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Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Hellkyte, Nov 29, 2012.

  1. Hellkyte

    Sometimes I get into the mental rut that the way I play is the only way, which is stupid. Thought it would be interesting to get a better idea of how other people have spent their certs and for what purpose.

    Currently I have this:

    Trac 5 s w/
    - 2X Reflex
    - underslung grenade launcher

    Also 1 block of C4

    Not much so far but I plan on dumping more into Jump Packs and my grenade bandolier soon.

    As for style my goal is to dominate rooftops. Take out enemy infiltrators and LA, with the ultimate goal of findin the main enemy Zerg and unleash grenade hell on them. In some maps, like the tech plant, this is absurdly easy. I just jump off the roof and get down behind the block of enemies at the double doors. Drop my load and then kill as many as I can with my rifle. In other situations like the Biolab it gets more complex. Usually more rifle work and less grenade work. In either case the potential for destruction is phenomenal and the freedom of access to the vantage points is wonderful. I won't reveal the exact spot I use on the tech plant but I have never been spotted there before unleashing my entire payload.

    So, what kind of loadouts do you guys use, and how do you use it?

    Edit: I am also growing to truly love tree branches. These are amazing places to fire from.
  2. NamLoc

    Personally, my play style is a tad too aggressive for traditional LA play, but I find it my most successful and entertaining class.

    - Haymaker (Slugs, 1x Reflex, extended mag)
    - Grenade Bandolier
    - Jet pack certs

    Primarily fly around stacked corners of firefights, throw all my grenades at the masses...and if i land from that shoot 2-4 times before getting obliterated. Rinse and repeat, usually the dead lock ends in our favor soon after, with me getting 2-6 kills per life.

    I take slugs to be more versatile, allows me to pick off people at a pretty good distance.
  3. Achmed20

    im suprised this thread hasnt apeared ealier :D

    Piston (for sniping mid-longrange)
    - slugs
    - 3.4x scope
    - extended mag


    GDF (indoor fights)
    - reflex scope

    + runspeed
    + heal over time
    + default jets (lvl 2, seems buggy anyway)

    working on my C4 right now but i doubt i'll use it often
    after that ill upgrade my gauss-s with both ammo types, 2 different scopes and smoke and nade launcher

    primary i try to clean chokepoints and get generators and capture poins as fast as possible.
  4. Lazaruz

    - Reflex sight 2x
    - High velocity rounds
    - Compensator
    - Laser dot
    Tier 4 ammo belt
    Med kits.
    Beamer with laser dot.
    My trusty old butter knife.

    Good ammo efficiency for kills, and a more of a "in your face" relentless attack that I use for base assaults and general combat.

    - 4x simple cross hair scope
    - Slug ammunition
    - Laser dot
    Tier 4 ammo belt
    C4 (once I unlock it)
    Beamer with laser dot.
    My trusty old butter knife.

    More of a semi-sniper set up that I use for cutting down enemy groups that are taking cover while trying to push forward. Also works well as a counter sniper and encouraging enemy Engys to avoid using their turrets.
  5. Hellkyte

    I'm really surprised none of y'all are usin the underslung launcher. That **** is amaaaaazing. Borderline broken for LA because I could never take another weapon. Also I'm surprised this hadn't shown up earlier too (although maybe it did I didn't bother to look.)
  6. AdennTM

    -2x Reflex Sight
    Medic Kit
    Jetpack Upgrades

    My playstyle is almost impossible to explain. But I always rock with it and am 1 of the top 10 in the "stalemate" areas (Eisa Techplant, Zurvan Amp Station, Any tower). Basicly NEVER stop running or jumping. At 1 point in a stalemate in the outskirts of a biolab I managed to deplete all the ammo of my T5, my pistol and killed 2 snipers with my knife before finally going down.

    So yeah, I consider myself an "expert" LA Trooper BUT only if I'm playing alone obviously.
  7. ThoughtfulBee

    New Conglomerate:

    Gauss Compact S
    2x Reflex
    Underslung Grenade Launcher
    (No C4, not enough certs)

    In combat I seek higher ground first and foremost. The suppressor kills me at range, but when I jump in to a base or Biolab it works wonders at keeping me alive longer. I've adapted to it's downfalls. The USGL helps give me some more power in 1 vs 1, and helps when raining death from above. I'm considering working a shotgun next, but I hate how the weapon mesh is just a re-used GD-7F. It feels so cheap and wrong.
  8. Achmed20

    just bought mine and instantly fell in love with it. group of people? no problem at all :D
    to bad they dont refill ammo on engie ammo packs :(

    no more throwing grenades, dieing and never see them exploding.
    im not sure but i guess ill trade my grenades for smokies sooner or later. or are they an extra slot?

