[Vehicle] Possible, simple rework to the Prowler to make it fit with TR traits (Speed)

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  1. karlooo

    The Terrain Republic vehicles are all about speed and firepower but have less armor, the vehicle can't be agile if it's too heavy.
    I really like this, it makes a lot of sense and is unique but the problem is the trait is so small it's barely noticeable, it plays like any other tank.

    Prowler is apparently the fastest tank. So I tested it out and here is what I got by comparing the NC and TR tank with the 'Racer High Speed Chassis':

    Vanguard max speed = 72 kph
    Prowler max speed = 78 kph

    Yeah like as if 6 kph helps. Wow what a big difference.
    Another useless Prowler ability is 'Barrage'....like the Prowler already has 2 guns, why does it need to shoot even faster?

    A rework I came up with will give the Prowler both it's traits.
    So what should be removed in my opinion is:
    -Gun stabilizer (Example: Ant has no stabilizer on it's mandible shaped tools)

    And in return it will receive:
    -A max speed of 90 kph with the physics of a Harasser, Wrel came up with:
    -Increase reverse speed
    -HP nerf


    No gun stabilizer will make it a disadvantage while shooting in motion...So instead the player will have to use its speed to get to a good firing location, maybe deploy when necessary.
    It's lower HP and un-stabilized gun will make it always lose on head-on engagements.
    So the prowler will basically turn into some back stabber tank lol.


    I'm not happy with the TR weapons. Their weapons are supposed to be conventional. Multi-barrel revolving guns are not conventional, a regular MBT which trades armor, to have 2 guns is not practical.

    My idea for the TR Prowler is to turn it into a flanker that ambushes, which will work out well in my opinion with the double cannon.
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  2. AllRoundGoodGuy

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  3. Demigan

    Just the fact that you consider 30% reload reduction for 15 seconds as useless is disconcerting.
  4. karlooo

    What? I don't see a problem with a Prowler Harasser ;)...seems balanced to me. TR should be technologically advanced.

    But seriously compared to a Harasser, it's big, has no turbo, and you have no stabilized gun (forgot to include secondary gun). I don't think this will be op, just complicated.

    Sometimes a Harasser is tougher than an MBT because it's so hard to hit together with its size, speed, acceleration.
  5. karlooo

    The ability is great. I meant like useless addition. It already shoots fast, this makes it shoot more, what's the point?
  6. Jbeasty

    Ahh yee...prowlrassers baby. Do we get turbo too?
  7. Demigan

    It enhances a trait that's already there, nothing wrong with that right?
    Vanguard has a shield which enhances it's health trait. Nothing wrong with enhancing the trait! (there is something wrong with a trait and enhancing that trait that is purely reactive rather than active. A Prowler firing it's gun or activating it's ability will always benefit even if he isn't shot at in return. While a Vanguard will only benefit if he's being shot at. This is a problem in a game where large scale warfare is a thing and most fights will have multiple tanks firing simultaneously at different targets).

    That said, I don't think there is a harm in enhancing the current tanks and giving them a larger scope of abilities, traits and capabilities to use. Key word: Enhance. Simply stripping the Prowler of it's current capabilities, making it faster and giving it a bit less health isn't a great plan. Besides the fact that you would quite literally make larger Harasser that can combine a Prowler main gun with a Vulcan to absolutely maim any target. Considering the massive murder mayhem that current Vulcan Harassers with reduced damage on their Vulcan already does... That isn't something I would like too see.

    And consider this: The Prowler combines the highest speed with very good maneuverability. While the Vanguard might "only" be 6km/h slower, the Vanguard steers like a brick. The combination of speed and maneuverability make the Prowler a far more lethal adversary, although it's also hampered by it's blocky design making it more vulnerable to bumps in the terrain compared to the Vanguard and Magrider.

    But again there is nothing against upgrading the Prowler to be a more unique and varied vehicle, so long as we update the other two as well. Some Prowler specific idea's I can come up with, partially based on this picture that holds too much awesome little tidbits that should have made it into the game:


    • A mortar utility. The Prowler can fire a set of light AV/AI mortars that will hit a few meters behind the crosshair in a short barrage. Possibly the length of time you hold the ability button can set the distance at which the mortars will fire (this will be visible for the player). This allows the player to flush out infantry behind cover or kill/destroy wounded targets. It would not be capable of killing undamaged opponents, however.
    • Upgraded tracks. The Prowler temporarily uses a gadget to improve it's tracks, giving it much better acceleration and turning for a short while. This could be used to temporarily drive a bit like a Harasser due to the time limit on the ability you can't get in and out quickly, only start or escape an attack.
    • A driver-controlled remote gun on top of the tank that performs a light AA/AI task. This weapon would have a low ammo count per magazine but solid damage... If you hit. It reduces the gap between ground and air vehicles where air vehicles have the option to just pick targets without AA on them and kill them without the ground unit having any option to defend itself. It also allows vehicles to better defend themselves from high infantry targets, mainly C4 fairies but also infantry on ledges and buildings close to the tank.
    • Airburst AA grenades. Fires a bunch of grenades up in the air in an umbrella pattern. Any aircraft caught in the blast will receive a chunk of damage and have a concussion effect slowing down their aircraft increasing the chance of crashes and reducing the effectiveness of onboard guns, giving the user a chance to avoid damage.
    • Exposed rumbleseats on the turret. Allows infantry to hitch a ride with the tank (which would come in handy with the new Anchor Mode offering a shield specifically for them).
    • Autocannons. We already have the Saron, Enforcer and Viper, but we can do with more autocannons in the game. AA oriented main gun autocannons that can engage both light vehicles (Harassers, Flashes) and aircraft to some effect. Or AI oriented autocannons that don't rely on AOE but on accurate high velocity shots.
  8. karlooo

    The Vanguard shield is much more interactive. The barrage you basically use every time you attack someone just to deal more damage.
    Also shielding yourself from Anti tank rounds makes more sense, instead of shoot faster even though you shoot fast, it's pretty lame.
  9. Johannes Kaiser

    Seriously, I HATE that weapon and its "oh look a tank, oh oops not any more" capabilities.

    On the topic of the design picture above, that looks like they took this chassis for the Vanguard instead for some reason. But I agree on it having some interesting possible additions to MBTs in it.
  10. karlooo

    (With my rework suggestion) Maybe remove the Prowler second gun and give it whatever in return. Or only allow it to equip secondary guns that all factions have, like the M20, Bulldog, Fury, Walker, Ranger..

    This rework can lead to TR getting a second faction specific vehicle. Maybe and finally a real MBT.


    Not really, the engine on that Prowler is in the front, and the Vanguard has it on the rear.