Premium Membership Devaluation

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  1. Astealoth

    It seems every GU the value in being a premium member goes down. SOE should really do something to keep being a member appealing. You charge a lot, as much as any of the high production value MMOs. I would recommend lowering the price or fixing some of the major issues that have evolved. Be prepared for a massive thread that will likely be ignored. Have fun, there's no TL;DR.

    Queue Priority

    This membership bonus has no practical purpose in game with the plummeting player base. I play Waterson, what seems to be the most populated server, top three at the least. I haven't seen a queue in 2 months. This is simply a membership bonus that doesn't exist anymore. This could be revamped again, not with the bonus itself, but making queues smarter and useful. I've suggested this in the past, and I personally love the idea.

    When one faction reaches a certain percentage of over population, they have a queue. This should be on both continents and logging in. Let's say NC is 20% over the other factions on the world pop, to log in as NC you'll have to wait in a queue until they drop below 20% over pop. If the VS is 20% over pop on Esamir, to warp to Esamir as VS you'll have to wait in a queue until the populations balance out a bit. This serves to both make the membership queue priority useful and to keep one faction from completely steamrolling just from having way too much population. If the total server pop drops below say 50% capacity the system could be turned off.

    XP Bonus

    With the recent unannounced removal of membership and boosted bonus affecting alert XP, a major boon that I looked forward to, membership looks less appealing yet again. 50% as a member doesn't really feel that visceral or noticeable anyway. Barely worth the $15 a month. Boosted alert XP needs to come back, and the bonus itself should be buffed a bit. Maybe 75% at auraxium level.

    Resource Bonus

    With the recent hypermassive nerfs to everything that uses resources, the membership bonus feels extremely weak. Along with my 2441 cert acquisition timers being functionally removed, my membership bonus is only minimally helpful at relieving the resource squeeze. I'm still forced to chase the zone that gives the resource I want to keep up instead of playing where I'm needed. Not to mention the unannounced changes that you can no longer gain while dead, in a spawn room, or in the warp gate. The amount of times I've died, or ran in a spawn room mid battle to resupply or take cover, just seconds before a resource gain rolled over and failed to receive my resources is mind boggling.

    The resource bonus shouldn't be a passive gain, but a reduction in the timer. Five minutes is a horrible amount of time between resource deposits. Reducing this timer for members would be a considerably more appealing way to handle this. Also you should gain it no matter what's going on if you've been active in the last 60 seconds. Dying with 5 seconds left til your deposit should not stop you from getting your resources. It's nice that people can't AFK gain in spawn rooms, warpgates, or sitting as dead, but the current restrictions are far beyond draconian.

    Passive Certs

    The current implementation is just horrible, one of the worst systems I've ever seen in an MMO, ever, period. It's advertised as a passive gain, but it really isn't If you want any use out of this membership bonus you have to be extremely active in claiming it. This really should be advertised differently if it is to be left as is. The ridiculous 24 hour cap needs to be gone. If you absolutely insist on having a cap, make it a week, or even a month. I just can't see any purpose in having a 24 hour cap for anyone.

    Wouldn't it be smart to have a longer term cap on passive cert again to lure people back who have taken a break? The whole passive cert system is totally wasted on trying to force people into logging in daily to keep the game fresh in their minds. This system probably serves to burn as many people out on the game as it keeps coming back daily. Instead the system could be used to bring back people who haven't been logging in lately. Maybe more people who take a break from the game would a week or two down the line think to themselves "Oh, I haven't been on Planetside in awhile, I bet I have some certs to play with!".

    I can't imagine any significant number people log in and play daily just grabbing their daily certs, not enough to warrant the current ridiculous implementation that seems only to want to confuse and annoy the general populous. Currently it's just a wasted system, and a wasted membership bonus. It's even more annoying if you take advantage of the extra character slots, as you have to log them all in individually every day to gain your bonus certs.

