PPA is balanced

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  1. DatVanuMan

    You can place assorted faces, yet you can not delete unintended textXD
  2. Strikejk

    You actually can remove posts, If SOE would allow the user to use that feature. It's not like it's not there (in the code), we just aren't allowed to use it. Dunno why.
  3. DatVanuMan

    On the topic of what the PPA should do, it acts exactly like a VS weapon: Blows up on impact in a cloud of ionized particles. How do you want the OTHER AI weapons to act?
  4. Arkenbrien

    What's the point of ""superior"" technology if you can't be ""superior"" every once and a while?
  5. FateJH

    To be honest, I don't know whether I should be saying Bulldog or Fury since they pretty much are the same weapon separated by statistics and design. In reality, in retrospect, I think the ESAI secondaries were designed based on the faction's MAX arms, and then attempts at providing a measure of "splash" where there was none before were added. This may actually be a better model to compare it against and even gets rid of the problem of the Canister not having proper splash. For reasons listed below my ultimate conclusion is that attempts to balance the weapons against erach other might be hampered by the fact that the weapons really aren't even related to a consistent base model NS weapon for categorization.

    Here goes anyway.

    The Marauder is essentially a single Pounder with the magazine size of dual Pounders, plus two shells. The Canister is a Dual Hacksaw per shot, with the magazine size of a dual Hacksaws, minus two shells. It also suffers the notorious range limitations of the NC AI MAX. Photon II PPA, however, is much better than any of the VS MAX arms when those arms are paired up and is, in fact, closer to the Lasher X2 than anything else. It shares the accuracy at range of most arms; but, its distanced-damage model is exceptionally greater than most weapons of any other classification in the game, it combines the magazine of a single Cosmos, the direct damage of a single charge-3 Vortex, and its exceptionally powerful splash (with damage of a direct Comet hit) per shot throws it far over the damage potential of the VS arms by leagues.

    In general, the weapon's whole damage model is too far forgiving, even if it were trying to balance what is thought to be the lackluster of Supernova FPC. It is trying to be a mishmosh of too many types of weapons, whereas there are obvious singular archetypes of comparison for the other ESAI. The real poison is the question "what do you want to give up" because it has far too much positive going for it, leaps and bounds over everything else everywhere else. PPA seems to be short on reasons for not using it to enage Infantry when supporting a tank over some other weapon.
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  6. Linus

    What's wrong with the PPA?
    Do you blame this weapon because it can kill?
    You guys sound ridiculous.
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  7. Tcsisek

    hell no than all anti infantry guns will be jokes
  8. Tcsisek

    not i win in the slightest, more of an oh Sh*t im taking to much damage and need to hide button, TR have the lock down ability that shreds through tanks, infantry, and low flying libs alike, and has 2 shots per magazine allowing it to decimate infantry with ease. magrider dominates in close combat, has the mag burner that can get you behind your target very fast, hovering makes it a pain in the A** to shoot compared to other tanks, and gets to places other tanks cant get to easily. NO TANKS ARE OP OR UP NONE you want to take away the vanguards 1 advantage, then sacrifice you're own to!

    The PPA needs a buff! Look at the bottom of my kill board.
  10. TriumphantJelly

    Give the Marauder slightly less drop, a higher RoF, and 75 (100 exmags) ammo.

    Rework the Canister.

    Leave the PPA alone.
  11. LIKE A BOSS!

    A PPA on a HE prowler would be crazy. I wouldn't mind a canister rework as long as the main cannons are also balanced to compensate.
  12. Aelyn

    The PPA wouldn't be so much of a problem if the Magrider couldn't climb so ridiculously easy and stay still on such high angles. A lot of the infrantry farming with the Magrider is thanks to its ability to find spots where it's entirely protected against tanks, rockets and C4 alike.
  13. JibbaJabba

    PPA is balanced? Ok I'll bite.

    Let's put the PPA on one side of a see-saw and the canister on the other side of the see-saw.

    If the PPA is balanced then the see-saw will sit perfectly level and both weapons can tangle their little toesies in the air.

    But wait! Why is the PPA sitting on the ground? And where is the canister? Seems the PPA was some 30 ton fat kid that launched the skinny little twig of a canister into low earth orbit. Seems we don't pass the see-saw test.

    No. Not balanced.

    I'm not saying the PPA is OP...perhaps it does exactly what it should. It is NOT balanced though. The other factions have nothing like it. NOTHING.
  14. gnometheft

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  15. Calisai

    They should drop the clip size down (It has a bit too much staying power)... Small incremental changes. I'm afraid they are going to go ahead and modify all 4 attributes that makes the PPA effective... and drop it down to useless levels. It used to be a slow firing, slow velocity, splashy weapon back in the day... very situational, it could, however, tickle armor.... so they took that away and buffed the AI ability.

    For reference: a forum post from 15 months ago (don't necro it)... it was commonly thought to be a pretty lackluster weapon... and even after its few buffs, the Saron was preferred for its utility (IE, being able to damage both Infantry and Armor). You give up all AV capability on your Secondary for a boost in AI.

    The key thing about the PPA is that it requires an elevated position to be truly effective. A kobalt is better if you are shooting upwards at infantry on the top of a ridge or top of walls at a base. The reason the PPA is so effective, is the Mag & Harassers ability to get to those elevated positions in order to effectively use the splash. If you put a PPA on a Vanguard, it still wouldn't perform as well as it does on the Mag because the Vanguard isn't as good at getting to those prime elevated locations (and getting out quickly if needed).

    Right now I think the PPA is seriously suffering from the FOTM syndrome. Since both Halberd and Saron got nerfed in the AI department, those that would have pulled one of those in AI rich environments (and been "okay" at AI), have switched to PPA for those AI instances (and are being extremely effective at AI). So you have more people using the optimal weapon for the job... then vehicles come in and they get owned... (but the infantry doesn't see that cause they have taken cover by then).
  16. DatVanuMan

    That's a very interesting way to compare and describe how the AI weapons were formed. I really never noticed that about the weapons. The question is, how shall we make the other factions content with their AI weapons and not accuse the PPA of being OP?
  17. uhlan

    I think it's funny how a thread started to discuss the balanced aspect of an anti-infantry secondary has changed to one about tank v. tank 1 v1 battles!?

    WTH forumside...

    I personally don't want to see equivalents in anything and prefer to see balance across the factions and not weapon systems by weapon system. The game is boring if we go down that path.

    I think the PPA is a wee bit op as compared to other AI secondaries and needs some adjusting, however.
  18. LodeTria

    In an ideal world, the Cannister and Maurader would be brought up to the PPAs level.
    In reality, SOE are much more likely to nerf the PPA to uselessness. I can only suggest that they just change the mag size and leave everything else about it alone, but I doubt they'll be doing that.
  19. Enchman

    I still think the best solution is one that's been suggested many times before.

    PPA = AI = More like a lasher ( a fixed lasher that actually lashes out, not the AOE on impact like we have now)
    Saron = AV = Pretty good where it is

    Marauder = AV = More like Pounders, increased velocity, less gravity
    Vulcan = AI = More like Banshee, exploding gatling gun

    Canister = AI = More range, maybe a little drop to be able to arc rounds over small cover, exploding rounds on impact to give AOE effect, or something completely different. This one's the hardest to fix IMO
    Enforcer = AV = Pretty good where it is, maybe make more like Falcons??, but that would be pretty close to a Halberd clone
  20. Champagon

    I know the Devs are reading these threads....incoming PPA nerf, it was fun having a working weapon for awhile wasn't it boys? Back to our "pew pew our gunz do nothing" life