PPA is UnderPowered and UnderPerforming

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by vanu123, Nov 1, 2014.

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  1. boey

    So, now that the PPA got changed i hope SOE does not forget to take a closer look at the Banshee, the Pounders, the Prowler main cannon and the Ravens.
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  2. a-koo-chee-moya

    Heh, everyone is like just wait for it to shake out, but when Striker was underperforming after "buff" everyone freaked out and ran around screaming "BUFF BUFF BUFF now". That's pretty ironic.
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  3. Lord_Avatar

    I don't have any reasonable comment on ZOE and it's current state aside from "garbage", so...

    Be as it may - 90% of MAX unit are using Charge. The rest are Aegis NC.
  4. a-koo-chee-moya

    That's exactly why TR and NC were whining about their faction AI weaponry, especially NC with their Canister. Now, when PPA now becomes close range, they say to get close?
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  5. Xasapis

    I wasn't the one making the comment.
  6. Lord_Avatar

    And somehow the majority of non-TR forumsiders kept telling the TR to "stay in their pants" and "adapt". ;)

    That's the way the cookie crumbles.
  7. Alarox

    What valuable and reliable information does KPU give you about how a weapon performs?
  8. m3talc0re

  9. The_Blazing

    That's not how it works.

    The reason why KPU plummeted is that firstly, many VS players immediately saw the PPA changes and went all like "Well **** it, time to switch to the Halberd", so of course a lot less people is using the PPA as a burst reaction to the change, without even giving it a chance.

    Secondly, a lot of players were probably used to use the PPA as a long-range spammer/farmer instead of point defense, which is the role it has been reworked for in this update. So I wouldn't be surprised if there were people who still tried to use it as a suprresion weapon, which of course results in very bad KPU because that's not its role anymore.
  10. EGuardian1

    I'm honestly a little shocked at how hard a backlash it's gotten. Forget that you can still bombard places from 200m away unlike Canister or Marauder, the fact you can't hold the trigger down means so many people just say "F' it" and switch to something else.

    It's still BETTER than Canister or Maurader - give it time and once PPA gunners learn how to use it it'll still dominate, its even better at close range now since you basically wash them with full auto fire.
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  11. Xasapis

    Interesting statement, but isn't backed by the very limited data we have so far.

    More AV tanks however is better.
  12. pnkdth

    The marauder was never bad, it isn't bad, it suffers from the same exact thing the PPA is going through now. Both the marauder and PPA got nerfed, and saw little use thus presumed to being bad. However, looking at the MBT stats the Marauder has been performing on par with the pre-nerf PPA and during certain times outperforming it. For instance, between aug 20th-sept 18th the marauder had almost three times as many kills per user as the PPA.

    Same is true for the marauder/PPA on the harasser during the last three months, except there are no extreme spikes in KPU with the marauder as it was on the Prowler.

    ...and the Canister... Well, it is the canister. It remains comfortably at the bottom. :(

    Yet for some strange reason so many TR claim it is horrible and needs a buff. Don't get me wrong. I'm delighted they're not using it as I despise these infantry farm weapons. It is like the users of these weapons think it is perfectly reasonable so many players should be content in being their personal cert pinatas, demanding them to be extremely deadly because they are "anti-infantry" though curiously anti-vehicle air and ground weapons should only tickle them.

    So yeah, I am happy the PPA got nerfed. I am also certain good players will continue to make good use of it rather than the "fall asleep and get certs"-weapon it used it be.
  13. Villanuk

    And the lasher, vortex and Orion but then where would all the nerfs end. The ppa was op, at least it still has a purpose, the Vulcan and striker got nerfed and are obsolete.
  14. Ztiller

    I can wreck stationary, dummy-targets with my Vulcan too. I guess that means it's great.
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  15. bl33ping

    do you people ever stop complaining about your first world problems?
  16. EGuardian1

    Yep - same thing with spawn rooms, capture points, deployed sunderers.

    It's amazing what long range accuracy means!
  17. IrishPride

    This hahaha where do I begin? Wow all im going to say is this is THE game that STILL has balancing to do this is so funny. Not that im saying that anything shoud have ever been nerfed like this to now, but heh, I have no idea what the hell this PPA is, it seems like a light drizzle of rain you gotta run out of the rain to not be slightly wet :confused:. Well long story short: when people whine SOOOO bad about something SOOO much it is like they say at the office, "Wow you guys were right, uh , uh...uh...lets uh... I KNOW! let's just dump on the weapon as much as as possible so that 2 parties of the opposing faction will stop whining and it will sound like a 'skill' issue for the single party". "Dev- Whew! there no more bi-... ooooh what now?" pure speculation of course.:oops:
  18. RyanGUK

    Lets think about this data in a real world perspective. Lets use stock markets as an example!

    Investors (USERS) invest in promising projects (AKA PPA), and reap the rewards for as long as it's profitable. (AKA LOTS OF CERTS)

    An announcement is made (NERF!) within a profitable project, and the change is brought in immediately. Investors completely lose faith in the stock. (AKA OMGWTFITSUNDERPOWEREDNEVERUSINGITAGAIN resulting in DROP OF USAGE AND DROP OF STATISTICS)

    Weeks later, project starts gaining some credibility as the announcement has changed the way the project works and is able to be somewhat profitable (AKA PEOPLE LEARN HOW TO USE THE WEAPON), not as much before but it's not likely to have the risk attached to it again. (AKA ANOTHER NERF)

    Was that simple enough to explain why this graph is as useful as... used toilet paper?
  19. boey

    The lasher and vortex are only useful and effective when used in groups. The difference is, all the weapons i mentioned are useful and very effective when used alone and therefore need a closer look at.
  20. LT_Latency

    Because you could do the math as see how bad the striker was compared to the other option with the striker.

    Even after 2 buffs, it's still bad. That is how bad the first version was
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