    Daily Sales / Early Access

    Again, another convoluted, minimally useful system. I've never taken advantage of either, they just don't serve any purpose. Why don't members just have a global 15% or 20% discount in the store? Wouldn't that add a lot more value? I just can't imagine anyone frugal enough to camp the shop for discounted rates on items even paying for a membership to begin with. At the very least there should be a member's sale section that has a variety of items. One item a day just doesn't bring much value, and early access customs are generally quite over priced. The whole system just adds nothing interesting or significant for members.

    Extra Custom Slots

    Does SOE truly believe anyone who isn't a member is going to pick up membership because they added some custom slots? I think the locked membership slots do a lot of harm. I don't think people view this game in the grand majority as a long term subscription service. No one really wants to get used to 3 membership slots, and then have to rebuild them down the line when they unsub. I know personally I'd much rather be able to unlock them all permanently. They really ought to get rid of this. Make membership slots 1 and 2 gained at level 20 and 25, and make membership slot 3 into cash shop slot 5. This isn't what was needed to make membership more valuable, the current membership bonuses need to be buffed.

    500 Montly SC

    This is one of the better bonuses to being a member, except there's a hook. You can't get it as a prepaid member. I started out as a prepaid member as it's much easier and more appealing for me to buy cards at the store. I spent quite a few hours bugging SOE support about this. The 500 SC is still advertised as a membership bonus even if you are a prepaid member. This is damn near fraudulent on SOE's part. You should gain your 500 SC monthly regardless of how you pay your subscription time. I just can't see the sense in placing nonsense restrictions on this. At the very least it shouldn't be listed as a membership bonus if you aren't going to get it.
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  2. Wezdor

    Hopefuly they will do something about it soon.
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  3. StolenToast

    I actually agree. I did not know about any of those exp multiplier and resource gain changes.

    In my opinion the SC bonus should be equal to the cost of membership. I already paid the $10 (the special pricing they did a few months ago), why not give me 1000 abstract points to spend on abstract objects? It's not like 500SC is enough to buy ANYTHING anyway...
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  4. f0d

    i agree 100% on everything

    -queue priority just isnt needed - theres never a queue on my server
    -losing boosted alert xp is just another way to shaft us
    -resource bonus will soon be useless
    -the way passive certs is done is silly
    -daily membership sales/early access doesnt really help members that much
    -the extra slots are ok but i dont even use them knowing i will lose them after membership runs out
    -500 monthly SC is ok but it should really be more than that

    yep you seemed to have covered it all - the biggest kick in the teeth for me is the new resource changes, it was actually a useful part of the membership but soon it really wont be useful at all
    im canceling my membership at the end of this month until it becomes useful again
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  5. KenDelta

    At somepoint High BR players just close ditch their subs because they pretty much maxed their playstyles , they should fix that also.
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  6. f0d

    pretty much the only thing that made membership worth it at my BR (93) was the resource bonus
    i have pretty much all the weapons i want and maxed out all the things i want and i have already started dumping certs into classes i never use
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  7. Morpholine

    It's a camouflage, one of the non-1000 cert weapons, or a couple boosts.
  8. LowTechKiller


    I've been a member for about 6 months, and don't really regret it. However, I do agree that the system needs updating to make it more current and appealing. It needs something that rewards the long-term members significantly enough to make us want to renew.
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  9. Jeslis

    I love everything in OP post.
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  10. ItsJustDash

    OP I love your post, with myself wondering if I should renew come September, SOE really needs to re-look at the membership service.
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  11. illgot

    does not matter what you say, what matters are the subscription numbers.

    If the sub numbers fall below their expectations, they will add better benefits.

