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  1. Razeprime

    Once the ANT becomes live, DGC is going to have a lot of free time and resources on their hands. Now, hopefully most of this will go towards bug fixes, but we still want some updates. Here are some of my ideas:

    -Replace the current Auraxium Battle Rifles with Automatic Scout Rifles
    -Create mentorship system (not sure about the amount of time/effort this would take)
    -Add LA tool (my current idea is a blowgun that launches darts with varying effects. You can buy different types of ammo for the blowgun, such as explosive darts, pain field darts, etc.)
    -Remove laser-guided capabilities on the Raven and compensate by increasing the velocity and damage (more sniper-y like the fracture and comet, less magic-projectiley like the current state).

    These are just some ideas of my own. Let me know if you have any ideas, or if you have any comments about my ideas.
  2. DarkStarII

    I've had some ideas for some extra battle/scout rifles and I could post them if anyone is interested in some ideas. The main reason I hadn't posted them yet was because I'm a tad lazy ;)

    Also regarding the Raven change. So what you're saying is that it'd turn into some cross between the Falcons and Fractures?
  3. Razeprime

    Don't know if we need more scout rifles, but imo Battle Rifles should be their own class of weapon, separate from Scout Rifles, so the more of them the merrier.

    In terms of the Raven, yes. I don't have access to dev tools, so I don't know exactly how it would perform, but my theorized Raven would have a longer range than the current one, hit the target faster, and do more damage, but it would require actual aiming abilities.
  4. Ronin Oni

    Oh, definitely priority :rolleyes:
  5. orangejedi829

    - No, directive weapons that are used by 0.01% of the playerbase are not a priority
    - Sure
    - Maybe if LA can no longer use C4, otherwise the class will probably become OP.
    - Nononononono. You must play a faction other than NC, huh?
  6. Ryme Intrinseca

    YES, need dat Aurax ScR
    If fracture is 'sniper-y' I guess that explains the sway...
  7. Rikkit

    After they are done with construction site, these are some of the things, that are most likely on the tasklist of the devs,
    at least as far as i know:
    Vehicle Hacking (Techdemo reveald with the NS-auto pistol)
    rework of the scout rifle directive combined with a auto-scout buff (statement from wrel)
    Bug fixes (obviusly)
    faction specific traitlines (slipped in PTS by accident)
    rework of an other continent.

    Hopefully they implent alot of the stuff from the Reddit April-fool
    I'm almost shure i forgot some topics, that has gotten the attention of the devs, but was scheduled due to workload.
    Wrel i count on you, to stress these things.
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  8. Liewec123

    add a 300 range limit to lancer and vortex, give drop to comets and saron.

    sucks doesn't it?! :p

    yes NC have the best long range AV max
    but VS have the best long range rocketlauncher
    and TR have the ultimate sniper death tank.

    the game is balanced asymmetrically and i think its fairly well balanced at the moment :)
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  9. Razeprime

    Never said these were priorities.
  10. Razeprime

    NC don't have the best long-range AV MAX, they have the best magic-bullet MAX. I'm proposing a change to make it BETTER at long-range, but with a higher skill floor.
  11. Liewec123

    nonsense, you propose a nerf in a fancy dress :)
    lets increase velocity yadayada, while reomving all of the strength,
    don't be like anakin! :p
  12. Razeprime

    Not sure how I'm directly nerfing it- I'm talking about a considerable increase in velocity, to something beyond that of the Comet or the Fracture, as well as a damage boost. That should make up for the loss of laser-guided projectiles. If you are so determined to keep the lasers, though, I have an alternative proposal: turn the Raven into a MAX lockon. Up the damage, lower the mag size to two rounds, and give the Raven lock-on capabilities. It'll keep it's magic-bullet properties, albeit to a slightly less OP extent.
  13. zaspacer

    Actually, I've been playing a lot of NC lately (I have much more total time as VS and TR, so wanted some experience as NC), and I think the NC are really lacking in Extreme Range Infantry AV.

    VS has Lancer. TR has Striker (don't laugh, crouch firing with single click shots I can snipe any ground vehicle target I can see). NC only has the Archer for Infantry to address Ground Vehicle targets at Extreme Range.

    Archer is better than nothing. But it's weak compared with VS/TR options, and it needs Ammo Belt to kill an MBT before running out of Ammo. NC needs a solid Extreme Range Infantry AV. Without it, they can't put any Flank/Rear Extreme Range pressure on enemy AV that are Vehicle Zerging a base. VS and TR Infantry can make enemy Vehicles have to readjust their siege by hitting them in their Flank/Rear, NC cannot. This is a huge difference in the Standard Game, and may account for why I see TR/VS ignoring each other and ganging-up on NC on Connery.

    TR was in this position of lacking Extreme Range AV before. But they now have Striker, and also help from the popular (and so prevalent) Gatekeeper.
  14. Neo3602

    I suggest trying out the Ravens sure they are avaiable on Maxes not infantry but Maxes can go anywhere infantry can and the Ravens are considerably more powerful compared to their VS and TR counter part.
  15. gartho33

    .... Striker is more of a long range "poke" than a weapon to pay any respect to... But I will agree... NC is now the kid without a "long" range toy (AV option)... though that doesn't seem to stop most vanguards from filling that role. (then again.. that was the exact argument against TR's viable long range AV)....
  16. zaspacer

    I just tried Raven in VR. It's obviously well known as a monster AV, and I've been on the merciless receiving end of it many times in my Sunderer. But what is the maximum range on it? I wasn't able to hit targets at 354 meters out in VR, was I doing it wrong?

    Regardless, there is a distinct difference between the different types of AV. And non-Max Infantry Extreme Range AV is a staple that every Faction needs (even if just at moderate power or "poke" power). Each Faction having access to moderate Weapons in each key category type is essential.

    Extreme Range Infantry AV can hop on a Flash or take a ride in an ESF. It can do regular Infantry work, and then toggle Extreme Range AV as needed, etc. And it's much easier for most players to Cert out, and it can spawn without Resources.

    I agree Striker's Extreme Range AV power is very limited. It's good at killing Base Turrets, killing neglected Deployed Sunderers, and Poking Tanks to get them to move. But that's the role I am saying that all Faction's should have (even if it is only moderately poweful like TR's).

    I can appreciate the idea that Vanguard does AV duty. I think MBTs doing AV duty is a key role as well. All Faction MBTs have destroyed my Sunderers many times. But I just don't think it fills the same role as Extreme Range Infantry AV. I was playing a lot of TR when the Striker was turned into a AA/Extreme-Range-Poke, and it made a big difference in what I could do with that Poke.

    When trying to soften up a Zerg, it's usually best to spawn forces in their Flank/Rear (Base or Deployed Sunderer), then use Lockon AA to disrupt (and eventually chase off) Air, then use Extreme Range AV to disrupt Ground Vehicles. All this works to disrupt those units, and also start the process of clearing the Zerg grip of death.