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Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by oTec, Sep 19, 2015.

  1. oTec

    What do you use and why? Wondering on what to buy for this class, on engi/medic i run Flak Armor 4.
    On LA i've used grenade bandolier 2 mostly, but i feel like there is a better choice since grenades often don't get used.
  2. Liewec123

    grenade bandolier can be fun when you can get high up and lob a volley of nades into a room,

    personally i'm in love with ASC since LA seems to move quickly from fight to fight, getting your shield back up fast is really handy.
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  3. Iridar51

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  4. oTec

    I never really roll nanoweave, flak armor helps ALOT more to stay alive on the ground but that being the reason i don't run flak on light assault. But does nanoweave really make that much of a difference for a light assault, since it doesn't when i play medic/engi, i either kill him or he kills me, 90% are no close calls. Never really understood why there isn't more love for flak, when, as a medic, i see evryone go down from infantry farming ppa's to tank shells and randomly thrown grenades.
  5. Demigan

    I find Nanoweave to be the most effective for my playstyle.

    I play pretty aggressive and often go toe-to-toe with Heavies after getting on their level. It also helps in saving my behind when I'm floating about somewhere and get spotted. Flak armour seems a bit useless for the LA, which can avoid most AOE attacks by using high ground and mobility as he should. If you don't use high ground and mobility, use an Engineer who's got more weapon choice and a host of tools and explosives to pick from.
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  6. Iridar51

    Nanoweave isn't a gamechanger, but it's the best out of the bunch.
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  7. oTec

    Alright, thnx for the help and that guide is quite nice too Iridar ;). I'll roll nanoweave on my LA then.
  8. Shiaari

    Hey OP, depends on what I'm doing (as usual).

    If I'm defending a base by trying to flank, etc, I use grenade bandoleer. If attacking and operating solo, or in a squad of other LAs operating away from support, I use ammunition belt.
  9. oTec

    I've been rolling with nanoweave since sep 21 and i don't really miss my grenade bandolier. For some reason i kinda stopped using grenades that much on my light assault, no clue why. I do run out of ammo quite regularly but mostly ammo packs/sundies are nearby to resupply, although i would rather continue fighting then resupplying. I just roll nanoweave to be on par with the heavies, even if mine is only lv4.
  10. Riksos

    I have tried a few different suit slots and settled on the Advanced Shield Capacitor as it really fits the hit-and-run playstyle the Light Assault excels so much in really well.
  11. oTec

    Heard alot of good about ASC but for me it lacks the active effect of flak armor or nanoweave. ASC only works if you survive, and grenades seem to be homing missles to me on the ground. With LA it's the same with rifle fire when i'm on a roof <.<
  12. Corezer

    im usually running NWA. Grenade bando would be my choice if we had even half decent grenades, but frags are like flubber and very inaccurate, and smoke/flash both suck a lot. There are rare occasions where I flank an attack that is bunched up against allied defenders at a door, where I am too far for c4 strikes and could use some extra frags/UBGL, I used to rock an S carbine for those but UBGL is so nerfed now you have to both stop and crouch to even hit the group. This leaves frags with bando as very situationally useful but those situations aren't enough to permanently run bando.

    When I come across one while running NWA I may try switching out then, if I think the opportunity wont be over by the time I get back.

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