    So, if you truly believe in what the OP stated, best thing you can do is cancel your sub. If you keep your subscription active, you admit nothing the OP stated should be taken seriously.
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  12. GoGoCactusMan

    So, I do agree completely with everything the OP has said, for sure, even though I still pay every month since launch for PS2. I'm just sticking around because I like a lot of the larger ideas that have been passed around that won't come until after this years Roadmap is finished.
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  13. Excretus Maximus

    Is this for all prepaid things, like if I buy the six month package (like I just did), or just for prepaid cards?
  14. Einharjar

    Consider un-ignored by some of us.
    I've been wondering about this myself. Is my sub actually worth it? Hell I think i've been holding onto it lately in the short time I've had simply to be "supportive" to SOE's PS2 team; but... as a PS2 player - is it worth it? I was just thinking this the past weak. Lately I've been burned out and took a break to play some Diablo 3. Been great, nice and fresh. But the one thing that stops me from just hopping on PS2 is it'll feel like it's exactly where I left it. I'll log on and get the same amount of certs like I do every 24 hours, but... it's been over a week! I mean even i WoW if you took a nice break, you'd recieve rested EXP depending on where you logged so that when you came back in 2 weeks or so, you'd level a whole level twice as fast! It'd make you feel like you were "catching up!" and it was also invigorating. In a day's worth of play after a few week break, you'd get two levels and as a result, unlock some new gear, maybe finish a class specific quest and finally gain access to that one talent point you wanted pre-game break.

    Do I get that in PS2? No. I'll hit up every point you noted to add my voice of concern to this. However, do note that I'm not here to bash, so you might find situations where my Sub is still very useful when I do log on.

    In fact, this is one of them. On Connery, switching between Indar and any other continent with an Alert does in fact, result in queue times. I'm in Central USA, so evening hours especially on Fridays and weekends mean prime time populations for nearly all factions. There have been many a time already that my VIP Auraxis Airlines ticket has gotten me to where I needed to go well before my Outfit mates. If they make the sub more appealing, as you've suggested, you might want to actually keep this perk simply because if people come back? You'll be wanting this service again. It's a good perk when it's being used. Don't remove it altogether.

    This is a toughy, because the EXP boost effects Cert gains which is primarly what drives this game (sadly). I've noticed a big difference from playing with and without a sub in terms of Gain. It's one service that works as is and I find it to be hell'a good if you're actually with team mates Co-ordinating. You always make out like a bandit working with large groups with planned tactics and objectives so, +25% over hundreds of points or more per encounter is actually quite a lot.

    To be fair, I do not fly nor drive. But I do see the point. I think this is bigger problem concerning how much more vehicles are starting to cost versus how easy it can be to lose one. It's this reason that I've gone so long avoiding them. My Certs and Resources are more effectively spent on my infantry Classes right now because of how easily punished I will be using a vehicle. Even with a Sub. My Exp boost, Cert bonus per day and Resource boost virtually accounts for nothing as I'm guaranteed to lose my craft in battle quickly due to my inexperience.
    Besides, with infantry stuff being so cheap, I get a far bigger boost staying in my Boots than in a driver seat. I mean seriously. I'm like, spamming the Grenades and Medkits at any terminal I see every 5 minutes with ease and even if it's a small amount, the stuff is so cheap I still will get several lives worth of gear. Can't really say that for a vehicle.

    This is my biggest gripe. it's not like I want certs super badly or whatever, but the game from what I understand is completely changed compared to PS1 to where Certs were more like "Talent Points". You specced yourself to be a Pure Tanker, or Pilot, or Engy or what ever the hell you wanted to be.
    This time around, the Certs are just in-game cash; which makes their value stupidly low. Exp there for, has no use either because it's simply Cert points. Just a measure of how much it takes to earn one.
    With this said, you can translate the game's "progression" model entirely with this Certs being the "percentage completed" level bar. As I mentioned above, as did the OP; no other MMO that I've recently played has a 24 hour cap on the Progression Boost.
    Seriously, I have to log in every day to get my worth?
    That seriously did burn me. As a result, as a sub member; it's the stumbling block on SOEs part that keeps me from logging on Right now. I took a break, applaud me. I'm trying to make the game last and as a result, stay subscribed longer as I lengthen the game's life span for me. But when I log on and receive the same "boost" that I would've received about 2 weeks ago, it's depressing.

