Pre Season All Star Game

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  1. Pie Chasm

    No, you are correct. Even the guy responsible for querying the server for those stats agrees, albeit tacitly.

    This is not a game where K/D matters. A medic hiding behind a spawn shield racking up a massive K/D, SPM and accuracy really might be a terrible player.

    These "all-star"events really do the game no favors, especially since the everyday PS2 player can't replicate the conditions in the game.

    This game isn't ready for MLG, because this game hasn't reached a state where it can ensure even conditions for all factions involved.
  2. Shanther

    I've done this before for someone else and with the exception of a couple standouts the average is about the same plus or minus a percent or two, aka perfectly acceptable deviation. As a note to this, a lot of those numbers were cemented the way they are before PU2.
  3. SharkSpider

    Top 10 accuracies for SAW are almost identical to Orion, within one or two percent.
  4. umbrellapower

    I hate to keep this off-topic train going, but this is just wrong. The "competitive" PS2 community is so stats-obsessed it's getting to be quite disturbing.

    Stats can only give you an idea of someone's aim (maybe). Aim is one part of a playstyle. Somebody who has worse aim than Visigodo but faster reflexes and plays smarter will have an advantage. Anybody who has played FPS games at a competitive level will tell you that aiming is the most inconsistent part of playing. Some days you're Jesus and hitting all your shots like a god, snapping to people's heads before you even know it... and then some days you're just off. The one thing you can do to ensure consistent results is to play smart, which will never reflect anything in any stats page.

    If players play with their accuracy stat/HSR percentage in the back of their head, they're playing wrong. If you're taking longer to line up shots because you're afraid of missing a headshot kill, you're doing it wrong. The only thing you should be doing as a true competitive player is trying to kill your opponent as fast as possible. Can you hit that guy 100 meters away who's probably lit as hell? Go for it. Will it hurt your accuracy stat? Probably, but **** it.
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  5. Spartan 117

    Perhaps I did not present my meaning well enough. What I am interested in is, if you take every single player in Planetside 2. Then just look at accuracy alone. Now, just looking at the top 10 individuals of the entire game. How many are NC using a LMG compared to VS players wielding the Orion. The data you just presented definitely surprised me & I am willing to admit I am wrong, but can you calculate the above request?
  6. Shanther

    Yes focusing solely on accuracy or KD as a stat is a bad thing to do, but focusing on all their stats. KD, KPM, Accuracy, SPM, Average time alive, HSR, etc etc, will give you a fairly good idea considering we have very little to go on unlike in say Quake.
  7. Shanther

    I don't have a way to easily pull that data. Also that really makes no sense because it is entirely relative to what class that person likes to play. Zoid from NUC plays Medic all the time and has better accuracy then a lot of VS HA players. What you are asking doesn't really say much.
  8. Spartan 117

    Well, appreciate the effort regardless. I have gone on long enough. Forgive me Kidriot for misguiding your efforts. Your video is well put together.
  9. SharkSpider

    Junk stat. L2Statistics.

    Top 10 accuracy overall:
    VS: MLGpro Orion user, then three random alt accounts, two with LA weapons, one Orion.
    NC: Five random alt accounts, four snipers and one heavy.
    TR: One random alt account that's a heavy.
  10. RHINO_Mk.II

    Thanks for putting this together. Good fun to watch, although game volume and TS volume were very low and hard to hear.
  11. Dis

    MEDIC ********** OP!!!!!

    Wait what are we doing here?
  12. Liberty

    I can't wait to sit down and watch this and sorry I couldn't make it. I talked to ConZ the night before and was glad to see he could get a spot in the lineup. Probably not as well known (before the event) as some of the other players, but dude is a beast.

    Thanks for putting it together, look forward to seeing more of these in the future.

    The team picking format definitely spices things up, getting players and outfits who normally don't get to play together or against each other seems a lot of fun.
  13. Shanther

    Woo on topic post.

    I think if / when this is done again in the future there needs to be even more diversity. The teams were made up of players from like 5 outfits (FCRW, NUC, DA, ZAPS, INI) then a handful of other people. As I posted on the reddit version of this thread I think doing server specific all star games would also be a good idea. I like the idea of competitive play with the Community Clash and what have you but as it stands right now the vast majority (even CC) of these things are only really focused around 5 outfits. It stands to reason that the more people you are able to get involved the more this sort of thing can grow.
  14. Lancener

    Great job, it was fun to watch this live. Almost seems like if you do this again some of the players should pick some good support players to pull into the fight, and hopefully get a competition server or something.
  15. Liberty

    It was a good start with what I think are familiar names. Definitely as things progress I think we'll see more names from other outfits to mix things up a bit more. I didn't catch how the "others" from a few random outfits were picked, I believe they were suggested by the community, but it would be cool to see that faction of players see a bit larger presence.
  16. Heme

    Did anyone get the player stats from this match? Would like to see the break down
  17. Mastachief

    Ah the insular nature of Americans. L2EU. INI are not the only top tier European outfit there are quite a few that have been overlooked and will surprise a lot of the mlgpro720pmurica outfits. The russians in particular are stronger than people give them credit.

    To say stats and more specific k/d is meaningless is thrown around a lot on these forums typically by people that are not very good at the game as a whole.

    K/d as a stat does not indicated the skill level of a player however it is part of a picture and to rule it and other stats out is foolish.

    The match was made up of oufits:
    TR: NUC, INI Elite (EU), TRG
    VANU: Future Crew, DasAnfall, ZAPS

    NC: MercenaryS (EU), Recursion

    *and a bunch of community picks based on public perceptions of certain players was available to pick from.

    These outfits were picked (as far as i understand it) based on active member count (not size but activity), statistical performance, reputation and location (cover U.S and European Areas).

    Each outfit submited a roster of 12 players of their own choosing, typically submitting the best players that wanted to play and fitted the teamplay aim of the match (what use is a 20k/d if they live in a tank and refuse to play as part of a team).

    From this roster 2 team captains picked by Kidriot based on what i assume was a little knowledge and the public profile of the leaders, chose their squad of 24 guys with limitations that only 4 from each outfit could be chosen per side.

    My outfit had 7 guys playing... so yeh we are so random...

    The match was for testing out the community clash lane for the benefit of all outfits that choose to compete. It was a bit rough in terms of organisation but these were the better players from the best outfits in the game, just because you can dominate as a solowhore does not make you the best player. This is after all a team game and the format was for teams.

    Why the hate? Is it because you were not picked? or is it just generic forum troll hate?

    The event was good natured, entertaining to play in and to watch and intended to help the future of the competitive side of the game.
  18. Mastachief

    Difficult to do really as it doesn't track properly. IIRC my k/d was ~2.8 and total score came in at 16th i think. [MCY]Xale was top score by about double the next guy down.
  19. Prudentia

    they probably overlooked you mercs because you just gal dropped in and annoyed the crap out of them. admit it, you were not invited, were you? :p
  20. Mastachief

    You know us well.