[Vehicle] PPA needs TONS of tweaks

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Scorpion97, Aug 26, 2015.

  1. Scorpion97

    I don't care about the past,but everyone knows that this thing is the least edgiest weapon in the entire game,it needs:

    - zero bloom (since accuracy is a VS trait)
    -higher muzzle
    -higher dmg (direct and splash)
    -tightened CoF

    With those 4 adjustments addressed,it will get more love and more playable in the battle
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  2. Disconsented

    So you basically want the OP PPA which allowed farmers to sit back and just rack up certs with little effort?
    Yeah nah.
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  3. Scorpion97

    And do you think the current one is balanced??every faction deserve to have very good stuff (OP if it was the word)

    Hell,look at its stats,this weapon is MORE broken than it used to be and everyone know it
  4. Alox

    The splash damage should be increased, but it should stay inaccurate. No need to make it a copy of the kobalt, it should play differently.

    However, listening to the players apparently means pleasing the whining crowd on the forums, so its not going to happen.
  5. Merlock

    I was using the PPA yesterday on my scythe and all I can say is how superior it is for farming against the other AI weapons.
    This thing doesn't need a buff at all
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  6. Alox

    That is the Light PPA, the PPA is on the magrider.
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  7. Scorpion97

    No it needs both splash damage and accuracy because accuracy is a VS trait and if it was about listening to the whining side so why did they listen to them when they overnerfed the PPA,its current stats approve that these October changes weren't because the weapon is overperforming but because of the incessant whining and the hysteria of nerfing VS

    So just as they needed it to ****,they can boost it again
  8. asmodraxus

    LPPA = fine for the ESF
    PPA = trash for Harassers and Magriders

    Maybe the Banshee should be buffed in line with the Airhammer / LPPA
    and maybe the PPA should be raised to the level of the Marauder and Canister, or conversely maybe they should be brought to the PPA's level of mediocrity?
  9. Scorpion97

    The proton II PPA not the light one
  10. Scorpion97

    Simply do the 4 changes I mentioned above and it will be fine
  11. Scorpion97

    We are talking about the MBT PPA and NOT the scythe one,enough with stupidity!
  12. OldMaster80

    Yes, sure. They could also replace it with an atom bomb to vaporize all continent's population in one shot.
  13. Sagabyte

    Ppa should be an oversized burst lasher in my opinion. Burst to keep accuracy but stop spamminess
  14. koopa

    mmm... i can kinda agree it could use a small buff, but what you're proposing is raising it back to where mags didnt even need to necessarily be in the same hex to subjugate a base with PPA spam.

    i could agree to a tighter CoF, but the bloom should stay as it deters full auto spam from long range.
    with direct damage and muzzle velocity i think you should have to choose one or the other as both is a bit too much.
    an increase to splash damage lowers the skill floor and makes the weapon a little too easy to use.

    the idea is to make the weapon more user friendly without returning it to the farm cannon of days long past
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  15. Liewec123

    i'm with the other guys, increase the damage or splash range a small amount, but DO NOT make it accurate, it was scythes hovering at render range nuking down squads that got it nerfed in the first place.
  16. AlterEgo

    Atom bomb? XD
    Such technology is too ancient. A plasma strike would be more effective, though:p
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  17. Collin

    mmh lets see whats TOTALY broken


    time to fix - never

    Badly needed

    Half broken


    time to fix - VS weapon Soon

    rest can **** themselves

    Lets give the PPA unlimited ammo - Make the ppa placed on the Sundy you know empire difference and so on

    For real the PPA in combination with the Magrider is really hard to balance.
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  18. BaronX13

    Totally broken, zoe, just puttin that out there.
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  19. Collin

    I mean lock down is not great either - mostly death sentence
    And the shield is kind of meh

    And ZOE let it broke the last time it nearly broke the game completly
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  20. BaronX13

    Well yes but that was the past. I feel there are quite a few things that need to be fixed, I just feel ZOE like the Striker, is one of those things that are in desperate need of a tune up. Not that I particularly like any of the max abilities per se, but ZOE is in admittedly a worse off place I think.