Poll To take HOSSIN Continent out of the rotation

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Destroyer0370, Jul 18, 2019.

  1. Destroyer0370

    Some people like Hossin, I don't like it that much, still don't really mind playing on it if it is the only one open.

    I noticed that their are threads, multiple threads, over time from different individuals that hate the continent or lesser extent prefer others more.

    So what do you guys think? should they just get rid of HOSSIN and see what happens?
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  2. Badman76

    No, i like Hossin.
    It's dark, lots of hidey holes, you get ground pounded by air less then on the other maps, and vehicles have more a harder time getting about. It poses more challenges then the other maps.
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  3. DirArtillerySupport

    Never liked it, probably never will. When this happens and it's the only one to play on I go play another game.
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  4. TRspy007

    I dont think that they should get rid of Hossin, but they really need to work on it a bit. I honestly prefer Hossin over Amerish, it's just Hossin isn't finished, and so far the devs prefer to revamp Indar and create a new continent, instead of finishing Hossin.

    They promised used the construction bases would be temporary, yet half the map is still construction site this, construction site that.

    I like the fact that this continent promotes infantry fights, but the coolest bases that incorporate terrain are usually nowhere in the lattice, and the fights never really occur there. There's lots of cool treehouse bases, that actually offer some good infantry fights...when the fights occur there.

    I would love to see these construction bases turned into cool swamp bunkers, bases high up in the trees, bases inside trees, or huge bridges like the ones near the Eastern wg for vehicle fights, because although many people prefer infantry fights, it's still cool to have epic vehicle battles.

    I honestly think Hossin has some cool bases, and has some really nice potential, the problem is not really the continent, it's the fact the devs neglected it over Indar, Amerish and maybe Esamir. I hope when the devs are done with Oshur that they go revisit Hossin and actually complete it, because I have had some epic moments there, and I see the potential for more, provided the continet gets some attention.

    The router update really opened up potential for placing routers high up in the trees, and I think if the devs orient some bases to fit that sort of attack playstyle, we could get some interesting fights. The sunderers would be used to start the fight, but routers would be essential to keep it going since they can be placed where sunderers can't. For this reason, it's also important to revisit routers in order to make them more accessible, so Hossin and it's interesting bases can reach their full potential.

    Overall Hossin isn't that bad of a continent, I honestly prefer it over Amerish, but like the rest of planetside, its in a confusingly sorry state. No continent is bad enough that it needs to be removed from rotation, but there's definitely loads of work to be done regarding the battle flow both macro (lattice system) and micro (bases).

    They're old, but they still are pretty good guides on how to improve the game, if only the devs listened and were able to do something like this.

    My most to least favorite continents are:
    1) Esamir
    2) Indar
    3) Hossin
    4) Amerish

    (Based on what I've seen, Oshur would probably be in between Indar and Hossin, since we don't get boats or hovercraft or diving gear to make use of the terrain. Of course I can't say for sure until it's released)
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  5. ArtyIsBalanced

    This is straight up bullsh*t. For real. Hossin has the most unique and well designed bases in terms of battle flow and balance. Some exceptions are the "Construction site" bases, but just look at bases like Fort Drexler, Hayd Skydock, Woodman ASE, etc. Everybody who does not like Hossin is either a vehicle player, a noob, or a ******. Thats it. And to TRspy007 PLEASE dont try to prove your point with Cyrious' videos, they are straight up wrong.
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  6. TRspy007

    I'm not saying I always agree with cyrious, but the lattice system has always been a problem. They create no battle flow, meaning we are always fighting on the same lattice lines, at the same bases. I'll admit in that case, there tends to be a little more variation of battle flow on Hossin, which is sad because it is unfinished.

    The problem remains on all continents however that the battle flow must be addressed. I can't say I always agree with cyrious, but he does point out problems that are real and provides interesting solutions to them. I don't know why you have such a strong opinion towards his videos, but if it reassures you the hybrid hex system is an old idea, and cyrious didn't come up with it.

