[Poll] Grip or LS on directive carbine

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Ballto21, Nov 26, 2015.

  1. Ballto21

    I just got the eclipse today (huzzah!) and i love it, great gun so far. However, my main issue with it personally is the lack of a girp.

    Now, i know it has two rail attachments, the shotgun and laser sight, and as far as i know so do the TR and NC directive carbines.

    Other people ive asked have basically said "It is a fantastic weapon and i use it for most loadouts, but it would be much better with a grip or better recoil stats" on all three factions.

    So, if you would be so kind, go to this strawpoll and choose if the devs should take off the laser sight for a grip, take off the shotty for a grip and ls, or leave it as is http://strawpoll.me/6107380

    also discuss here
  2. Crayv

    The underbarrel shotgun is just so clunky and akward to use they really should take the things off.
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  3. Plastikfrosch

    yes and yes. i have around 2500kills with my eclipse and i dont think that i have done even 10 kills with the ub shotgun. i would trade it against a grip anytime
  4. Mxiter

    It's certainly because the Solstice (eclipse base) is an all rounder that relies on ADS and have quite high horizontal recoil.
    The Fortuna havn't this issue due to mercenary lower horizontal recoil
    The Trac shot havn't this issue due its close range ability, even if it's the worst weapon at range.
    Just like the UBSG is really fun to use with trac shot too (few auto shots to bait and surprise murder with ubsg)

    On the other side, it's inverted on directive AR, where HVA higher vertical recoil makes Unity and Gauss prime awkward to use (higher base vertical recoil) while darkstar should suffer of it way less and should stay very manageable.
  5. Cheetoh

    Unity has SPA.
  6. Mxiter

    indeed, after auraxed it a long time ago (with HVA), i didn't touched it anymore.

    Should have missed a patchnote during my PS2 break..

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