Pre Season All Star Game

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by kidRiot, Jan 14, 2014.

  1. kidRiot

    Captains: [FCRW] ShockFC and [INI] Pella

    This All Star game is kicking off the competitive season of Planetside 2 this year with PAL and Community Clash coming soon.

    The Captains were selected by me and picked from a roster of 80+ featuring some of the best players in Planetside 2 between the US & EU regions. Enjoy!

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  2. Mastachief

    It was great fun to be part of it. Thank you for putting the effort in all my guys enjoyed it.
  3. S7rudL

  4. Luperza Community Manager

    Looks like a lot of fun! Great job, KidRiot! :)
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  5. janeTEXAS

    "featuring some of the best players in Planetside 2"

    That is relative and everyone have an opinion. But its a nice video with main stream players wich is allways good.
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  6. Shanther

    It isn't relative when you pull the people from the top ranked outfits with high stats.
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  7. Negator

  8. Spartan 117

    Great work KidRiot. I enjoyed the commentary & found it very entertaining.

    Except that there are no metrics in which to measure skill in Planetside 2. Score/Score per hour means nothing as a result of membership/boosts/free time. K/d means nothing if a player sits in a vehicle/MAX all day. Accuracy means nothing if player uses weapons like the Orion. There are hundreds of players who are equal or greater in ability than the current individuals involved but either don't have the time, or interest to participate.
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  9. Shanther

    I question if you understand and believe what you just typed. I can very easily look at two people on DasAnfall and tell you who is a better Infantry player. And how in gods name does Accuracy mean nothing if the player uses an Orion, that is easily one of the worst arguments I have ever heard in my life.

    To give you an example. I can tell you right now with 100% certainty that Visigodo is a better shot then you are.
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  10. VaIhall

    But he's not entirely mistaken, people can boost their KDR by just sitting in vehicles or get high scores with boosts and membership. But then it's also true that people who do have high KDRs because they use alot of vehicles etc are usually better players anyway.
  11. kidRiot

  12. kidRiot

    The DA stats site using a metric that measures pure infantry kd: no vehicles, no maxes.

    But I agree, especially in a competitive setting, that kdr doesn't matter. A lot of it is positioning, teamwork and accuracy.
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  13. kidRiot

    Gracias :cool:
  14. Spartan 117

    Calculating the accuracy of all players in Planetside 2 is impossible as a result of the differences between empires. While we are not permitted to discuss individual players, do you really believe the accuracy of the player you listed would be 39% after 11,000 kills if his primary weapon was the Gauss Saw?
  15. Shanther

    Yes actually I do, the Gauss SAW is stupidly accurate if you are able to manage its recoil which really isn't all that bad. Furthermore you can easily calculate the accuracy of players because the weapons are not as wildly different as you are trying to imply.
  16. janeTEXAS

    stats mean nothing. So Daddy is best player of planetside 2? L0L

    Everyone has an opinion, im not here to flame just to state that saying "some of the best players of planetside 2" is relative. A more accurate information would be "featuring mainstream players of planetside 2"

    Just to be clear, im not even close to being a top player, just stating my opinion, some might agree, some dont :p
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  17. Sock

    Yeah, most don't. Saying skill is relative in PS2 is a lot like saying cars are relative in racing. I'm sure your Prius gets great gas mileage though.
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  18. Spartan 117

    I'm not a member of the DasAnfall site, but if what you say is true it would be easy enough to prove. If you sort by accuracy, how many players in Planetside 2 in the top 10 are NC using a LMG, not Assault rifle, LMG as primary weapon. How many in the top 10 are VS using the Orion?
  19. SharkSpider

    Stats don't mean much alone, but together they can tell a story. Any scrub can get 45% accuracy, but chances are they can't do it with a KPH of over a hundred, a headshot ratio of 30%, a weapon KDR of 6, and an LPK low enough not to scream of statpadding.

    There are certainly a lot of good players who didn't make the cut for this event, but there really aren't as many as you seem to think. Most people who think they're good at this game are really only average in the group of players who actually take it seriously. The lineup for this event was a good one. Not perfect, but certainly representative of top tier players.
  20. Shanther

    You are nit picking at this point and have completely ignored everything else I said. If you take the time to look up the majority of the people in this match you will realize they are statistically some of the best players in this game, so yes saying "some of the best players" is 100% valid. Arguing otherwise is arguing for the sake of arguing.
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