(Poll) What do you think is "killing" planetside2 the most

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Shocky, Mar 31, 2018.

  1. Shocky

    I really want to know what the community thinks is "killing" the game so i made a strawpoll to get rough idea of where the majority of the community finds a problem with this game.

    On to the poll i have listed off a lot of things but i cant list off everything so if there is something that isn't in this polls list then comment and vote other.

    Oh yeah you guys can vote for multiple things just keep that in mind. https://strawpoll.com/76ybyere
  2. Eternaloptimist

    I'm not sure that polls are allowed under forum rules but generally, the only thing that annoys me is fluctuating FPS depending on size of battles, floating mines and suchlike software glitches.
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  3. Luicanus

    Indeed, placing a claymore only to have it warp 50m away under the map is absurdly annoying, especially if it was going to cover that direction to prevent you getting ambushed and then someone does exactly that.

    Other gripes that kind of tickle me are little UI issues, stuff like the stats pages not actually showing the stats for all weapons (looking at you Rocklet and Hunter QXC) and not showing most of the ribbons, the mana infantry turret shows up both where it's supposed to and next to the Spear Anti Tank Turret. I can't imagine it would be too much effort to tidy up some of these issues which must make new players feel the game is unpolished and unworthy of their time.
  4. adamts01

    • Zergs
    • No ping limit
    • Purgatory
  5. customer548

    Nothing is "killing" PS2. PS2 is a great great great game. Even if it lacks a bit of depth in terms of gamepley for my opinion.

    The 4 main issues I see that make PS2 frustrating for new and "old" PS2 players ?

    - Community : Constantly calling for hacks, cheats, OPness ingame, as soon as they are defeated. There's a report command. People obviously prefer to whine on ingame chans. Maybe a profanity filter would be nice too for those kind of words.

    - Shotguns : Way too powerful for my opinion, mainly due to their effectiveness at medium- long range . Other weapons require "tons" of bullets shot on body or head to score (even with a 30% accuracy). A shotgun user just have to spam 2 or 3 times body shots while running like a fool, and he won a duel. I'll not even talk about HA+Shotty who are just barely indestructible but deadly.

    - Stalkers : I'll mainly complain about friendly Stakers. They make poor teammates. Sitting without doing anything to help teammates. Then jumping on your target in order to get cheap finish kills, making your duels totally confusing. I still barely understand the "presence" of this class in the game. About ennemy stalkers, their cloak is too perfect for my opinion. Thay are able to go in cloak-deep cloak a bit too fast.
    (I main Smg-Scout riflles Infi and have strictly no issue with the fact of being outplayed by any other Smg-Scout rifle-Sniping rifle Infi)

    - Server Latency : It was better by the past.

    Otherwise,THANKS to Devs for this awesome game !!
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  6. JobiWan

    I don't know about killing the game but what makes me want to quit the most is the large amount of bugs that have gone unfixed for months/years, particularly around spawning. Dropping to your death when spawning into a galaxy/valk seems to have gone worse again lately.

    Spawning on squad leader rarely puts you anywhere near the SL.

    Sometimes when you change class and spawn into a sundy, when you exit, you exit miles away.

    Infil cloaks flashing like crazy, especially in biolabs.

    Floating mines. Spawning an aircraft with no terrain shown, like it's not loaded in.

    There are lots more and none of them are particularly game breaking but put together they are a large source of annoyance.
  7. DrPapaPenguin

    The whiners, mainly. All the complaining is getting annoying.
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  8. Liewec123

    they removed defender sunderer deployment in november, that was the HUGE nail in the coffin for me,
    i still play but i cancelled my subscription on that exact day and haven't spent a penny since. (and i WILL NOT)
    not sure why my forum avi still says all access

    it was the last viable way of combating zergs,
    and also one of the only ways to attack a biolab (parking by teleport rooms which are almost always in NDZs)

    since that day biolabs have become nigh impregnable (except for ultrazergs) and zergs have become nigh unstoppable,
    it is EXACTLY what we spent 6 months telling them would happen on PTS, but they went ahead and did it anyway.
    so yeah, i vowed not to spend any more money on a game with devs that choose to make terrible mistakes
    even after we've spent 6 months warning them not too...

