Pre Season All Star Game

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  1. EmperorPenguin5

    First few minutes. Loved it.
    See Now if you added Missiles. That would have been a really terrible fight and quite boring to watch.
    (was still sorta boring from poor camera angles and not rendering all the vehicles at once...)
  2. Mittens4kittens

    Have anymore broad, general, and ignorant statements? Painting all this outfits as branded MURICAN expect for INI is disingenuous. I can think of several members of ZAPS who are not American and a few in NUC that are not American. I'm pretty damn sure that Future Crew and DA probably are not completely American.

    What do you want Kidriot to do when selecting players? Patrol every server and talk to every person to pick thee absolute most 1337 unknown players? Picking players by public profile and publicity of the outfit is a pretty decent method.
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  3. Mastachief

  4. HawtSauss

    I agree with LadyJane to some extent.

    I mean no offense but we got some amateurish comp players here if ya'll think stats prove a player is elite.

    Stats aren't completely meaningless but most can be padded to make someone look better than they are so you can't be sure a player is elite just cause they have good stats. The best way to be really sure who is legit and who isn't is through both stat analysis and watching the player in-game. If you decide who is elite based only on stats then you know two things about comp play. The first thing is Jack and you know what the second one is. hahaha

    I've been a comp player a long *** time and I know better than to put too much stock into stats. Before anybody says only people with bad stats say that, ya'll may want to check my stats first so you don't put your foot in your mouth. I see a lot of players with better stats than me on the leader-boards but I can already tell you i'd probably whoop their *** and I haven't even been playing a full month yet. I'm not even trying to brag here just being real.

    But mittens4kittens is right the guy can't really watch all of these people play or go on servers and talk to everybody to find all of players who deserve to be there so stats and community fame are really the only option for this kind of thing. But that's also why you take this kind of all-star game with a grain of salt. Its more of a popularity contest than anything else.