberator only to discover those certs I earned are not available to me if I ever decide to switch factions. Why am I paying $15 a month again?

    Offer us some actual value for the membership please SOE.
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  11. Bhudda V1

    what i am saying is very unlikely that every continent is full for the over popped faction, but getting into the nitty gritty how over popped is over popped for the system to kick in and you also have to think about at night where some faction populations drop's by significant amount's and maybe only 1 only drop somewhat say 20 % while the under popped drop's 50+%, does the system even kick in at night?

    you also have to factor in that if they do this then soe is turning away willing player's from playing the game and a possibility of buying thing's in the depot which any reasonable company would never do unless they can't provide the services (server's being at maximum capacity)

    i feel this is a far bigger issue with multiple point's and based on your reason's stated i feel that your not looking at this issue at every angle you can.
  12. Nariquo

    well i think the only way the think about is that we just stop paying them.
    sorry to say that but that company just dont deserve it anymore. they will change their behaviour when we stop paying them thats for sure.
    and till then no money for stupid descision little SOE
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  13. deggy

    The bottom line for me is this:

    Regardless of whether we have a right to be unhappy, WE ARE. And that's a problem SOE needs to fix. They need happy customers.

    I barely play EVE anymore, but they still get my monthly dues. Why? It doesn't feel like they're trying to drive me away. Those devs are transparent. They tell me things. The nature of EVE is a lot different, too, but Planetside 2 could easily have the same level of developer interaction.

    SOE: You guys need to respond to these threads. Forget all the nerf threads. This is the one you need to respond to. This is the one that will lose you customers. The longer you go without addressing our concerns the worse we feel about you as a company. We feel like you don't care about us, and we're paying customers.

    Fix that.
  14. Nariquo

    well the only thing how they answer us is in firday night ops were a sorry really sorry stupid youtuber stream women tell us HOW GREAT THE GAME IS.
    how GREAT everything is balanced and nice is.
    every player who is invited into friday nights ops tell us the same. NO ONE is talking about real problems in that stream NO ONE.
    everything is alright there.
    and very often that is just a punch into the face.
  15. f0d

    one really devious thing they do (but i already knew about) is they dont give you the monthly SC you may still be owed (if you have remaining membership time) if you cancel your payment renewals which is really REALLY wrong imo

    Hello f0d,
    This email is to confirm your recent Membership cancellation.
    As a result of this cancellation, your access to exclusive Members Only content will be removed after the end of your Membership cycle. In addition, and with immediate effect, you will no longer receive SC500 per month (granted for remaining on an auto-renew plan).
    But you don't have to leave the game completely! Your Station Account remains active, so you can continue your online adventures with uninterrupted access to free content!
    If you miss the great Members Only quests, items, or your other characters, you can always renew your membership or purchase additional items with Station Cash.
    If you have any questions or need more help, please contact Customer Service for assistance.

    thats like electronic arts dodgy
    imo its one of the shiftiest things i have ever seen in the game industry
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  16. Tow2Bravo

    A+ to this post. I'm not saying I don't enjoy the game, or I'll quit if something isn't changed. It's simply becoming not worth a monthly sub. I bought a MAX (full price) helm yesterday. The next day the exact some one was on half price. I understand its a roll of the dice, but how about at least letting members pick one item a day instead of waiting on the random to produce what you want.

    Either way you're getting money. After this month I'm holding my re-occuring sub until it becomes worth it again. The helm thing really irritated me. Not really a big deal, just irritating.
  17. Goretzu

    I've rarely agreed with anything more.

    SOE lose a lot more than they could ever possibly gain with this silly arrangement.
  18. Goretzu

    It's totally counter productive too.

    It's not like people won't quit because of that, but most certainly people won't sign up because of it - so overall they must be losing cash because of this.

    Every other MMO subscription I've ever had (even EA ones :eek: ) has given you want you paid for, whether your card was still open or not.
  19. Kaale

    Go on holiday and lose 500 Certs because you can't log in that's not passive cert gain, as mentioned this is so SOE can keep active member numbers up (for 15 seconds a day).
    My membership is due for Renewal in a month and I don't see a reason to renew. I don't have everything Certed yet but I have enough and no real Queues anymore. I will buy some SC if I need it and gain XP a little slower.
  20. LowTechKiller

    If that's what you're going to do, make sure to log into your SOE account and delete your credit card. Otherwise it'll renew automatically.