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Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Hellkyte, Nov 29, 2012.

  1. altonyc

    (Vanu, Infiltrator)

    Weapon: Nyx Scout Rifle (the semi-auto one)
    Attachments: 2x Reflex, laser dot (considering adding silencer)
    Cert focus: hacking and cloaking. Haven't gotten any explosives yet, likely won't. Suit upgrade is shield regen.

    Style: Infiltrator who actually infiltrates.
    During beta, when infiltrators had shotguns, I would always use shotgun+slug rounds on my infiltrator. Not for the TROLOLO INSTAGIB, but so that way I could hack almost everything in a base and be able to defend myself...ok, sometimes for the assassination ability that is cloak+high damage. The Nyx is almost like having that shotgun again. It takes more shots on average (shotgun slugs never took four shots to kill...) but it is the short-range solution I have so much wanted. I can cloak, get into the enemy base while they're distracted with my allies, hack stuff, maybe spawn a mag or a sundy, or cloak, take out key personnel (a sniper who is outsniping our sniper, a particularly troublesome medic or engineer), and basically spread confusion through the base, and draw attention so my team can be successful with their assault. So, kind of like an assassin+saboteur (which is how I think the infiltrator should be played): take out high-value targets (no vehicles, of course...) and hack/sabotage panels and turrets.
  2. Hellkyte

    Uhm, wrong subforum mate. But vOv.
  3. Xaielao

    Vanu LA here. I tend to play rather stealthily, flanking enemies, finding perches high up I can use to 'snipe'.

    Solstice SF with Compensator, 2x Reflex. Going for Softpoint Bullets & Under-slung Grenade Launcher

    I love the Sostice SF because of it's stability and versatility. With a compensator I can set burst fire and mow down half a dozen enemies before I'm spotted. Softpoint will only increase the damage and the grenade launcher will be very handy for when I get above an AMS.

    Restoration Kit x2, very handy for those tight spots behind enemy lines with no backup. I'll probably pick up at least one C4 at some point but I've left that up to the other LA for now (hoping price will drop heh).

    Nanoweave Armor 2, Jumpjets 3. Will max both with time.Even just 3 pts in jumpjets makes a 'huge' difference IMHO. I plan on picking up a few points of Ammo Belt to switch out with Nanoweave for when I'm perched somewhere flanking the enemy because it's a pain in the *** to get back down and find an Engineer who is paying attention to ammo needs without getting shot on the way.
  4. Hammos

    I'm Pretty boring playstyle, but I like it. I find a good spot up high, stay put, and pick off weak enemies.

    Trac AMC
    6x scope
    High Velocity

    Jump Sets
    Shield Regen
  5. Velron

    Soft point ammo
    Advanced laser sight
    HS/NV scope

    Jump jets
    C4 x1 for now, keep this so I'm always prepared to take out a max.

    I play up close, always flanking the backlines and causing havoc. Quickly going to the far point and capping it while the main force gets the close ones, etc.
  6. Fenrys

    I like to get high and watch areas where I expect heavy traffic.

    If I don't know what I'm getting into:
    vanilla VX6-7

    If I expect to see a crowd of people I need to kill or bypass:
    Solstice SF with IR scope and underbarrel Smoke Grenades
  7. Goatley

    Lynx with Fore grip or laser sight depending along with reflex and soft point ammo. Along with that I tag along with two sticks of c4 and restoration kits depending as well. As far as switching up guns I stick with lynx no matter what with good success. Pull out usually 3+ kill ratio being very aggressive.

    Here's some videos I have from passed streams and my streaming channel if you wanna check out how this plays out with a decent player behind them.
  8. Rodriguez

    Thanatos with extra ammo on clip.

    My primary goal is to attack from unsuspecting angles, it's ludicrous the amount of times I've dropped in on 5-6 enemies and are shooting at allies and killed them all. I'm horrible at FPS's too, so I'm only ever firing from the hip with the occasional knife if I'm cocky.

    One thing that I do which I don't notice other people doing is charge a position. Approaching from an angle that no one is watching is one thing, running blindly in from an angle that everyone else is too smart to approach is another. More often than not, a couple of allies will catch on while I'm drawing fire (or I get lucky and secure a position) and a small incersion can take place.

