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    You know Vanu OP. NO BULLET DROP OP ZOOOOMMMMMGGGG. Vanu get one decent weapon the weapon is a god and needs nerf. NC or TR get a decent weapon "its crap". Thats how it works here.
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  2. Ranik

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  3. AnnPerkins

    It's pretty much the only anti-infantry weapon worth a damn.

    VS did a good job nerfing the hell hell out of the marauder and vulcan to worthlessness. Nailed a guy with half a clip of marauder on a tank that had it equipped the other day and he just walked off. Vulcan takes about a dozen shots to kill someone and with the accuracy on it... lol doesn't happen except at close range.

    Enforcer-modified has never been good but regular enforcer will knock off 3/4 an infantrys HP but it's projectile travels fast, the gun is very accurate but it is hindered by its clip size.

    kobalt would be a good AI weapon but the max ammo capacity on it is just so low you will run out of ammo long before a fight is over. I think base it's like 100/100.

    I played TR at launch.
  5. Agilef

    Talking about tanks and how things should be equal. Lets try to make it when a Mag Rider runs over a tank mine and actually takes damage. Oh also lets make it to where a Mag Rider cant hover up a steep incline and the track tanks cant follow. On top of that lets make it to where the Mag Rider has to loose forward momentum when turning. Yet the VS want to say that the Mag Rider is weak. What tank on the TR or NC can hit boosters and fly in the air or on top of buildings? Shooting either up close or from far away? Lets see...... Aiming at a Mag Rider that can move from side to side from a distance... depending on the driver you most likely will miss. Up close and fighting.... You put down tank mines and the Mag Rider runs right over them with no damage and you have to keep watch on all that is going around you. Seems a little more maneuverable if you ask me. So why are the VS complaining that the Mag Rider needs to be altered. Here is an idea. You put them in the same driving capabilities as the rest and then we will talk about it.
  6. Taemien

    I don't see how anyone can disagree with Marauders and Canisters getting buffs. I see VS saying the PPA has to be so good to compensate for it having a bad primary. That's a red herring, all three tanks have access to Halberds, Basilisks, and Kobalts. Therefore primaries mean jack when it comes to secondaries. If you want to talk about primaries talk about it in another thread.

    The simple fact of the matter is, Marauders and Canisters need a buff. You can't argue against that. Its either buff them or nerf Kobalts, Basilisks, and PPA to the ground.

    But you know what? The VS are dumb enough to get their own toys nerfed just like they did with ZOE. I told them back then they should advocate for Charge changes, but they went on the defensive with their ZOE instead. I suggested they should change Charge so it was on par with ZOE (so that VS would have a choice between the two). They ignored my suggestion and continued on their defensive until ZOE was nerfed into the ground.

    Keep it up. You'll see your PPAs go the way of the ZOE. Then everyone will be using Kobalts and we'll have 'balance'.
  7. Tommyp2006

    Personally I would rather see the Maraduer get turned into a ground based version of the banshee than be left the way it is, while the Canister gets turned into a ground based version of the Airhammer (explosive pellets, tighter spread)
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  8. Revanmug

    so, an effective AI secondary model for TR and an ineffective AI secondary model for NC. Joyful.

    Bandaid. Let's put as many bandaid on this broken gun, it'll work one day.