Power virus GPU temps after GU7?

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by BlackDove, Apr 19, 2013.

  1. BlackDove

    My GPU temperatures are through the roof after GU7! I read something else about that earlier on the forum, but this thread is more of a survey, if people will respond:

    Everyone who monitors their GPU temperatures, have you noticed a change since GU7?

    I have a GTX 660Ti with 314.22 drivers, plenty of cooling and a Seasonic X650 Gold.
  2. Dragam

    I havent personally noticed a change, no.
  3. FlippyWarbear

    I havent had a chance to properly test out GU7 yet so I cant say what does it do to my temps, but I'll surely keep an eye out.

    What kind of a difference do you experience with the temps? How big is the increase?
  4. BlackDove

    Well, before the update my fan would be at about 60-70% while playing PS2 and in the high 50's C because of my aggressive fan curve, set in OC Guru. Now, the fan is jumping up to 85% regularly, despite not changing anything about my configuration.

    Interestingly, I used to be CPU limited usually(i5-2320 with 16GB RAM). Very occasionally, when no one was around, it would switch to GPU limited because PS2 thought it was GPU limited as a result of Vsync(I think).

    Now, my GPU is the limiting factor apparently, and instead of being at my 60Hz Vsync in empty areas, it's now in the 50's and GPU limited.
  5. DashTech

    Mine are - but I think that's due to the fact I installed a second card at the same time as the patch... GPU usage is just as pathetic as it was in previous versions.
  6. mindbomb

    Increased temps imply better gpu utilization from optimization. But this game is cpu limited largely anyway, so you shouldnt get high gpu temps.
  7. TheAppl3

    Hanging out at 54-56C as always, so no.
  8. Metalsand

    I laughed at threads that were suggesting that this patch was causing overheating, and then, I heard something that I've never heard in all 2 years of owning my computer: the fans were going full force. Now, my computer has adequate heating, and even in load never gets above 55 C...

    And before the patch, my computer wouldn't ever kick on the fans that loud, probably about half the speed...so I think there is some merit in this person's post. It wasn't happening when I was playing yesterday, but it happened today so it could be random...maybe a forgotten infinite loop in the code? :p
  9. OldMaster80

    Man I don't know what's the temp of my GPU but after gu07 I've seen something I had never seen in PS2: my HD7970 3 gb pushed to 100% usage acccording to AMD Control Monitor. It was usually between 50 and 60%.
    Guess why the game is freezing and crashing all the time.
  10. pada0

    Yeah something doesn't feel right.
  11. Loui5D

    Noticed a drop myself, form 65 down to 57 under load on my primary.
  12. Kazzah

    I'm monitoring mine, but only the past few days - not noticed any increase after today's patch, I get 58-61 degrees with fan set to match the temp in percentage of max.
  13. BlackDove

    The thing is, the game doesn't really look any different, and now it seems like the GPU is doing A LOT more work. I'd rather go back to GU6 performance if it means not melting my GPU!