Potentially a nasty bug - invisible/invincible tank/vehicles

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Locke, Dec 1, 2012.

  1. Locke


    Today I encountered a bug where my vanguard tank became invisible to everyone and was impossible to damage except by blast damage. I literally parked it in the middle of about 5 TR prowlers/lightnings and a bunch of infantry at a tech plant (within clear visible range) and no-one was taking any notice of me at all. I was able to continue driving around and shooting exactly as normal which I did until I realised what was happening (when four prowlers drive straight past you without firing you do start to wonder whats going on!).

    I have submitted a bug report but I wanted to add this video to help show what might be happening. My gunner in the tank told me that to him it looked like my tank was flying and was heading through the world under the map. This happened to me in a Sunderer a few days ago on Amerish... I used fraps to record that incident (unfortunately I didn't record the bug happening today from a driver's point of view). I would guess maybe the driver of the Sunderer in this video had an invisible Sunderer for some time:

    While I only killed a few people I could of exploited the hell out of this to rack up lots of kills. There was no obvious cause but if someone could figure out how to replicate this you could get a lot of kills with no risk. Just to be clear there was no way the TR could not of seen my tank. I play on the Woodman server.

    is that like that 1 were you got max heath can heal ur self