Poor NC. Always getting shafted

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by ({x})Kyoji, Nov 29, 2012.

  1. ({x})Kyoji

    It was very late...or early depending on where you live I guess and after much of our clan decided to go to bed we took 2 squads to pick on someone - and who better to pick on than the NC! Sorry TR this is how you do it.


    Actually this is the second time. Poor NC.

  2. OminousZ

    What a *****!! Cutting off the supply line...nice
  3. Pugzii

    ({x})Kyoji everyone knows your an aimbotter, there was a thread started about u a few days ago hahaha

    proof is on youtube but I cant post a link because ill get banned.. (but you can still search it)

    basically by posting this you've just proved what hackers can do to the gameplay.. (ruin it)
  4. 12987

    this isnt a soe problem,so no.
  5. Deathrus

    While I would give credit where it's due.

    1.Not during prime time.
    2. Wee hours when no ones plays.

    So while I will say GJ. It will be official when you can do this during priimetime with major outfits playing. Post those ;).
  6. ({x})Kyoji

    Why would we waste time during prime time doing that when we can capture the map and warpgate you all there?

    On Waterson it is usually VS takes everything around 6PM EST till about 2-3AM EST then TR take everything after till it resets and rotates back.Last I checked it was an east coast server. Who is truly the off-hours faction?
  7. Deathrus

    Not on your server. I am Vs BTW. I never said you guys did bad, I said GJ. On our server we could cont lock between 2am up until 5pm est.

    Doesn't count becuase we have no real organizted resistance.
  8. AuditMF

    How convenient for you. Please keep your hackusations to yourself. And, by the way, tried to find your "proof," came up with nothing.
  9. Tobax

    So what... you want credit because 2 squads did that late at night when pops are at their lowest?
    Your only about 4 years late, 2-3 of us used to stay up late in PS1 and play "dominate the entire world" where we'd hack and take every single base on all of the 10 conts so that the entire server was our faction, still doesn't mean anything as we did it when pops were at their lowest.
  10. ({x})Kyoji

    It is a joke based on the number of NC threads. Relax bro.
  11. Merdur

    There is a reason there are so many NC post's, even the dev's realize they went to far with our nerfs.

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