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Discussion in 'Emerald (US East)' started by ArchadorNC, Nov 10, 2013.

  1. ArchadorNC

    Part of the Problem is a new outfit on Waterson, it is lead by former Officers of the largest NC outfit on the server, who left said outfit due to personal reasons and a general unhappiness.. We are actively recruiting anyone BR 10+ who is interested in a light hearted outfit where they can have fun, work together, and make friends in a stress-free, persecution-free environment. We are semi-serious during alerts and plan to work with the rest of the NC. We currently have a TS and a website- http://partoftheproblem.guildlaunch.com/
  2. totalBimbo

    Great bunch of guys to work with! I would recommend their outfit to anyone who is interested in squad/platoon operations with great squad and platoon leaders who know what the hell they are doing. Its about damn time you guys kicked that zergfit wanna be CO in the teeth. :D
  3. iambronco

    Thanks for the vote of confidence, RCN6. Was great running a joint platoon with you guys last night - having such a cohesive squad at our back makes a world of difference.

    We've had a great start this week and an outpouring of support from a number of outfits - thank you all and look forward to working with you. See you all in the field.

    - Bronco
  4. JC713

  5. Hydra Hercules

    I am a very new player and am trying to learn the game. Last night I decided to learn about squads and comms. I set up my headphones & mic, logged on and tried to find a squad. I joined a PotP squad - my first for the game! My couple hours with them far surpassed anything I had experienced in my Battlefield platoon.

    These guys were great to play with. PotP leadership was very well organized at both the platoon and squad level. When we hit some rough patches and the the tactical situations deteriorated quickly, the leadership did not. These folks are good. Their comms were excellent as well. My squad was a mix of PotP and generic people like me. Our squad leader held it all together and made it work. He was also calm and didn't become unnerved when things didn't go right. I saw the other squads in our platoon coordinating as well. Their skill reminded me of some of the better FC's I have flown under in Eve Online.

    We captured several positions and also got nuked pretty hard at others. Since I'm so new to PS2 I don't have the minimum BR yet but when I do (soon) I'll be contacting these guys. They are good and I had a terrific time. Thanks for the fun PotP.

    -Hydra Hercules
  6. iambronco

    Glad you had a good time hydra. Feel free to keep running with us and let us know when you hit BR10. See you in the field.
    - Bronco
  7. FlexoRodriguez

    Yeah, these guys have some top notch leaders that cooperate with other outfits. I can only think of one outfit that's any better (*grin*).
  8. ArchadorNC

    Bump! Great first week, over 150 members!
  9. ArchadorNC

    Just hit over 200 members, running full platoons every night, working great with NCC! Ton of fun, thanks for the support guys.
  10. Mike Scott

    I've played many MMOs and I have to say that out of all the Guilds, Corps or Outfits I've been exposed to POTp has the best leadership and player base I've ever seen. It is an absolute pleasure playing with you guys. I look forward to gaming with you every night! keep up the good work Arch, Nindicat , Smoochie, and all the rest!
  11. tProphet

    Good luck with the new outfit.

  12. Furryforever

    Happy I found and joined up with these guys. They can be serious and they can be chilled out. But one thing is certain, they have extremely good leadership and are extremely consistent on their platoons.
  13. Epicstrat

    Great group of guys here, and reliable too! Great to have you guys on the NC and keep up the good work.
  14. totalBimbo

    wow after only one and a half weeks these guys are already at 308 members! Great job guys keep it up, we look forward to working with the new phx > POTP of the NC.
  15. ArchadorNC

    Awesome going so far guys, running 2 full platoons each night and working great with NCC. Thanks for all the support guys, we will continue to work together for the best of the NC! If you ever need anything in game or need help with something just contact one of us, we will also assist with command requests as possible. Again, everyone is welcome to run with our platoons.
  16. target_acquired

    If you are looking for an organized and fun outfit to play with, PotP runs like this all day erry day. If you aren't getting what you need out of your outfit, give us a try. We coordinate with in-game comms to ensure that erryone has fun.

    Just look for our (multiple) platoons and hop in!
  17. Lt.Picklepants

    We are elite, we are menacing, and I think Archador is a Spartan?
  18. Monkeydmomo

    I disagree.
  19. Gav7x

    But we have the super devil.
  20. Lt.Picklepants

    Ohh Moises i love you guys.. why do you have to be so mean? Next time i come over to the VS warpgate for Tea time ill straighten you out.

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