    This one is seriously pure crap. I prefer heavy most of the time, and it seems like sometimes the Daily weapon selected is one of the ones NO ONE USES. Like, the least player recommended Gun happens to be on sale. Holy crap. What a gimmick. Can't I just get a 25% discount? On any item? Hell how about a 50% off for one Item Per-Sub Cycle.
    Because it's my Sub and I want to choose what I do with it. Choosing the deals for me is about as bad as choosing how you think I should play. So I go months without buying SQUAT because you gave me a Daily Deal for one of the Crappiest Carbines in the game for a Player who mainly uses LMGs as an HA.
    Not only is that a pointless perk, but SOE is losing money because I just MIGHT HAVE SPENT MORE than my Sub for that Month if I was allowed to use a 1 per month Discount on the item of Choice.
    What sounds better? Me skipping MONTHS before I buy something because of these crappy random deals or 1 Item purchased PER MONTH because I GET TO CHOOSE THE SALE.
    First rule of salesmanship; close the sale as quickly as possible. If I'm willing to buy at a price lower than what you wanted? Take it anyway. I might just buy something else for your sake.

    How pointless is this?
    I haven't used these and most likely never will.
    That's how.

    If I understand this correctly, that's the equivalent of 5 bucks USD. It was one of the primary reasons I got the membership. I've played Pay-2-Win games before and I've played games which, trying to avoid P2W, offered real money purchases as "buying time vested" for the items instead of working for months in game to get them. I knew for a fact that if I didn't have a Sub over head, reminding me that I'm sticking in 5 dollars worth of SC for myself, that I'd likely spend 200 bucks per month REAL FAST on items and thus kill the game for me quickly - and feeling completely crappy after words because I'd wasted hundreds of dollars unlocking the game like a cheat code from hell; and then casting it aside when it feels used and abused.
    The 500SC a mount I think is fine, but I think it should be changed to start racking up the more time you're logged off. Since the SC is literally cash converted; why not basically have it accrue some interest. Or something. If I take a break for a month, I'd love to that 500 per month turn into 1000 because I was logged for about 4 weeks. I will surely keep throwing 15 bucks per month at you for that.

    In the end, SOE seems to be kind've lost in their own schemes here. I'll quote something they have Right on the front page.


    I call this into question. If SOE actually followed this philosophy more closely, I'd be far more happy as a subscriber. Right now, I feel like I'm paying for a "PS2 Insurance premium" in which will only pay out if I do things on SOE's terms. Quite contradictory to your front page PS2 offer.
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  15. Detonation

    Premium needs to allow members to "rent" up to x number of items for a set duration of time. Say every month I can choose 2 guns, 1 Camo set, 1 Armor cosmetic and 1 Vehicle cosmetic, I can then use those items freely for the duration of the month. Next month I can choose new items. At the end of each month the cosmetic items are retained, and I can use them as long as I'm a member.

    This model would be similar to PS Plus's free game model, it rewards being subscribed for a long time because you build up a quite sizable collection of games.
  16. Bill Hicks

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  17. Spartan 117

    This. My 1 year membership is coming up here in a few months & I have every intention of cancelling it unless SOE can convince me otherwise. Basically every benefit of the membership doesn't appeal to me. Especially when I hit BR100 a month or two ago. They really need to re-evaluate the membership bonuses & benefits. You know those exclusive cosmetics available for recruiting people, why the h*ll are these not available to PAYING members of the game?
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  18. Phrygen

    i'm not resubbing if it doesn't change.
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  19. sephusath

    You opened my eyes a bit OP. Cancelled my 9 month old subscription and will not resub.
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  20. Menelek

    Good analyze of the whole situation, they need to get their **** together if they want to be and stay on top, I'm not resubbing either.
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