    on the plus side i'm liking the new doku weapons, its just unfortunate that i can't buy them with real money!
    (atleast until the november mistake gets fixed. [which is never])
  9. MonnyMoony

    Agree with some already mentioned - but some other bugbears of mine:

    1. Vehicle roadkill cheese - especially against Maxes. Light vehicle should take small amounts of damage from roadkill - and loads from Maxes.

    2. Air infantry farming cheese - again especially against maxes. A dedicate AI max should own in toe to toe confrontations - yet an ESF can virtually instagib a max using Rotory nose cannon or Airhammer - even if the max has full Kinetic or Ordnance armour fitted.

    3. Base design. Some bases are so frustrating to play, especially in defence. Attackers get elevated positions and easy ways in, yet defenders can't even get onto to their own ramparts unless they are running LA. Spawn rooms can be miles away from the capture points and even where there are teleporters - more often than not they simply teleport you into a building just 5ft away, what use is that! There can be a derth of weapon terminals (I still lament the day the one inside the techplant was removed - meaning that to change class - you have to trek all the way back to spawn). Also the number of turrets are placed directly behind trees etc - so even if you do want to use them to defend the base, their view of the approaches are blocked.

    4. Ghostcapping. In the early days of the game, the capture rate was dependent on how many friendlies you had within proximity of the capture point. Something like this should be reinstated. If you flip a capture point - then leave it, it should revert back to at least a neutral state. To fully capture a point - you should have to have at least 1 friendly within proximity until the base flips.
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  10. StaHoo33

    Go and be a ***** elsewhere dude, if they're not allowed, then admin will look after it, you seem like that one guy who always stays on classes when everyone else wants to go, or that one who always remind for a teacher to check homework.

    To OP what is killing the game you ask? From my time with vets, all they say is one thing only NERFS! Constant never ending nerfs, that's why you stop seeing old players in game, Libs are broken, MBT's are a joke, Repair Gal's not viable as tactic anymore, same with Sundys... List goes on and on...
  11. frozen north

    Lack of players. I kind of attribute this to a lack of content that is not locked behind a massive cert investment that can often be a huge turn off for more casual and newer players.

    Otherwise, the frequent attitude of " If I can't be invincible with this, then it must be weak and needs buffs" or " I got killed twice by this so it must be OP" that shows up really heavily in the forums. I mean I get it, we all want to be gods at this game, but frankly, most of us are not.
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  12. adamts01

    Nerfs are part of PvP life. Those vets need to accept that. Some are justified and some aren't. Thermal optics were OP, but the Banshee against aircraft wasn't. Half of these vets are just pissed they lost their crutches.
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  13. AlcyoneSerene

    Laggers, ping wizards, cheaters, very frustrating trying to aim when the players' motions literally spawn left to right. Remove those offenders, limit unacceptably poor ping, move them to their appropriate servers, deal with the ping wizards and cheaters with IP bans - they are real, don't tell me they aren't, I've seen it and some are so stupid to even admit it.

    I get this will never be all that good due to the massive scale and player numbers, but too many players' actual position is way ahead of where they appear on my screen. Incoming fire is also so delayed that by the time I see 1 or 2 bullet hit registrations my player model is already dead.

    Bullet hit registration, all too often I'm pretty sure the amount of damage I dealt is in no way represented by the health of the target. Overshield status should be visible on the death screen, including the amount just healed from that kill due to abilities like implants or adrenaline shield.

    Implants are pay2win, and I have no doubt the upcoming implants will contain must-haves like battle hardened or more OP ones like carapace.

    Shotguns have too much range.

    Not game breaking but worthy of note:
    Unstable ammo needs to be scrapped altogether and replaced with something else. I feel cheap and babied for using it, even in its more balanced state, and the weapons to me feel underpowered without it. TR need slightly better infantry weapons and attachments.

