[Guide] Post good ways to use the Valkyrie

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  1. \m/SLAYER\m/

    none, but it cheap alternative for Galaxy, it really cheap, so you can drop it like an Flash.
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  2. ConradHorse

    always take at least 1 valkyrie with a platoon. move the squad leaders to the reinforcements needed zone when it's impossible to get there through redeploy, move the rest of the squad to the warpgate and spawn at squad leaders, or just take a few valkyries and move the whole platoon
  3. Jonesing25

    the AA max and skyguard spam will never stop.
  4. FBVanu

    Do I understand these posts, the Val is basically a smaller but faster flying Sunderer?
    You can use it as a spawn point?, while dropping off 4 players?

    That would make it the perfect fast spawn/spotter on the way to the next base, at about the moment you are sure you conquer the current base..... Before the cap point even flips, you can rush towards the next base, be faster than any allied Sunderer, get busy hacking turrets and call out enemy vehicles leaving the base.
    By the time the current base point flips, you will already have troops inside the next base.. while allied Sundys are still en-route trying to get there.
    The Val is much easier to hide than a Galaxy !

    That would also mean that the paper thin Val needs some ESF escorts to keep it alive on the way in.

    Once the friendly Sundys get to the next base, you can abandon the Val, as everybody will be using the sundy to spawn / resupply.

    On the defending side it means I now not only have to look for Sundys and Gals.. but now I also have to watch out for fast and low flying Vals, and every time a Val goes behind a little hill for cover, I never know if they just dropped off a bunch of guys with rockets..
    it could become a sneaky little thing.

    Why would you race with a Harasser towards the next base, with 3 players in it, if you can now use the faster Val and fly over there, while providing more fire power than the Harasser?

    The Val could become a flying Harasser.
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  5. belthazor3457

    ~ How to make use of the valkyrie ~

    A) It's cheaper than the scythe/mossie/reaver and has only a 100 cert pricetag on the safe ejection seat for non-light-assault players who like using the scythe as a personal transport to drop themselves off somewhere, as opposed to 500 from the scythe/mos/reaver. Nice for non-LA's as a poor-man's mos/scthe/reaver personal drop-transport for those without the certs to spare + don't like playing LA.

    B) It can be used, essentially, as a helicopter gunship that deploys infantry, as a poor man's galaxy that is crewed by less people and offers some value to smaller squads of friends that can deploy some infantry with its mobile spawning capacity - though you're not supposed to hover around in the air and it is about as armored as a fighter, you'll need to conceal behind trees or at very high altitude etc, but it is still useable for that purpose.

    One thing that should be kept in mind for the valk is that it costs less resources to pull than anything else. I personally would've rathered the valk cost the same as a liberator and have appropriate levels of usefulness, but I do not always get what I want. It's prime utility, at its cheaper price, is a "poor man's version" of other things. Galaxy dropship/gunship, personal transport, etc.

    Want a personal parachute but don't have the resources/certs for a scythe? Buy a valk.
    Want a gunship/dropship but don't have the crew for a galaxy or certs to invest in buffing it up? Buy a valk.

    I am contemplating making a guide/review on it. Someone compared it to a huey earlier. A reasonable comparison, though I'd more compare it to a HIND.
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  6. FBVanu

    A guide would be great, so much confusion about this Val.
  7. DatVanuMan

    You use it like a LA-AT. That is, drop a few guys, and let the other folks fire lasers out of it:p
  8. Typhoeus

    Was just trying this and even then still having a lot of trouble doing this. The frikkin thing refuses to blow up when contacting the ground. It likes to slide and do multiple 360's instead :( Only had it work once out of about ten attempts. Maybe I just need more practice though ^^
  9. Krokozor

