[POLL] Do you want Dual Wield?

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Caracal, Jan 30, 2013.

  1. Lethal_Sting

    Would still be too slow! :p
  2. Freedym Fry

    Aiming effectively with two pistols would be hard. Can't really miss with dual sawed-off shotguns though. They're like big pistols, but the spread does the aiming for you. It's more realistic for those that need it to stay sensible. Close range only, but that's the trade off with a sawed off. Does the job up close, but loses a lot of pellets after a couple meters. Surprise the hell out of a max though.
  3. Inf1nite

    I think it would be really awesome but dual wielding two commisioners.... that might be a little OP :p
  4. Ttariel

    No i would rather have an extra slot for my primary, or you know something else with use.
  5. Koliup

    No. I want a tool LAs can use to support the squad.
  6. cruczi

    inb4 Iridar51 goes "LA is not a support class"
  7. Iridar51

    I actually wanted to, but was busy with work =)

    It all depends on what kind of supporting is in mind.
    Let's take Firefall as an example - it's mainly a PvE MMOFPS. It has several infantry classes, all with jet packs. Among them is a Recon class, with two possible advanced classes: Raptor and Nighthawk. Nighthawk is a sniper, kind of like PS2's Sniping Infiltrator.
    Raptor can be considered a fire support class, and he has two amazing supporting abilities:
    SIN Beacon and (forgot the proper name) Power Zone.
    SIN Beacon is launched kind of like Infiltrator's motion dart, and it increases the damage enemies take around the SIN Beacon. Also highlights and auto-spots them.

    Power Zone creates sort of a dome shield, that increases fire rate of allies within the dome shield, as well as makes their weapons not to expend ammo while shooting.

    When combined, Power Zone and SIN Beacon can increase the damage output of a small group tremendously. But if you think, Raptor can use both of these abilities while soloing. The nature of these abilities is to help the Raptor himself, and if there are allies nearby - they can also benefit from them.

    I don't mind this kind of supporting.
    But another kind of supporting - an ability or a tool that can be used only when allies are present, and to their benefit, but not to LA's - like a Med Tool - I don't want for LA.
  8. Gruntilda

    Dual wielding would look cool, but I fail to see the role it would fill that a shotgun already does or a carbine doesn't

    But knowing SOE it will be horribly OP the first few weeks so people buy it, so it could be fun for that time
  9. Corezer

  10. acksbox

    Real shotguns, even on an open bore, don't reach the kind of spread you see in PS2 (or many other games) until about 5-10 times the range. Most 12-gauge shotguns firing 00 buckshot will put most of their pellets within a 1 yard circle at 50 yards. In CQC, the spread is unlikely to be more than a few inches.

    Also, firing a full size shotgun cartridge out of a light one-handed weapon is going to produce extreme recoil, possibly even to the point of injury. Follow up shots will not be fast. There are certainly smaller cartridges that fire shot, and even some pistols designed for them, but these have little utility beyond limiting penetration (a very bad thing in a weapon of war intended to overcome armor) or hunting small birds/rodents.

    Point shooting (as opposed to sight shooting) pistols at short range, even two of them, is perfectly possible, but it's still not the sort of thing someone (who is trying to be effective or survive) would carry around two pistols for. If you wanted to increase your volume of fire, you would be far better off getting a single, higher capacity, higher rate of fire, weapon that was of the same weight/bulk.

    None of this rules out the inclusion of dual-pistols in PS2, but the idea that dual pistol shotguns are somehow more plausible in reality is pretty silly.
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  11. Freedym Fry

    That's ok, that's kind of what I was going for. Dual shotguns, even with extreme spread, is pretty unlikely from a balance perspective. Would still be major fun with maxes but.... I guess I was saying that if dual pistols seem unrealistic, use sawed offs!

    On a more serious note though, the advantage of two pistols I've seen in other games is double the effective firing rate. I don't see that beating out other weapon choices either, unless it allows new options like an increase to jet time or something as a trade off. Though I could consider a vanu sniper loadout with dual manticores, nevermind how unintended that probably would be.
  12. ikillyou1990

  13. CompletelyDeadCoyote

    If it would be done like with Gunzerker in Borderlands - i'm interested.
  14. Copasetic