    It seems like a good solution, too bad t was never implemented, I just linked those videos because cyrious did a good job explaining the hypothetical hybrid hex system and it would probably work better than the current system. I'm sorry if you don't like his videos :(
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  7. breeje

    why i hate Hossin and don't like Amerish

    the continents feel like a sandbox game to me and the mountains are to high. those maps are designed to guide the battleflow and to keep Infanterie and vehicles somewhat separated. i love the second part on those maps, infanterie should have a playground where vehicles have a hard time to dominate the field and basses. but completely block a area for infantry by placing those unclimbable mountains in the map that are even hard to climb for LA is ridicules.

    lower the maintains so Infanterie can get over them with some jumping. this would open up these maps.
    if i would design Hossin, i would take Indar and put it full with trees, swamps and Hossin basses. for Amerish i would lower all those big Mountains, maybe keep one or to of them with a hard to take base on top of them and under a dome to protect it from air.

    feel free to disagree with my opinion, after all it's just a suggestion to make these maps likable
  8. Skraggz

    As much as I hate hossin I would say no. Each continent has their perks and this one benefits infantry. Asking it to be removed or even polling it is a tad bit greedy. A better approach would be to rework rotation to be some what random instead.

    Well at least that is my opinion of this thread...
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  9. Savadrin

    I love Hossin with a Stealth Vulcan-H in tow. Probably best infantry farm and fight areas in planetside, if you know the map and get creative with driving.
  10. JibbaJabba

    Out of rotation? Permanent Hossin? WOOT!!!!!!
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  11. TR5L4Y3R

    i take hossin over amerish ... so lets throw out amerish instead, shall we .. not like we only have 4 continents to play on which were a big time and work insvestment .. but sure lets just throw them out like this ...
  12. iller

    I wouldn't ever say remove it entirely, but they absolutely NEED to change how maps rotate currently.

    On Connery, they don't "rotate" at ALL anymore. We've had Esamir followed by Hossin in the nightly prime time for 3 weeks straight now. Nothing has changed at all. Nothing can change. It's mathematically hard-locked in this order night after night
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  13. OgreMarkX

    The great thing is, DBG has no clue. At all. None.

    Social hubs!
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  14. Savadrin

    Does it get tiring to be so doggedly negative all the time?
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  15. AlcyoneSerene

    I like Hossin, good base designs and refreshing change from the usual maps.

    If it's an off-continent, I tend to avoid it since fights then aren't balanced.

    Continent rotation does need fixing, clearly so many people aren't making stuff up when they say they're on that continent more than chance would predict.
  16. JibbaJabba

    The only thing wrong with Hossin is the construction bases.

    Those were put in temporarily like all over the place when hossin first released. During an update pass most of them got converted into real bases. Very nice ones too. They need to finish removing and replacing the rest of them.

    That said, it's an awesome continent. But it's hard.

    Vehicle play is hard. You have to scrap with the infantry and if you don't have good combined arms they'll eat you.
    Infantry play is hard. Lots of cover to play with, tight ranges at times, difficult visibility. A good enemy that can leverage all these will cut you up.
    Air play is hard. The whole airspace is divided into two layers with particular challenges on the lower...but a good player can take advantage.

    I'll posit that:
    There is a mix of players that love and hate it. No idea what the percentages are.
    Of those percentages though I would guess veterans have more that love it and new players have more that hate it.

    My advice (unsolicited :p) is: Play it. Actually get familiar with it instead of logging off when you see it come up. Get with a crew that knows it and learn from them. Become one of the folks that has an advantage on hossin. Then you'll love it.
  17. Savadrin

    I'm pretty sure vehicle thermals (threat detection) got nerfed specifically because of Hossin.
  18. OgreMarkX

    Fixed it for ya. You're welcome.

    Answer: No.
  19. #MakePS2GreatAgain

    I love it! it provides a variety of gameplay throughout the map. I just want them to get rid of the little glowing plants that ruin a vehicles day, please let me run those over!!
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  20. JibbaJabba

    I'm sure it contributed.

    I know I run Infra Vision implant A LOT on hossin. At night time I think I rarely go without it.

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