Power supply affect performance in game ?

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  1. GearsOfWaR

    hey guys i just bought CPU Intel core i5
    and i have 8G Ram
    and GPU Geforce GT 630 .
    i know the GPU is a ****** but i am working on it .
    anyway , i have a old power supply bought since like 3-4 years and i don't know if it's affect my FPS in game ?
    and if it does what kind of PSU should i get ?
  2. Dingus148

    Some kind of landline power supply...doesn't need to be on the grid but be aware solar may run low. Your FPS will drop when the available power goes down...without the flow of electrons, your CPU will stop calculating and you experience this as zero FPS.
  3. Pie Chasm

    A PSU with sufficient J/S for all of your components.
  4. GearsOfWaR

    so how many Watts i need ?
  5. Pie Chasm

    It depends on ALL of your components. There is a calculator on the interwebs somwhere, if you can't tally it yourself, but nobody can tell you unless they know.
  6. Liquid23

    there is more to it than just the overall watt rating you will see on the side of the PSU... doesn't matter how many watts the PSU is if it's V12 rail, which your PSU is hooked to, doesn't have the amps to support the card... I'm sure with a few minutes on google you could find a few nice and easy to understand guides explaining it all in detail

    but all in all a bad or failing PSU can simulate almost any PC problem
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