    Trac 5 S
    Underslung Grenade Launcher
    3.4 x Scope
    Repeater Pistol (Base model)
    Laser sight
    C4 x 2
    Nanoweave maxed

    That's my favorite set up usually. My playstyle sometimes gets me killed but I'm almost always 2:1 KD. The launcher itself should net you 2 kills every life. Usually I find out where we're pushed up to or where the enemy is coming from and find a place to get a higher altitude angle on them. IE: Trees, the ledges outside of windows on almost every single building, top and undercarriage of bridges.

    I just bothered to pick up the Haymaker (auto shotty), extendo mag, nanoweave max or extra ammo max I can't decide. Seems no reason to even buy a scope for it though unless I want to buy the slugs. Don't know how good that'll be. Any other TR use slugs with this shotty?
  10. Swiffle

    Main: GD-7F
    Advanced Laser Sight
    Reflex Sight
    Soft Point Ammunition
    Nanoweave armor
    2x C4

    Inside Bio Labs, I usually add a Suppressor.

    For outdoor fight, swap for speed boost sometimes.

    For Tech Plant farmin, swap max grenade bandolier. Bomb teh sundys and ppls stacking up on doors
    Otherwise abuse terrain, trees, nooks, ledges, rocks. Farm people as they stack up on corners, and outduel other LA on rooftops.
  11. RoosterNE

    VX6-7 Carbine
    Advanced Laser Dot (x2)
    IR/NV Scope
    Soft Point Ammo
    Nanite Armor x4
    C-4 (of course)

    Playstyle is "ballz deep" - I try to keep moving and hitting at very close range.
    Me playing
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  12. Nehlis

    2 c4 blocks. Stock everything else, and 3 levels of normal jumpjets.
    I'm too busy shoving points into my flash for anything else.
    the 2 c4 is worth it to really *** up anything with treads. And maxes. And groups of people outside of a sunderer. hell, c4 + jetpack is the best thing invented since c4 + flash.
  13. Recca

    Trac 5 - S
    2x reflex scope
    Underbarrel grenade launcher
    Soft point ammunition

    A5 Nighthawk
    Extended Magazine

    2 c4
    3x Grenade Bandolier

    My playstyle is to do as much damage as possible and always go for sunderers/tanks. I couldn't care less how many times I die.
  14. DrTeeth

    Carbine Loadout:

    + Advanced Laser
    + Suppressor
    + 1x Reflex sight

    Adrenaline Pump
    2x Resto kits

    Shotgun Loadout:

    + Extended Magazine

    Adrenaline Pump
    2x Resto kits

    Sunderer Killing:

    TRAC-5 S
    + Grenade Launcher
    + Compensator
    + 1x Reflex sight

    Adrenaline Pump
    2x C4
  15. Soulshox

    Main Weapon
    +Foregrip x2
    + Compensator
    + High Velocity ammo
    + Jet packs x3 so far
    + Nano armor
    + x2 scope (working on some others)
    Working on C4, ammo bandolier

    I am more of long range/medium range fighter, finding positions and chokes points to take out people. Always on the move and changing positons. Also go for heavys if i can get the drop on them and have clears shots at their head. I often take the longer route round to places to kill straglers and get to positions where the allied soldiers are no where to be seen.
  16. Trysaeder

    This guy knows his stuff.
  17. Eziel

    Thanks guys for posting your builds and playstyles! I got the game last week moved servers to be with my outfit and my internet went down. So no certs spent yet, but tonight will be a different story!

    Kind Regards,
  18. Hodo

    2X Reflex
    foward grip
    HV Ammo

    rest in jump jets and nano armor.

    I sit and look for infiltrators or people going for stealth caps, hop in kill them hop out somewhere and wait.

    I rarely sit in one spot for long.

    When assaulting tech plants I will hop over the wall with 2 or 3 outfit mates and take out a generator and wait for the engineers to come and repair it.
  19. Mindfire

    Regular Jetpack
    1 Grenade

    tactic (large stand offs only) = fly over big clump of baddies (or if barricaded inside, hug the roof to avoid fire); throw 1 grenade at biggest lump of bad guys then die. Watch the XP come in while waiting to respawn, rinse and repeat until out of grenades.
    Makes about 1 cert a min.
  20. Undead Clown

    Solstice SF with Nubetube and 2x reflex (Vanu reflex sights are so awesome)
    Stock pistol (silencer soon)
    Lvl 3 Jumpjets
    Sprint speed (going to replace with ammo belt or grenade bandoleer soon)
    And I'll have my first block of C4 tonight, 20ish certs to go.

    I have to say, the underbarrel grenade launcher is amazing. Its great being able to kill someone in 1 shot even if they manage to get the drop on you. My KDR last night was 4:1, my normal KDR for this game and most other FPS is 2:1 - 3:1, its borderline op. In fact if they fixed the issues with resupplying from engie boxes only working 50% of the time, and the grenades that land at someones feet engulfing them in the explosion, but somehow not doing damage, it might be op.

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