    Vehicles are a bit too fragile.

    The current red alert system encourages and mandates zerging.

    Events are too grindy (phylactery).
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  14. Prudentia

    yeah i'm still confused by the banshee nerf.
    people didn't pull it because it allowed them to fight against other ESF. people pull it because it's a CAS14 on steroids AND speed and the cas is already in dire need of a nerf.
  15. Rydenan

    AI MAXes and A2G air (mainly ESFs).

    Love them or hate them, these are the things that I've seen turn newbies away in droves. And I can't blame them. Losing to an AI MAX, or especially an A2G ESF, feels like you've been cheated, since there is little to no chance of winning that "engagement".
  16. Luicanus

    I'd like to add that alerts don't matter anymore so routinely (on Cobalt) the NC sends 66% of it's trrops against the TR while the VS consumes 70% territory control. They're at 68% right now with 20 min to go.

    For the love of god give alerts some meaning again, we cant go on like this. It can be temporary but it has to be enough to make people WANT it.
  17. AlcyoneSerene

    Forgot to add, cloak and overshield toggle failing to cooperate or remain activated remains a severe gameplay hindrance and gets me killed a lot.

    I use my side mouse button to toggle it instead of the default F, and even tried pressing the button quickly to avoid registering a double-tap, but it's clearly not that - when first spawning as a heavy or infiltrator, toggling it on makes it simply switch off, like a rusty engine starting up or something, and then this problem continues in battle.

    My server ping is good at all times, so it isn't that, and would like to report this bug but am not sure I can as a non-member. It is extremely annoying and gets me killed all the time as I have to watch to see if it enabled or not every damn time, or disabled itself for zero reason.
  18. Halkesh

    New player retention : this game need new blood but the huge skill gap between noob and veteran, coupled with grind and veteran farming new player make every sane person leaving the game.

    Poor balance between airplane and ground : no comment

    Vehicles are outside of the meta : You need infantry to capture continents. Vehicle are good to farm infantry but really lack a real objective to make that gameplay intresting. The new vehicle-capturable bases are a good idea, but it's a drop in the ocean.

    Construction and alert : On current gameplay, everything is based on kills or XP. Except construction and alert. I don't said it's a bad thing, but devs should think about way to make player playing less for the kills / XP and more for the objectives / alert / construction.

    No objective except "kill things" : that's why you HA is considered as the best class and MAX are "skillsuit".

    Real Money : PS2 need money to be a better game, simply to continue to exist or make benefit, that's normal for any company and I don't blame this. The problem is that dev sometime are forced to make poor decisions that make money quickly and sacrifice the game longevity in the process instead of doing paying stuff to get money in a more durable way. Make membership worth it for veterans (without making it mandatory) and you'll get more money without being forced to make terrible decision for the game's life expectancy to quickly get money.
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  19. typnct

    balance - its easier to fight the tr as nc because of their ground superiority and getting an anti air gun for that feels like were being trolled as air is the rarest vehicle to fight against.......
    the gatekeeper - keep it out of the gate and give me my money back for it
    the vanguard - healing him for even 1 sec gives him 1 more hit to be killed - instead of 10 its 11
    all the anti inf weapons in each nation
    not having enough cover for vehicles from too much libs in the air
    vs lasergun being useless against everything
    the vulcan having throwing rocks instead of shooting bullets and really weird accuracy at 20+range
    the constant zergs
    the 90% of the game(not in alerts but sometimes even there) tr having 70% of all nc+vs pop attack it

    *** construction under ground and inside bases underground on control points
    ***undestroyable orbital strike(yes it still happens)

    ******vs not having shiny enough camos
    rangers on harrasers
  20. Mr_Cheese

    Why isn't the ridiculous double team alert system on that list?

    DBG destroyed planetside with the critical mass update. Tonnes of people played purely for the alerts as it's the closest thing we've got to a meta game on planetside... now people actively avoid setting off an alert.
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