Premium Membership Devaluation

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Astealoth, Jul 28, 2013.

  1. NinjaTurtle

    Yep agree on everything
  2. Pat Cleburne

    My Auraxium membership expires in Sept and as it stands I'm canceling. I stopped buying SC a couple of months ago.

    At this point I'm just looking for a better game to move on to.
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  3. llPendragon

    Cancelled my Auraxium membership.
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  4. siddar

    Biggest perk of a subscription is extra character slots.

    Log them all in everyday for passive 48 certs. After 15-20 days buy weapons with saved certs. NS weapons will go cross faction. Faction weapons will be there for other characters on that faction. Basically with a bit a patience you will get every weapon you want for your main for free.
  5. Sgtjoeyk

    well said, read every word of it. I agree with you issues and suggestions. I hope it gets noticed and addressed in some way or another. If they want more money they should give players a better reason to spend it.
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  6. illgot

    buying weapons with certs only applies to that character.
  7. siddar

    So your saying SC and Cert purchases are different?

    Certs are character only?

    SC are account wide?
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  8. PWGuy93

    Yes, Station Cash apply to any character on that account.
    Certs are gained and applied only to that character, it can be any class or vehicle on that character.
  9. Bhudda V1

  10. MoonDawg


    Emphasis on passive certs and the dodgy 500sc for recurring plans only..
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  11. DaddyVinoBambini

    I believe that members should get access to all of the weapons, they can keep the cosmetics as is(but still provide the 500 monthly so members can treat themselves to a little cosmetic customization monthly, for being a member).

    If/When membership is cancelled; weapons lock, if they are unlocked later then they retain any add ons previously unlocked (assuming same character).

    Passive cert needs to be weekly, not 24 hours. That's a bit excessive, they are already receiving monthly fees from us. Just make it the same stipulation as station cash, weekly passive with reoccuring membership, 24 hour for F2P/pre-paid.

    What I started thinking about that sort of annoyed me was how every other MMO with a F2P/SUB option typically grants all non cosmetic game features/functionality to their subscribers and nickle and dimes the F2P'ers.

    I do enjoy the game, but all I really play is one class. I have everything unlocked so cert gain isn't too impotant anymore, nor is member sales or monthly station cash, frankly.

    I've been thinking about cancelling mine since I rarely see a queue pop (if I do, non member is quite low) and the exp boost really isn't that appealing anymore.

    If nothing substantial gets changed I'll likely cancel as well. Don't get me wrong, I like the game, but they have really got add some legitimate benefits to being a member.
    Maybe add membership tiers, adjust pricing, premium tier has access to weapons, standard is similar to current perks?
  12. ent|ty

    Some of us are still angry because we read 'passive', as the meaning we know it is. But apparently we found out after subbing that we would have to log in each day and 'actively' collect our 'passive cert gain'.

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  13. illgot

    Sony has some of the deceptive marketing when it comes to their online games.
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  14. zedfonsie

    I want to be a member but because you have to build up membership to get 50% exp boost then I don't see a reason to get it over a heroic boost when they come around. Members need more features like a free camo per month or a free gun of your choice per month instead of the B.S things offered right now.
  15. Jakey

    You know when you're angry about something and then you argue about it for so long that eventually you just don't really care?

    That's how I feel about my current subscription. It will run out, and I won't renew. I haven't bought SC for months, and I won't purchase any again. Simple as :)

    I love the game and will continue to play, but I feel miss-treated as a paying customer, so they don't get my wallet. The funny thing is, I'm VERY happy to spend monies, but I won't because (as a customer) I don't feel valued. It's gone on for so long now, a gradual de-valuation over months and months, that it will take a similar amount of time before I think about spending anything again. Trust is earned, and SOE's got a lot of bridge building to do.

    There's a Mega-Thread somewhere around here regarding the "passive" cert issue and its shady advertisement. It went on for well over a month, and had zero response from SOE. Many people complained, but they changed nothing. Why? Because they don't care.

    That's like this thread. There's a lot of unhappy customers, but it will be ignored because SOE doesn't care.

    This is simply how SOE's business model works, instead of capturing and keeping customers loyal, they hemorrhage customers and entice new ones. The world's a big place, and that's why this works and generates cash in the short term. It's unsustainable in the long run however and shines a negative light on the company, which hurts the brand.

    Businesses are built one customer at a time. This thread is testament to the fact that something's going very wrong.
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  16. Matlock0

    Now that I think about it, I don't really see a reason to renew my membership after it runs out.

    I'm already BR100, I got all the upgrades I really need (unless it's using 1000 certs to buff reload speed by like 2%) and all the premium sales seem to be weapons that I have had for months and months. Don't really need to boost for anything either. There hasn't been anything worth buying with SC for a long time once you get the "essential" stuff.

    They need to make it appealing for the high ranking members to renew otherwise they will be eventually screwed. I am intending on saving up some money, so probably PS2 sub has to go since it's not like I need it for anything other than gaining a bit more certs and getting 500 SC that I don't really use either :p.

    And no, premium early access to some gold plated flash customizations won't fix the problem SOE.
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  17. Pat Cleburne

    Well put
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  18. Astealoth

    Having a queue for an overpopped faction wouldn't make it impossible to log in, it would just make you have to sit in a queue to gain the advantage of playing for the winning team. It would also add a function to the subscriber queue priority, as it is now there is no use for this. And it wouldn't be even remotely difficult to tune the system to always have a continent for the overpopped faction to go to once they log in. Just send them to the continent with the least population of their faction.
  19. St NickelStew

    It is certainly discouraging reading this. However, I would wager [or at least hope] that threads like this are being read and reacted to, even though they may not be publicly commenting on it. I mean, the devs only get paid if folks like us are paying for content. Lots of customers paying the "subscription" is the most steady form of revenue they can hope for.

    I have a PS4 preordered specifically to play PS2. I am looking forward to no other game as much as to PS2. While PlanetSide has a long history on the PC, this is a rare opportunity to be early in to what *should* be a tremendous console title. I anticipate subcribing, etc., but I hope the business model isn't so mucked up by the time it hits the PS4 that no one will be around to play with/against. That, and I hope it isn't too difficult to spend a fair amount of meaningful time in vehicles.

    Only time will tell, I suppose.
  20. deggy

    This may have been posted already, but you can change your payment method to a debit card and make sure there isn't enough on the card to cover the purchase. It's not against any rules, the transaction won't go through and you won't get your next membership month. But you'll get your SC.

    I'll be cancelling when my Loyal Soldier package runs out. The XP boost is nice, but it's not worth the costs.

    SOE, you're going to start hemorrhaging subscribers soon. DO SOMETHING.