Power Rush Alert on Waterson - NC got *DENIED*

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  1. Dark Pulse

    NC thought they'd be clever and try to take over amp stations with an 8% overpopulation.

    Unfortunately for them, TR came to the rescue and captured Nott on Esamir with a mere 42 seconds left in the alert, giving TR and NC both 4 Amp Stations apiece and ending the alert in a draw.

    Absolutely wild stuff. Both sides, well fought! There was no shame and no real losers in this one. (Well, except for the Vanu, who ended the alert holding onto a single amp station.) Though I bet those NC defenders at Nott feel like they absolutely choked, but to be fair to them, they got outpopped at Nott 2:1 at the end.
  2. PurpleOtter

    This fight was amazing!
  3. Pirbi

    It was a really great fight. Although I think TR pulled that out thanks in part to the cue for Esamir. :D
  4. Roland2TowerCame

    Yeah, I was in the NC Outfit/platoon that saw Nott was for the taking, so they abandoned their fight on Indar against Dahaka.
    And if the Vanu hadn't attacked Freyr in overwhelming numbers, NC might have been able to counter.
    (Just a theory, I was at Freyr, fighting the outfit of which my VS alt is a member, so I don't know the exact conditions of Nott)
    kinda epic all around
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  5. NC_agent00kevin

    VS threw almost everything they had at Freyr, so reinforcements could not be sent to Nott in time. TR made a weak push on to Freyr close to the end; me in a AP Lightning and a single random Vanguard crushed most of the armor that tried to crash the party. (I got three VS Sunderers in the fray too) The TR showed up to try and help the VS take the Amp Station so that they would win the alert instead of getting a draw. The VS couldnt manage to take Elli away so they left a token force there and threw everything else they had at Freyr. And failed, I might add, even with superior numbers for a bit and the TR interference.

    Nott was under siege by 2:1 odds for not just the end, but pretty much the entire attack. I keep a close eye on the map, mainly looking for ghost caps, but I also monitor points of interest during alerts. The boys at Nott were calling for reinforcements but no one could deploy there as it was cut off. By the time Freyr was untouchable as far as the alert goes, it was too late to organize a gal drop.

    Honestly, it was a great fight. It seems like you are patting yourself on the back a bit hard though. A lot of alerts are ties these days. The VS are really the [TR] heroes this time. They mostly ignored their own Amp Station to attack ours, which allowed the TR to retake Nott with superior numbers. And dont try to BS me, I saw it and routinely checked - the biggest that fight ever got was 25-48 between both empires. Thats just two squads each. The rest of the Vs and Tr forces were busy assaulting NC positions.

    I usually record or at least take a screenshot of alerts for the forum BS that the tighter fights generate, but I didnt tonight. I didnt expect a 'yay rah TR' thread to pop up over something so mediocre. I did however, take video of the previous Indar alert where the TR got their faces stomped and the NC won from the time out corner.

    PS we didnt have an 8% overpop either, it was more like 4%.
  6. Zapon

    ^^^what he said

    I have never seen us do what we did - the platoon i was with switched from ESAMIR TO AMERISH like 4 times, back and forth, jitting NC amp station, then swapping continents and blitzing NC amp stations- but the NC somehow managed to keep sparing platoons to hold us off.....

    We almost broke the draw that happened.... it was a good fight

    I'll say this though- we just mopped up on that Amerish alert afterwards xD
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