    Okay lets be serious.
    From Valkyrie relise on main server me and my gunner use that crap for 7 long hours and spend on that **** over 14k certpoints and some money to horn and neon.
    so my expireence:
    best gun clearly vulkan. Ability to oneclip tank from *** is only way to use that crap and it capable to destroy aircraft in close range. but i have gunner who have 2.5k kills on harasser vulkan so it mostly option cause he can aim. hornet good overall cause 1.25s reload speed but absolute garbage against sundies. it need from 20 to 40 missiles to destroy one dam thing. rest guns is crap. we use them all.
    also better to not buy thermal optics. 50m is a joke and it's not funny at all.

    clearly it's need flare and composite, any other option mostly mean more horrible death. and cause it high weight all two frames pretty much make it just worse to handle. with speedy frame it just wount stop, hover is more reliable option but while orbiting target it gain high momentum and in the end you just kiket out by inertia or gunner just cant shoot from that angle.

    carying capabilites is like zero. ofc squad can spawn on that crap and it can cary sombody on roof but clearly spawn beacon do it better. it's cant acting like sundy cause it cant pull zerg. one squad matter in small fights but planetside are not about it.
    ofc i use it sometimes to deliver lost infantry to next point but i think they are just lazy bastards who hypnotized by my pretty horn and neon.
    there is no transport capability for beacon spawner, ESF just do it faster and better and flash is just cheaper and more stable for that goal. transport infantry dont make certs and they all just die fast after landing.
    so just better not use it for goal it intended to use. it just not working in that way. if hotdrop needed jut use galaxy.
    it's better cause if you not planning to use it for guns you just need less pilots.

    firing from rumble seats is good but only if you TR. cause one side can oneclip ESF from striker. but it have magical hitbox for rumble seats so it hard to lock on target. also rumble seats dont have any good pitch axis stabilization so evrybody motion sick and amost all time cant aim cause it just no time for it.

    far camera is good but dont really work on hossin. 2 times i just crash because i see nothing but trees.

    also i may congratulate you if you are vanu. vanu can shoot by 3 shoots valkyrie from Lancer and it not hard at all. PPA deal even more damage than skyguard ind it's just ridiculous. even canister dont do that amount of damage. airhammer are surprisingly low damage. 2 hornets deal like 80%.
    rest guns is not that anoying.

    for far best use it just like harasser. attack from rear with vulkan. and mostly it is a flying harasser.
    today i have as pilot 60-70k SPH while normaly its 135-145k.
    and actualy best place for valkyrie is biolab bottom. nobody expecting that.

    bug with gun clipping works also good but anyway that crap cant kill infantry in any good amount so it doesn't count.

    and in the end: DONT DROP AMMO-PACKS INSIDE WHILE ON GROUND. sometimes physics do it funny way and it act like anchor in middle air and mostly mean crushing without control.
  10. Nexus545

    - Fly low, stick to the surface of the landscape using the space bar.
    - Drop your team at good points where they can either hold or play the objective
    - Don't fly around like a maniac trying to dodge, your gunner wont hit anything, you have to take damage to do damage
    - Always keep your front bottom half facing an ESF, you can win a 1vs1 if your gunner can hold his own.
    - Think of taking on Liberators like that old game, Joust. Keep on top of them and go for the element of surprise
    - Know when to leave, if you've gained the attention of a small squad on the ground go away and come back.
    - At the moment, the stealth cert is your best friend. The current mentality is "Valkyries are cert pinatas hur dur" so if people see you on the minimap they will try and get some easy XP, before long you'll have 5 heavies shredding you.
  11. DQCraze

    It's the sky harasser without the harassment part.
  12. thingymajigy

    May or may not work, haven't tried yet
    • Mid air repair station to repair planes flying alongside
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  13. Epicstrat

    Ok. I was running with a full squad and we used the Valkyrie to quickly move a squad of mostly infiltrators to the next base so that we could mess with the enemies trying to prepare a defense. Since the defenses were not there yet, as the previous base was still 30 or so seconds from being captured, we had no problems with keeping the Valkyrie alive for a bit. We also used the Hellion combined with AT shock troopers dropping from the Valkyrie to kill unsuspecting armor quickly. Thr squad logistics utility let us respec for multiple roles mid flight. Example: 2 VS harassers on a hill, I have all 4 heavies we are carrying drop out and attack and the Hellion gunner deals more damage. With both buggies down we take flak damage from the nearest base so I run away and get people to spawn in as engineers to heal me. We ran into trouble with enemy air, and found the best idea was to try and find a friendly ESF to kill the one chasing us or at least provide a distraction.

