Population Imbalance and Vehicle Spam

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  1. AnnPerkins

    Usually these are considered two entirely different topics but I want to explain how theses are interconnected by one thing: the resource system. Currently, it's the only strategic part of the game.

    You capture territories to gain resources for your faction to use on vehicles and explosives and to deny them to your opponent. On paper that sounds great. However, in practice, there are some noticeable problems when there is a significant population imbalance.

    A faction that has many territories is going to have the resources to pump out vehicles constantly while a warpgated faction is not going to be able to produce any. And, I think many of us have realized that when a faction is greatly outnumbered they struggle to hold any territory at all.

    The faction with the higher population is in all likelihood going to be able to have vehicles on a per person basis. To put it another way: the "zerg" faction is going to be able to keep the vast majority of their players in vehicles while the outnumbered faction struggles to get vehicles on the field at all.

    Now, I don't know SOEs design philosophy and I'm not even sure they know what it is but I've always felt that an end goal should be difficult and as you progress towards that goal it should become progressively more difficult for you and/or your team. But, as I have highlighted, it's quite the opposite in Planetside 2 in its current state.

    So how can we fix it? A simple solution would be to "tax" the resource gain the further away from your warpgate a territory is and increase the base resource gain from the warpgate. This would help allow the faction on the defense to actually be able to field vehicles.

    TL DR - big faction get more points for more vehicles little faction no get points for vehicles make little faction even more screwed
  2. KAHR-Alpha

    I think the main issues is that resources gain is per player instead of per faction. If it were per faction then you could divide that amount equally between every player of that faction. It would greatly help outnumbered factions, but that would more or less keep the total number of vehicles constant, which might not be what SOE has in mind for PS2.
    Maybe something more interesting could be designed though.
  3. {joer

    You mean when I'm TR on Soltech and I see 20+ mags 20+ scythes 15+ liberators, and who knows how many sunderers and lightnings, this is bad for fun gameplay when they outnumber you 2-1?

    The issue isn't resources though, its just pure numbers game. (plus the new player friendly nature of VS scythes and mags).
  4. AnnPerkins

    it's a bit of a snowball effect. When one faction controls the map they have the resources to pour out vehicles while the underdog faction is going to be footslogging which directly leads to the other factions farming them for certs.
  5. {joer

    Thing is I've NEVER run out of vehicle resources. I'm sure its happens to people but its not common. I have run out of air twice, and infantry all the time.

    Sure its a perk to winning but its not why you lose normally. There is just numbers and ease of use in the case of the VS.
  6. The King

    I never run out of air or mechanical resources either. When I want to pull out a sunderer, I can. If I want a tank, or a plane, I can take one out. No problems.