    My K/D is currently sitting around 1.1; I tend to either get 5-10 kill streaks or die 5-10 times in a row. Starting to err on the side of the former now, though.

    Running increased move speed and improved jump jets, was using medkits but have just picked up C4, not sure what I'll end up going for there.
  9. pnkdth

    Pulsar C; Iron sight and laser sight. Handles exactly like the NC's AF-19 merc with the same attachments(which is my favourite carbine).
    Grenade bandolier

    A build which uses guerilla/hit and run tactics. Never engage in a fair fight, and I save C4 for MBTs, sunderers, and max units. I did manage to plant C4 on a mossie in mid flight last night, felt so good, and I bet he or she wondered how the hell that happend. xD
  10. Deerhunter

    I really like the AC-X11 a lot now that I have used it a bit. Does a good deal of dmg for sure.
  11. Wolfwood82

    Trac-5 S
    x2 Reflex
    Softpoint ammo
    Compensator (might change for suppressor)
    Underslung grenade launcher

    My general purpose weapon.

    Extended Magazine

    My CQC weapon of choice, this thing mauls people extremely fast at point blank range. Have taken out entire squads single handedly with this baby. I kid you not, 12 kills in less then 15 seconds.
  12. Corway

    Piston+extended mag

    Advanced pointman.

    I usually get and cap a point until my team can get there.

    I'd actually like to see a motivated outfit/platoon of LA working together. Mostly all I see is something that can only be described as advanced bunny hopping.
  13. Babylon Rocker

    Pulsar C
    2x Reflex or Inv

    Adrenaline Pump
    Medic Kit

    Anti Infantry, Playstyle is fast and aggresive
  14. Boroming

    *Long Range/Tank Buster
    -Solstice SF
    High Vel Ammo
    3.4x Holo
    Underbarrel Nade Launcher
    -2x C4
    -Nanoweave 4 (considering ammo belt/bandolier)
    -JumpJet 4

    *Close Range/Mid
    Soft Point Ammo
    Advanced Laser Sight
    -Medical Kit
    -Nanoweave 4
    -JumpJet 4
  15. Krrr8or

    Advanced Laser Sight
    Reflex Sight
    Adrenaline Pump
    Restoration kit for small bases C4 for the zergs.

    And I just got a suppressor for indoors. As for soft point ammo I like the gun damage at all ranges and would prefer not to lose damage at any range.
  16. Evstir

    Best loadout ever

    NS-30 Vandal:
    -NiCO XR(2x)
    -Forward Grip

    NS-44L Blackhand:
    -Laser Sight

    Motion Spotter:

    Hunter Cloaking:

    Adrenaline Pump:

    EMP Grenade:


    My playstyle is pretty much rush while sniping w/Vandal then at close range 2 shot people with it. If i need to i switch to blackhand which is a quick 2-3 shot kill too. I use the cloak while im reloading so i can move while cloaked and reloading. If I am not doing this I switch to max stalker cloak and take over unoccupied bases which I usually get fought over wo i hide with stalker then surprise 2-3 shot the person with my Blackhand. I also plant my claymore in some places in either style. Also for both i throw an EMP in to stop vehicle spans or just to be careful when i play.
  17. Iridar51

    Dude. This is Light Assault subforum and you're necroing a 3 year old thread with an infiltrator post. Dude. Not cool.
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  18. Dualice

    I was just playing a Fishymancer on Diablo II this evening, too.
  19. SQPD

    Some strange mashups I use:

    TRAC-5 S, Grenade Launcher, SPA
    TX1, Suppressor, ALS
    Medical Kit

    LC3 Jaguar, 3.4x dot, Foregrip
    TX1, Suppressor, ALS
    Medical Kit

    TRAC-5, 1x T-Dot, ALS
    TX1, Suppressor, ALS
    Medical Kit

    GD-7F, 3.4x dot, ALS, SPA
    LA8, Suppressor, ALS
    Medical Kit
    Adrenaline Pump
  20. Ximi

    This thread is idea for help me to decide,since im planning to play Infiltrator or LA on Ps4 version of PS2.

    As for Vanu LA im planning to have:

    Phobos shotgun,x2 scope,extended magazine.
    Beamer with darklight.
    Adrenaline boost.
    The default propulsor bag.

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