    My setup:
    Squad Logistics
    Max Vehicle stealth
    Max Evasiveness airframe
    Hellion with upgrades
  14. Ronin Oni

    It's definitely better on Hossin.

    Amerish it's ok I think

    Indar, like with ESF's, some areas are better than others.

    Esamir is a dangerous place for Air. AA is very powerful on Esamir
  15. Ronin Oni

    Works, yes


    Dangerous though and not much reason.
  16. Lazaruz

    I've found that with the low damage it takes from ground contact, it makes for a good infantry squishing vehicle.
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  17. Ronin Oni

    So annoyed with this.

    It's not even a great weapon against Infantry... I just want my gunner to clearly see vehicle targets within 200m (which is it's effective range anyways.)
  18. Nexus545

    Not in my experience. Because the landing gear is so terrible I touched down onto the ground pretty slowly and blew up. I've landed faster speeds with it before but occasional the landing gear doesn't want to work and you can find yourself in a bad spot.
  19. warmachine1

    1. Load guys with C4
    2. hover above Sunderer
    3. Profit, or at least guys with the C4 will
  20. RoyalEngineer

    Well For starters... Just consider the Valk as a flying harasser that has a sunder's spawning point. It's armored lightly so hovering on high altitudes is the same as asking the enemy units to kill you like a piñata. And trust me, you dont want that. If you keep flying at low altitude, ether with stealth or armor, you should be just fine. Just not on Esamir. Way too much AA.
    As for it's utility and how to use it, it depends on what your looking for. Cause unlike other vehicles that has one or two exact roles, the Valk can switch on any of them, which makes them very dangerous in the field. And in Hossin between the trees? Even worse, it's like being the coyote trying to catch the "road runner". It's hard as hell.
    As for the roles, It's possible to do many things, for example:
    1. Offensive DPS Role (nothing much to say here since there's a ton ways to use this role)
    2. Suicide Unit (for those leaders that just love to suicide and plant the spawn point on top of a tower or sneaky inf units)
    3. A fast Mobile Flying Spawn Point.
    4. Immortal Masochist Valk (Seen it more than twice, a valk full of engies repairing as 6+ air units keep attacking it, they never got to kill it till 3 hours later... Due a tree. Em trees. Good for farming CP and taking down a single heavy unit or just giving some small air support.)
    5. C4/ Tank Mine Air Valk. (good to take down a group of Vehicle units together. Or setting up fast road blocks through air as they go through, you get my point on this last part ;] )
    6. Just a Teasing Valk (couple of valks playing Tease of the role of "follow me idiots" Seen a couple of players shooting little amount of shots just to lure people into a trap)
    7. Piñata Valk (your common valk found in your daily game. Usually valks that try to act manly and end up at the wrong spot at wrong time)

    Load outs are up to you since for each role you can use a variety of different loadouts. Specially on the first role. Up to you at this point xD But don't look down on valks. My last one lasted two and a half hour. Last hour being during the alert in Esamir (despite the too much AA, it has a ton **** of mountains with holes, VERY good for evasion against airs. Scythes can't keep up with a valk's Mobility against objects at low altitudes. And if they keep chasing the valk in high altitudes, they become free kills. Dont look down on that fat *** Valk!)

    Anyways, Enjoy! Expect lots of AA as usual :3

    Edit(PS) If I'm missing a role, Do post it bellow :3